“Don’t land ere’, it ain’t ready”

Oh well, as I stated last week “The best laid plans of mice and men!”. My ridiculously optimistic plan to get these islands finished for this week’s blog have fallen around my ears like Pompeii, I personally blame the three “Queens” (for those not in the know these are the three Cunard cruise liners that have docked together in Liverpool for the first time for Cunard’s 175th anniversary), as we spent quite a bit of time watching them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, that and other “holiday” activities (not all of them fun I hasten to add!) have really eaten into my island building time. The good news is that the construction work is now complete (hooray!) now however I need to start with the painting (Boo!), though the buildings are now complete (but you’ll have to wait till the final reveal to see them), but as usual I’m getting ahead of myself, anyway as you may recall I left the islands two weeks ago at the stage where they had just been covered with a layer of tissue paper that was applied with a mixture of water and PVA glue…

Well next I went around the outside of all the pieces and built up the corner joints of the top edges of the cliff faces with “Tetrion”, before blending it away towards the middle of the upper surface then I Tetrion edgesworked my way around all the cliff faces again and filled any gaps and unsightly inner pieces of the bark that was visible. It was now time to add the “jetties” these were made by layering up three wooden tea “stirrers” (two from McDonalds and one from somewhere else that was about 1.5mm wider) I always have some of these about as they are great for using as strengtheners or planks in scenic items, not to mention as paint stirrers. These were cut to about 70mm long on the top piece (the two smaller lower pieces were about 3mmm shorter to hide them). Once jetty (a)glued in position I blended the gap formed where they met the sloped cliff faces with Tetrion. On the corner piece I was able to file steps running up from the jetty to the cliff top in the plaster (not sure if you can make this out in the photo). Next I cut tiny (and I do mean tiny!) “planks” out of card and glued these across the “jetties” to represent…well planks. This just left me to cut some short lengths of cocktail stick to glue in along the sides of the jetties as posts, once dry I Tetrioned around both jetties to make everything was good and secure.

A bead of PVA glue was then run around the bottom edge of the cliff faces and after adding the odd piece of cat litter (for larger rocks) some model railway cork gravel was sprinkled over this bead to hide the bottom join and to represent smaller jagged rocks. Taking another tower base addedlook at where the two buildings were going to be situated on their wooden blocks (remember? No look back at two weeks ago) they were just too low, in fact they were slightly lower than the surrounding area, this wouldn’t do at all so a rectangle of MDF was cut for each of the two islands to sit on top of the wooden blocks and two circles were cut to sit on top of these. The circles were each 35mm in diameter and after drilling wooden dowels were sunk into the centres of these. The area around the sides of these were then built up with yet more Tetrion before the tops of all of the islands were liberally painted with PVA Tower base edgesglue to seal and blend the Tetrion into the tissue paper pieces.

Once this was good and dry I covered the circular building bases with small model railway gravel. Finally this week I cut some ready for paintsmall irregular pieces of MDF and glued them onto the top faces of the islands before filling any gaps around the edges, and I’ll tell you what these are for next week.

On a different note, the boys and myself had a little trip out on Thursday night as Myles had been in contact with one of our local wargames clubs, “The Deeside Defenders” who meet at the sports and social club of the “Airbus” factory, A good time was generally had by all, though it was a bit a trip down memory lane for me as I met a fellow trader I hadn’t seen for a few years and a couple of people who I knew from “Chester Wargames Society” from twenty plus years back, and I must apologies to Len the nice chap who was showing us around as I kept getting carried away in conversation, though I was later told by Myles that they did inform him “You’ve lost him now!” on a couple of occasions. Anyway they have a good selection of board games you can play if you don’t have a game set up, so we had a try of “Zombies”, and fun as it was I think we made the right decision going for “Zombicide”, Wow even game reviews this week (well sort of), so on that note.

Till next week, Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “Don’t land ere’, it ain’t ready”

  1. Great stuff Roger, and I can’t wait to see how this turns out once painted. You’ve certainly made me dig out my boxed Armoured Battle Group set of Federated States of America minis. I just need to decide whether I have the time to paint up such a force (and its opposition) any time soon.

  2. Roger Webb says:

    You probably would if you didn’t keep posting batreps all the time (ha ha). Glad I’ve inspired you, met a chap at the club the other night who is into Dystopian Wars in a BIG!!! way with seven fleets of about 2000 points each and one (French) of over 7000 points, he’s also one of these nutters who cuts the planes off of the bases and re-mounts them on wire flying stands, now that is obsessive.

    Cheers Roger.

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