28mm Sci-fi wild west “or the good the bad & (a touch of) the greenstuff”

As you may know I started this little project last year as a way to have a few “Space Cowboy” games and find a use for the remaining necromunda figures I had left from the set Myles nad I bought from a charity shop (I converted the orlock figures into Bandito’s see link below).


Anyway I was rooting around in my cupboards and came across the “Olley’s Armies Scrunts” I have awaiting paint and suddenly realised that the “Texan Scrunts” would be perfect additions to the factions Itexanscrunts already have, so the two packs I have were dug out and after removing the one with the peaked cap (I didn’t want to be an “Eliminator” but he’s just not very wild west!) that left me five “Sharp dressed men” just screaming “Gimme all your loving” and a coat of paint. First problem was they were all on really deep “slotta” base tags so these all had to be carefully sanded down (I didn’t want to be a “rough boy” with them) till they were the thickness of two layers of card and then they were mounted onto two pence pieces with the card either side of the reduced “slotta” tag to brace them upright. Three of the figures had seperate arms so I used a tiny ball of greenstuff in the sockets to hold the arms in place while the superglue dried and to diguise the joins. Then after I’d “Tetrioned” around their feet it was of to the garage for a coat of matt black.texscrunt 1

I’ll detail the “stages” of the painting now I began with a dry-brush over all the metallic bits of the guns and shoulder pads one of the figures is wearing. Then I undercoated the long “Duster” style coats four of them are wearing, texscrunt 2one chocolate brown another in black and the last two in a mixture of butternut and coffee, I also undercoated the front half of the final figures waistcoat in brown, then highlight this and the brown coat in leather brown, the black one in a mix of black and dark grey and the the pale ones in coffee with a touch of cream added. To mix up the colours on the figures while keeping the same pallet I also painted the hats on “tres hombre’s” the same colours (but on different figures of course) and did the other two hats in dark grey highlighted with texscrunt3light grey. Next I added the jeans, these were a mix of royal blue and blue grey that was then highlighted with just blue grey. The final chap I gave biege pants, with a mix of brown and butternut highlighted with a butternut and coffee mix. Flesh came after this a base coat of flesh tone seven (a brownish tone), then this was mixed with European flesh and used as a highlighter (no eyes needed adding as they are all wearing “cheap sungasses”). Beards and hair came next with the blond chap having a texscrunt4basecoat of sand with lemon yellow dry-brushed over this. Next came a mix of chocolate brown and black that was dry-brushed with chocolate brown on it’s own and this then became the base for the next one that was then dry-brushed with chestnut brown that in turn formed the base for the next dry-brushed with orange, and then the last was done in a dark grey and black mix dry-brushed in dark grey, phew! The back of the “grey bearded” chapstexscrunt5 waistcoat and a couple of hat bands were then added in dark red highlighted with pink burgundy (the stick of dynamite was highlighted in bright red), and a couple of shirts were done in pink highlighted in a lighter shade of the same. black belts, boots and hat were highlighted with dark grey and the belt buckles and buttons were done in copper highlighteds with shinning gold. Finally they’re “ceegars” were painted chocolate brown with a light grey tip.

After all this they were given the customary coat of Quickshade, this worked wonders on them due to the high level of detailling Bob has added to the clothing, and really brought them to life in my opinion. Then after this they had they’re bases painted in my usual fashion the were given a coat of matt varnish. Five little chaps so “bad they’re nationwide” sorry I’ll stop with the ZZ top references now.

Till next week, I must fly (“velcro fly” that is), sorry no more I promise!

Cheers Roger.


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4 Responses to 28mm Sci-fi wild west “or the good the bad & (a touch of) the greenstuff”

  1. Oh now these really are going to take some beating Roger. I’d go as far to say that these are your best ever – especially chummy in the pink shirt – wonderful painting, sir! And the fact they’ve come out of nowhere to grace your blog makes them even more impactive 🙂 Still waiting on the Western BatRep though 😉

  2. Roger Webb says:

    They are really nice figures, some of Bob’s best I think and as I said they could have been made for Quickshade, (like the ranger I did last year). I can’t believe I’d forgotten about these guys when I came up with the idea of Western Sci-fi, they were relatively easy paint to be honest (no eyes for instance), so I’m glad they impressed you. This week has been a bit of a pain as my laptop has now died completely. Luckily we had gotten all the photo’s and stuff off I wanted on Thursday or there would of been no unpainted photo. I must apologise if there are any spelling mistakes in the text this week as I have written it on the new PC and it currently only has wordpad on it (no spellchecker!!) hope to have works on it by next weekend, so I’ll have no excuse then!

    Cheers Roger.

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