“The Scrunt’ of the litter”

It was all going to be so easy…famous last words if ever you heard them. I thought this week I’ll do one of my “Roll of the die” posts and clear another (tiny) portion of the lead mountain that is stopping our house blowing away in the wind, so out came the old “coins of fate” (two pennies, to be exact!) and a roll of heads on both of them meant it was time to pull out “Lancelot’s” list and my trusty D30, a roll on which gave me a fifteen…roll of the die scrunts 1`

Box 15– (3x 28mm Scrunts by Bob Olley of my choice)

Great I thought I’ve not painted any of these for a while, but wait! I seem to think I have some started ones somewhere I could finish some of them off. So a root about later and seven happy dwarves (they always seem to come in sevens don’t they!) were found with just the beginnings of a coat of paint in evidence upon their robust frames. I should knock these out easily I thought, in fact I’ll take four of them! So first job was to discover what the pale blue was I used to paint some of them up with, this turned out to be blue grey, so the other two had there overalls painted to match before all four were highlighted with light blue. Next I set to work upon their boots, belts and baggage, and all of this was first painted chocolate brown before I highlighted it with leather roll of the die scrunts 2`brown. Then turning to their flesh I undercoated all these areas (not that many really just upper faces and hands), so an undercoat of European flesh was applied and then after their eyes were added in white and black, a highlight of European flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. Then I added their beards (well the undercoat anyway) three were chocolate brown and one in black. That unfortunately is as far as I’ve managed to get this week, not that much more to do on them really, but I am now toying with the idea of adding some camouflage to their overalls (probably in dark grey and white).

I do however feel I’ve rather let you down with this meagre posting and no finished goodies to show you, so I’ve also decided to dig out the other three chaps I have in this unit along with the last of my “Texan roll of the die scrunts 3`Srunts”….


Who you may remember I left out when I painted up the rest as I didn’t think he looked “Cowboy’ish” enough, well he should however make a great little leader figure for this group. So the plan is to have all eight of these chaps finished by next weekend, but we’ll see as overtime is sadly looming large again this week, and as I can’t afford to say no…

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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8 Responses to “The Scrunt’ of the litter”

  1. I do like WIP postings, as you well you know Roger, and these are great. So no need to fret about not having anything finished this weekend; especially when your scrunts looks so darn good. It’d be a shame to rush them and the idea of city camo sounds very intriguing. Great posting my friend and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished minis even if you have to post them over the next couple of weekends 🙂

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, I know you like WIP postings, but I also know you’re not that big a fan of Bob’s Scrunts, so a bit hit and miss this weekend I thought. The camo idea is really because I think they look a bit bright at the moment, I painted the great coats on my Scrunt infantrymen this colour (I think) and after a heavy black wash (this was pre-quickshade days you see!) they dulled right down, but as I’m not 100% sure they were this bright to start with, so I thought I play safe and add the camo just in case. We’ll see.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Now I wasn’t expecting these, but great fun nonetheless. Great job so far, but looking forward to seeing the band reunited.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Michael, that’s the beauty of the “Random painting generator” Michael it’s…random even I don’t know what I’ll be painting one week to the next!

      When WSD first started up, we used to sell Bob’s stuff around the shows on sale or return (Bob really is a great chap!), when we stopped I ended up buying a lot of the Scrunts we had left myself as I liked them so much.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. vampifan says:

    Scrunts, Grymm, dwarves or whatever you want to call them are not my favourite sci-fi race but that said I think you’re doing a cracking job on getting these little chaps painted up. I hope you get them finished soon.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, I do seem to have quite a few Dwarf’ish figures even though I’d never call myself a big (right word?) fan. haven’t managed to get any painting done today, as my wife is taking “very” early retirement as of tomorrow, so we’ve been out buying cakes for her last day of work.

      Might not get much done tomorrow either dependent on how upset she after work. we’ll see.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    Whilst not my cup of tea, you cannot fault Mr Olley’s sculpting – especially those without goggles, who look like starship crew. And what’s wrong with denim jumpsuits?

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, I love Bob’s sculpting (obviously as he did a big chunk of our range), The only problem I have with these figures is the proliferation of heavy weapons, this is due to me just buying what we had left. I always planned on buy more of these but sadly Bob sold the range on to someone else (not sure who).

      What is wrong with denim jumpsuits ? probably the same thing that is wrong with all jumpsuits…they really don’t do short fat people any favours fashion wise.

      Besides they are camo now!

      Cheers Roger.

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