“A roll of the die” (week 17 and a half!)

The story so far….

Last week I left you on a bit of a cliff-hanger as due to unforeseen circumstances I had failed to complete my allotted figures as generated by my random painting generator leaving our brave heroes (and villain) only half painted. Has there been time to save our heroes (and villain) from a fate worse than death, read on to find out…

OK week two of….

Box 5 (3 x 28mm fantasy figure of my choice)

And following on from where I left you last week I am pleased to announce that the figures are now finished (hooray!!), so in the same order as last time, I’ll begin with “Vampirella”. There really wasn’t that much left to do on her, after I’d tidied up her flesh I then had to gopaint 18 vamp back and do the same with her costume before repainting her hair with matt black which was then highlighted with a mix of matt black and dark grey. Looking at her now I wish I’d tried to add a fringe or a couple of long strands of hair around her face as I don’t like the way her hairline is done on her forehead, but too late now, oh well. Finally I added a “jewel to the centre of her collar broach with a dot of metallic red. This just left her to be “Quickshaded” and then have her base done in the usual colours of chocolate brown, dry-brushed in khaki and coffee before “splodges” of scenic green were added and these covered in autumn mix hairy flock.

The “Celtos” wench had been left with just the under coat applied to her boots and the grip paint 18 celtof her sword so first job was to finish these off with a highlight of leather brown and while I was down there I painted the fur around the top of her boots with dark grey and dry-brushed this with light grey. Next I added a black “wing” design to the face of her shield (sorry no picture, but it’s not that inspiring anyway, to be honest). Her face then needed a bit of a tidy up as well so it was back out with the flesh and then finally I gave her some long pigtails in the classic “Nordic” blond style with a bit of citrus orange highlighted with lemon yellow, she too has a small “jewel” on the hilt of her sword and this too was painted with metallic red. She was then treated to a coat of “Quickshade” and based up as above.

Last again this week the “Goblin” was left with his dark grey “over-cape” needing it’s light grey highlights so that was where I began with him, after this I discovered that I had paint 18 gobbomanaged to completely miss painting the upper part of his left arm (doh!!), so out came the deep bronze and goblin greens again. Then after going back round him again to make sure I hadn’t missed anything else (luckily I hadn’t), I just needed to highlight his spear shaft with a little butternut and he too was ready for the Quickshade and basing treatment. After this all three were given a coat of matt varnish and they were complete, a little later than I originally planned but “these things are sent to try us” as they say.

super zimmer 2As you may (or may not) remember I also Planned on doing a little conversion work on this figure by Kev White, and so I have, turning what was just a little old man into the latest addition to my superhero roaster, “The Zimmer”. I’ve wanted to do a conversion to this chap for ages but have only recently re-found him in the bottom of a box ofsuper zimmer 3 “Spacemarine” bits in Myles’ room?? His “sweat pants” and top meant it was easy to hide the join around his middle with addition of some rather baggy shorts (well he was more muscular in the forties!) and the badge on his chest and long cape was all that was required to complete the conversion. As you can see both he and “Hitlerbot” are now based up and have been given a coat of matt black, so paint-wise we are ready for the off. Tune in again next week for further adventures (I just hope “the worst is not yet to come…..”).

Cheers Roger, Excelsior!!

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