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“Prime Photon Bullets & Engage Throm Banks!” (Forgotten Heroes)

“Hi kids, Kremmen here. Remember last episode Carla, Dr Gitfinger and myself were in the clutches of a complete idiot, who was trying to replicate us using his alien “greenstuff”. The doctor and myself had been attached to bottle caps, … Continue reading

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“The Gawk!”

Second and last of my “Big stompy robots” this time, this was an incredibly kind gift from Dave Stone, as when I ordered my “Blakes Seven” ships from him at the start of the year I was excited to get … Continue reading

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“(Path) Finders Keepers”

So as I am relatively “challenge” free this and next month (does this make me Challenge, Challenged” I wonder? 🤨), I thought I’d take this rest bite to fulfill a promise I made a few weeks back and get the … Continue reading

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“Blax the Kleric’s, top ten of 2020”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a couple of years since Roger last permitted me momentary access to his wonderful hobby blog “Rantings From Under The Wargames Table”, and I extended a similar invitation to him with my own website … Continue reading

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