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“Let’s Have a Mo’vember Round Up”

When Simon (Moore) asked me if I fancied doing another round of Mo’vember last month, I happily agreed thinking it would really just be the two of us as has so often been the case in the past (though one … Continue reading

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“The Advent of a New Challenge”

Right well before I begin I’d like to apologise for disappearing over the last couple of weeks, real life has reared its head and snaffled up all my time of late, so this is going to be a quick post … Continue reading

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“I’ve Been Painting Knightley, And the Odd morning Too!” (Mo’vember)

OK so that is a tenuous title even by my standards, but I have been painting Pirates and one of them is female (though not thankfully the one with the beard!), so hopefully you’ll let it slide this time. Apologies … Continue reading

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“I Haven’t Done Squat!” (Mo’vember)

So we come to the last “challenge” month of the year (well for me anyway), “Mo’vember” though I’ve been through the rules for this a few of times over the last couple of weeks, just for any late comers I’ll … Continue reading

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