“Raising the Fyrd” (week 36)

Right well it’s the end of my first month of “draw clearing” and to round off Januarys “roll of the die” postings this week’s toss of the coins gave me a couple of tails, so it was “Galahd’s” list that made its first appearance of the year and the subsequent roll of the D20 gave me…

Box 9 – (15mm Fantasy yeomen figures 2x units)jan-2017-4-upaint

Now as some of my long time follows may remember I base these figures up to use in the game “Demonblade”, which means they are based up in units of five on a 34mm hexagonal base. So two unit’s equals ten figures right? Well on closer inspection of the draw that contained them, there were only fifteen figures of these Rafm produced yeoman in total, so I decided to bite the bullet and pull out all fifteen (I could them cross the box off of my list, always a good feeling). The figures were cleaned up and glued in fives (using PVA wood glue) to short lengths of wood as this makes them easier to paint, they can then be pried off of the wood and glued onto the hexagonal bases later. They then went for their customary coat of matt black.

Painting was started with the pitchforks and small leather bags each chap has at his waist painted chocolate brown, them the forks were highlighted with butternut and the bags with leather. Then as I wanted a mixed random appearance to the units I dug out some “earthy peasant” colours, these being stone green, earth brown, light blue, khaki, pink burgundy, coffee and Lincoln green, and randomly painted two of the tops and two of the trousers one the figures in these colours. The leader figure (who looks like Mosses to me), I gave a coffee top and khaki leggings. All of the above were then highlighted with the same colours mixed with a little titanium while. Turning to their boots and belts next these were painted in using more chocolate brown with leather highlights. Faces and hands came next so an undercoat of European flesh was applied to these areas then their eyes were dotted in using black, then highlights were applied to the flesh areas with a mix of European flesh and pale flesh. The leader then had his cape painted royal blue, and highlights of bright blue were added to this. Lastly his hair was added in dark grey with light grey highlights (he really reminds me of Mosses now!).

Now the rest of my fifteen millimetre fantasy figures are not quickshaded, but for some reason I really wanted to “shade” these chaps, much musing later and I decided to go with the quickshade, so a coat of the strong tone was painted over the figures next.


When it came to basing the little blighters I began by cutting three 34mm hexagons out of some card then cut three more but slightly smaller and glued the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones. Then the three rear most figures of the five on each base were glued into place and filler was spread around there feet (as this is easier while I have access to the front of them), then the front two figures were glued into place and the process was repeated around their feet. Once this was dry I then painted the bases in scenic brown (this is a real pain to do I have to say!), and then  I repeated this with scenic green (but in a less accurate way, wouldn’t exactly call it a dry brush more a “hap ’hazard” brush). Then finally I brushed PVA glue over the bases and then flocked them with some “Javis” pasture green flocking.

The figures then went out for a final spray coat of matt varnish, and that was another box crossed of the list. Well one month down, I wonder what February will bring us… time to roll again.

Cheers Roger.

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“Jump to it!” (week 35)

“Roll of the die” time again, so out with the coins of fate, and a double head result meant that this week’s figures again came from “Lancelots” list. The old D30 then came up seventeen and this meant that this week’s winners are…    jan-2017-3-upaint

Box 17– (3x 28mm Games Workshop Orks)

Yes that’s right three more of Matthews (my youngest, though at seventeen not that young really) Ork collection. A root around the tin I keep the remaining unpainted “greenskins” in turned up these chaps (Jumpboyz? or something, I’m not sure of the name as I had already based them so had covered the “slotta” (spit, spit) tags on them. They were however missing a few arms, so these were glued on and as I wanted to add a little variation to them one chaps arms were positioned holding his gun across his chest. This meant that I had to fill the back of his shoulders with a little greenstuff, so while it was out I added a skull to his right shoulder and some sergeant stripes to the left. Then it was out for a coat of matt black and the painting could begin.

As usual this began with a dry-brushing of chainmail, but as these are scruffy “Orks” this was then followed with a second dry-brushing of rust (they just don’t look after their equipment, you know). I decided to go with the “Germanic” feel they had to them so their helmets and trousers were base coated in dark grey, which were then jan-2017-3a-painthighlighted in light grey. I thought for their jackets I do a bit of “camo” (why do I do this to myself!), so a base of earth brown was applied then “splodges” of sap green and then sand (my darker sand colour this is) were put over the top of this. Finally I added some “dots” in light green to add a little highlight (should you have highlights in camouflage? Oh well they’re there now). Flesh next and a base of deep bronze green was applied to their faces and arms, then after their eyes were added in red and cream, they were highlighted in goblin green (yes I still have some). Then the teeth were painted in using coffee and cream. Their gators, pouches and belts were then added in chocolate brown with leather highlights. I decided their backpacks looked a little plain, so the tops of the “rockets” were first painted dark red then highlighted in bright red (it jan-2017-3b-paintseems a little silly wearing camouflage when you have a bright red thing on your back, but on one ever accused Ork’s of being bright did they?). These then needed the chainmail and rust dry-brushing doing again. My sergeants stripes were then painted in using an undercoat of citrus orange with lemon yellow lined in over the top. Their boots I left black and just highlighted them with a little dark grey. Then just to finish them off I added a couple of the pipes on the backpacks in royal blue with porcelain blue highlights, some light green “LED”s here and there and some “graffiti” again onjan-2017-3c-paint their backpacks and they were just about done.

All three were then treated to a slapping with a Quickshade loaded brush and after this the bases were painted in scenic brown before being dry-brushed in scenic green, but no flocking was applied because that’s how Matthew likes them (I personally don’t but there you go), lastly they were spray coated with matt varnish. I have now rolled the die for this week, and it’s something (well some thing’s) a little smaller and more down to earth.

Now before I go, following a comment I made over on Jez’s excellent blog, “Carrion Crows Buffet”, I have promised to show a picture of my own “Proxy Doctor” Dr Who doctoring-the-tardissfigure, this was made using a Denizen Miniatures figure of “Arthur Dent” of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fame painted with the fifth Doctors jacket and the Sixth’s Trousers. Also shown are my selection of Tardis’s, so from right to left we have a HO scale Hornby police box, then my own scratch built version followed by to lovely “Ainsty castings” versions (one solid and one in the process of dematerializing, and in front of them another Hornby version this time in N scale. Jez has recently begun his own take on the good Doctor’s adventures, you can check out his progress so far here….


Till next week, cheers Roger.

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“How far to Hitchin?” (week 34)

So despite the complete lack of faith my fine blogging chums have shown in my ability to refrain from buying more figures this year I will be carrying on with my “roll of the die” posting for the at least the next few weeks. This week’s toss of the coins gave me a couple of heads, so it was out with “Lancelot’s” list and the subsequent roll of the D20jan-2017-2-upaint gave me…

Box 1 – (3x 28mm Sci/Fi Women)

Box 28 – (Gilbert the Alien)

Now as I’m sure you will of noticed there are actually only two ladies in the photo (right), this is because the third figure that resided in this draw was the I-core lady that I converted into “Black Scorpion” last year as part of my “Forgotten Heroes” submission, so to make up the numbers I rolled again and purely by chance (I promise you there was no cheating involved) number 28 came up. This box contained a cracking little figure I bought from GZG many years ago of one of my all-time favorite childhood characters “Gilbert the Alien”. So now with a full complement of painting participants I could begin by cleaning up the castings, gluing them to two pence pieces, filing round their bases and giving them a damn good coat of the old matt black.

My first lady needs no introduction as I’m sure you all recognize Lara Croft of “Tomb Raider” fame. This figure is by “Hasslefree”, now in the past I have stated that I’m not the biggest fan of Kev White’s figures and I have to say this one hasn’t enamored to them any further, I got her as a sample back when I was writing for “Valkyrie magazine”. Beautiful as the sculpting is I don’t like the way the arms are posed, and they were an absolute b*gg*r to glue on and kept snapping off while I painted her. Anyway enough moaning, I began her painting by dry-brushing her guns with jan-2017-2a-paintchainmail, then her shorts were painted earth brown that when mixed with a little coffee formed the highlights too. Then her vest was under coated in aquamarine mixed with a touch of light turquoise, the same colours with the ratios reversed formed the highlight here. Her flesh was undercoated with European flesh, and after her eyes were added highlighted with the same with a bit of pale flesh added. Then her backpack was painted dark grey (and her boots and belts were highlighted at the same time with the same paint), the pack was then highlighted with blue grey. Her hair was undercoated in chocolate brown and then highlighted with some burnt sienna, lastly I added the ribbons holding her pony tail with a little coffee.

Bondage Betty, I think is a “Foundry” figure, though where I got her from I have no jan-2017-2b-paintidea, anyway I began her painting by dry-brushing her rifle and various zipper fastenings in chainmail, the stock of her rifle was then painted in using chocolate brown and butternut. Then the main body of her cat suit was undercoated in dark red. This was then highlighted in bright red. Her boots, gloves and head cover were re-painted in black before the odd dark grey highlight was added. Then turning to her flesh a base of European flesh was laid down I highlighted this with European flesh mixed with pale flesh, and I added her lips in dark red. That just left her hair to add and this was done in sand and lemon yellow.

Lastly we have Gilbert, what can I say about him, created and voiced by Paul Cornwell this puppet was first introduced on a weekend Kids show called “Get Fresh”, before getting his own show “Gilberts Fridge”, I absolutely loved him, check out the youtube link at the bottom of the page for some clips, and be prepared for some of the most bizarre and surreal children’s television ever made! Anyway getting to the painting and shamrock green was mixed with scenic green to form his base coat and this was then dry-brushed with light green with a touch more shamrock added. Then his lips and jan-2017-2c-paintnose were added in dark red that was highlighted with bright red. Now it was at this point I stupidly decided that I couldn’t live with the fact that the figure didn’t have his trade mark spikey “Mohawk” so I dug out the green stuff and added it myself. This was then touched up into the green of his body using the same colours as above. And then the spikes were painted in bright blue, bright red or lemon yellow. His eyes were dotted in using more lemon yellow with black pupils (of course). The dots on his skin were then added in Polish crimson and bright red, and his tooth was popped on with a little cream and white. “I think I luv im’ more than I luv me Engelbert Umpadink recards!!”.

All three figures were then given my customary coat of strong-tone Quickshade before they were finished in my usual fashion, lastly they were given a final coat of matt varnish.

“Ah well y’ can alles’ dream” I mean time to roll again….

Cheers Roger.


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“Rolls and Resolutions” (week 33)

2017 is here and it’s time for me to roll out my resolutions for this coming year, now one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place was to give me the impetus to get my lead mountain painted and though it has helped me shift a reasonable portion of it I’ve decided this year to have a bit of a “push” on it and hopefully clear the decks considerably before I get stuck into any new projects. To this end I have come up with a fairly ambitious plan, I am not going to buy any new figures in 2017! Radical, yes, impossible, quite possibly, but hopefully not. This does not cover presents (though it is by birthday in two weeks’ time and I don’t plan on getting any for this), or does it cover any scenery items or supplies (brushes, paint etc..). Now I’ve had a look through the figures I have and I think I’m sorted for Mo’vember, Zomtober, Forgotten Heroes and March’sters of the Universe, so I can still take part in all these fun little side projects during the year, so we’ll see how this pans out over the next twelve months (it would be a great help if you lot would refrain from tempting me with gorgeous painted miniatures, so please bear this in mind on your own blogs, thank you).

Anyway enough talk more action, so as will hopefully happen on numerous occasions this year the old coins of fate were dragged out and the toss gave me a head and a tail (jolly good as I want my Very British Civil War, figures finished this year too) and the subsequent roll of the D20 gave me…jan-2017-1-upaint

Box 10 – (5x 28mm Civilian Riflemen)

As I’m sure you all know by now these figures were produced by Irregular Miniatures, and to add a tiny bit of variation to my “horde” I sanded the heads on the two bareheaded chaps slightly before adding flat caps with a little greenstuff. They were then all glued onto tuppences, had their bases built up with filler and were whipped out into the garden for an undercoat of matt black.

Painting then ensued with the guns receiving a dry-brushing of chainmail to begin with. The stocks were then painted chocolate brown and highlighted with butternut. Turning to their trousers next undercoats of either dark grey, chocolate brown mixed with a little black of butternut mixed with coffee were laid down and these were then highlighted with blue grey, chocolate brown or coffee respectively. I also did a few of jan-2017-1a-paintthe caps at the same time. Shirts as always were either undercoated in coffee or blue grey then highlighted with cream or pale blue. Turning then to the “fleshy” bits an undercoat of European flesh was applied and after their eyes were added in black and white, a highlight was added in European flesh again this time mixed with a little pale flesh. The one chaps blazer was them painted in royal blue with a touch of black mixed in and highlighted with just royal blue. Boots, belts and baggage was then either painted black or chocolate brown and dark grey or leather highlights were then added to these.jan-2017-1b-paint A couple of neckerchiefs were then added in either dark/pink burgundy or deep bronze green/light green, and finally I added their hair in chocolate brown, chestnut or citrus orange highlighted with chestnut, orange or lemon yellow respectively.

Next day they were all given a coat of Quickshade mid tone and the day after this the bases were first painted in chocolate brown before this was given a heavy dry-bushing of khaki and a lighter dry-brush with coffee, then areas were picked out in scenic green and these areas were then “flocked” with summer mix “hairy grass”. Finally they were sprayed with matt varnish.

Well that’s the first posting of 2017 out of the way, time to roll the die and coins of fate again…

Cheers Roger.

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