“Release the Beast!”

Ok well as promised I have now begun the process of building up the necessary additions needed to turn my “Daytona Beach iron pumpers” into fully fledged members of Eternian society. Sadly by “sods law” this first full week sculpting would also have to a week when I’m working the night shift, so it seems like it has been every other day that I have been able to get any “hobby time” in, but at least I was able to make a decent start to process.

Sunday, and I began in much the same way as I always do on my He-man replica’s by adding the “furry” undies that are so in “vogue” on Eternia, these were simply a couple of blobs of putty plopped onto their bums and crotches and then smoothed around to shape, then taking my small knife I simply “tapped” in the fur effect. The fronts of the “pants” deliberately had a curve added to the top of the front, as this is where their wide belts will sit. Then turning to Beast-man, I noticed that the original toy figure had fur on him lower legs and forearms. His arms I’ll leave till later, but his legs I thought I’d add now, so more “balls” of putty were pushed onto his shins and then teased around to the sides, leaving his actual shins relatively clear, the once I was happy with the positioning of the putty, I tapped in the fur as with the pants.

Monday, I went straight to work adding Jitsu’s boots, these were just blobs of putty smeared over his feet and lower legs and then shaped to suit. I also added Beast-man’s belt, this was just a sausage of putty tapered at both ends that was run around his waist and then flatted with one of my colour shapers, I added a couple of tiny flatted balls of putty to the front to add a little detail, and then cut a “V” into the top of it, this is where his furry breast-plate will sit. Lastly with the small amount of “Greenstuff” I had left I added a couple of wristbands in similar (but obviously, small) fashion to his belt.

Wednesday, I’m rather pleased with myself today, I had been putting off adding Beast-man’s breastplate, but decided it was going to have to be done so mixed op a bit of the old “greenstuff” and running a sausage around his neck started by flattening out and smoothing the ends where they meet at the front, then I added the “round blue bit” (sorry don’t know what else to call this), to do this I took an old ball point re-fill and using the open end of this pushed it into the putty to form a circle, then taking my small knife I began adding the fur in an outward petal pattern around this, before continuing up over his shoulders and around the back of his neck. Turning the ball point refill around I then added eight dimples around his neck, before tiny conical ball of putty were pushed into these to form the spikes around his collar. All in all this came out better than I had ever hoped, I just hope I’ve left enough room to do the work on his face, I really don’t want to have to remove this!

Friday, well today it was time to bite the bullet, and add the facial modifications to Beast-man, I have to admit that I have been dreading this since I started this figure, now looking at him I couldn’t help but wonder if I wouldn’t have been better off doing this before I added “breastplate thingy”. But the die was cast and it was time to get on with it. I began by adding a blob of putty to the top of his head and roughly smoothing this a slightly domed shape then pushed in the ridge that runs over the crown of his head, this was then dragged down to the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows to make then thicker. Once I was happy with this I took to tiny balls of putty and popped them onto the sides of his head, shaping them into pointed “Mr Spock” style ears. His mouth was pretty much right on the original figure (I’ll try and paint in his pointed teeth), but he needed a beard adding, so a sausage of putty was run around his chin and my small knife was used yet again to drag in the hair. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the result and that it’s come out better than I had hoped. As Jitsu was lagging behind a bit now I thought I’d better add his belt, this was done in the same was as Beast-mans, and the furry tops to his boots were just a couple more sausages run around the top of each boot with the fur tapped in with my knife again.

Well things seem to be moving along at a bit of a pace now (with Beast-man at least), I think I’m on target to finish on time. I leave you with a fun fact, In the early concept drawing for the He-man range Beast-man and Skeletor were actually one character, it wasn’t until later in development that they were re-worked as two different characters. Please be sure to check out all the other entrants work on the “Forgotten heroes” web-site.


We now also have two new participants…

The Angry Piper http://angrypiper.com/gaming/

& Leon https://eclecticgentlemantabletopgamer.blogspot.co.uk/

That makes an even twelve of us cutting, painting and converting this year, Jez has got a lot to answer for!

Till next week Excelsior, Roger.

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“Beastly Beginnings”

Well as you can imagine as I only posted my intentions on Thursday, I haven’t really got very far with progress on the figures themselves (though some participants have now finished there first submissions!! Yes Roy I’m looking at you). Anyway back in the slow lane, first job was to do a bit of planning (yes I do plan how I do these things believe it or not!), and the first thing I noticed was that neither figure would currently fit onto the two pence pieces I use to base all my 28mm figures, this along with the fact that as everyone who knows me is aware that I dislike figures stood with their feet ridiculously far apart meant that a trip to the garage and some major base “surgery” was called for. Now the bases on the “Bronze age” dollies are a) Pretty thick and b) made of really good quality metal, neither of which was exactly conducive to making this an easy job. I began by trying to cut through them with my junior hacksaw, but discovered there was no way to hold them really stable without damaging the figures themselves, so after a bit of head scratching I decided to try and sand down the thickness of the bases a bit with my power sander. This is a Bosch circular version and the best way I’ve found to use it to do this is to kneel on the floor (not the most comfortable thing to do at my age), then hold the sander upside-down between my knees and run the bases of the figures over the surface of the spinning sanding disk. You have to swop between figure every now and again as the soon start to build up heat from all the friction.

Anyway after doing this for a while and removing a thin layer from the bottom of the bases (a really thin layer, these figure metal is TOUGH!), I then took my large wire snippers and just about managed to cut through the bases (nearly breaking my thumb in the process!). After this it was a case of easing the legs together, leveling out the bases again then sanding them slightly again to the bottom flat and level again. After this it was a case of checking they now fitted onto a “tuppence”, and with a bit more snipping and filing around the outer edges of the bases they now did, so I could now glue them onto the coins. I added two layers of card beneath the bases to add height, but looking at them now I think that might be too much, but I can always “snap” them off and remove a layer later on if I decide too.

So that’s where I’m up to so far, early days, but at least I can start to add some “greenstuff” to them now (last year I spent the whole of the first week filing down one of my figures so I’m already ahead of that). Hopefully in my next post I’ll have something a bit more interesting to show you.

So till next weekend, Excelsior!! Roger.


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“Forgotten Heroes 2017, here we go again”

Well here we go again, incredibly “Forgotten Heroes” is back for its second year and as with last year I thought I’d start with a little statement of intent as to what I hope to achieve over the next four weeks and what figures I’m going to be using as the basis of my “Forgotten Hero” conversions. Well first off (if you are reading this on my own blog rather than the FH site) the header at the top of the page should give you a bit of a “heads up” as to where my main two submissions for this year’s challenge come from, yes it’s “He-man and the masters of the Universe”. Regular readers of my blog will know that these are not my first “Masters” figures, in fact I already have ten more of these muscular chaps in my collection and these chaps were supposed to completed in March of this year (or March’sters of the Universe month, sic). But due to restrictions on my time and lethargy on my part to be honest, they just never got done. So I have decided to kill two birds with one stone and have shunted them down to this month instead (Masters of the June’iverse). Anyway the two characters I have chosen to recreate from this famous toy line in miniature are Beast-man and Jitsu, a couple of villain’s from “the evil forces of Skeletor!”.

To this end I have pulled out two more of the muscular “dolly” figures I bought from “Bronze age miniatures” a couple of years back (when Jez and I started the He-man project), and with the application of some “greenstuff” and some blunt instruments (the bluntest being me), I hope to have some fairly recognizable renditions of said characters by the thirtieth of June. If all goes according to plan (and it rarely does!!), I hope to have time to add another non “He-man” bonus figure to my tally. This very simple conversion of a character from one of my all-time favorite comic books, will also give me a possible “out” if it looks like I have no chance of finishing the two figures above, but more on that in a later post. Below I have listed all the other people taking part in this year’s challenge, please click on the inks below to visit their own blogs/ sites and at the bottom of the page I’ve added a link to the official “Forgotten Heroes International” web-site where I will be re-posting all the relevant posts from myself and the other contributors, so please check that out too.

Simon http://fantorical.blogspot.co.uk/

Jez https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

John https://hitlh.blogspot.co.uk/

Michael http://28mmvictorianwarfare.blogspot.co.uk/

Bryan https://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.co.uk/

Hills http://thegamerscupbard.blogspot.co.uk/

Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/boyntonartstudio/albums

Kaptain Kobold http://hordesofthethings.blogspot.co.uk/

Roy http://nevermindthejankers.blogspot.co.uk/

The Angry Piper http://angrypiper.com/gaming/

Leon https://eclecticgentlemantabletopgamer.blogspot.co.uk/

Wampley http://wampleyscastle.blogspot.com.es/

So all that remains for me to say, is the very best of luck to all the other entrants, I look forward to seeing all the lovely mini’s you turn out over the next thirty days and please keep checking back to see how we all get on. Thanks for reading

Till next time, Excelsior!! Roger.



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“New Kids From The Block” (week 41)

Late again I’m afraid, just don’t seem to be able to find the time to paint and write up my postings at the moment (lord knows how I’ll cope with forgotten heroes, when I have to re-post other people’s posts too, but we’ll cross that bridge, as they say). But for the moment I decided to roll again on the old painting generator table, and the coins of fate gave me a tails result so out came Galahads list and the toss of the D30 came up one, so this week we have…

Box 1 – (2x 28mm Sci-Fi Troopers by “Bend Sinister”)

Now I’ve mentioned “Bend Sinister” before on my blog as they made the rather nice Knight that I painted way back in 2014 (the link to that page is at the bottom of this post if you want a look). I think I received these as a samples back in my “Valkyrie” days. While I was retrieving them I decided to add a “Scorpio Bug” by Irregular Miniatures that was in the same draw. I think he was chucked in as a sample too, this time with an order at some point, not the most detailed model in the world, but never one to “look a gift horse in the mouth”, I thought I’d throw some paint at this as well. So let’s get on with that then shall we.

I began the troopers by touching up any parts that had escaped the aerosol undercoat of black, and then dry-brushed them in chainmail. Then turning to their overalls these were undercoated in khaki, with “splodges” of coffee and then olive green painted over this to form a camouflage pattern. Their helmets were then undercoated in German field blue, and then highlighted in deep bronze green. Next the butts and barrels of their guns along with the pouches on their belts and their boots were all undercoated in chocolate brown and then highlighted, butternut on the guns and leather brown on the rest. I decided to add their flesh next (not really a lot of it on show just their hands and necks). European flesh with the same mixed with pale flesh saw to this, and then I added the lights on their helmets and backpacks, an old pot of “Tamiya” light green was used for this. As they seemed to be acquiring a bit of an “Eastern Block” vibe to them I decided to go with porcelain blue, bright red and white on their shoulder badges and insignia’s but rather than a specific countries flag I just wanted a flavour of that type of trooper, so a simple red, white and blue striped flag was used. That just left the pipes to their face masks to do and these were added in dark grey with a little light grey highlighting.

Turning to the “Bug” I wasn’t sure where to go with its painting to start with, but much as I like the vibrant metallic’s used on the ones on Irregulars site, I thought I’d go a bit more muted with my figure. So a base of chocolate brown was applied first, this was then dry-brushed with butternut across the legs and lower part of the body. Chestnut brown was then painted over the carapace, and highlights were applied to the cross body ridges of this with rust. The “stinger” at the tip of its tail was then added in khaki, dry-brushed with successive coats of coffee and cream, and its eyes and teeth were finally added in white and black. Not very complicated but I think effective in its way.

Once they were all good and dry, all three were given the obligatory coat of “Quickshade”, and after the bases were painted up in my usual fashion, they had a final coat of matt varnish.

Now while I’ve got you here I thought I’d remind you that “Forgotten heroes” will be returning for its second year in June. This is a bit of fun that Jez over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” came up with, where participants make or remodel/repaint existing figures into superhero characters that have either no existing “official” miniature (or that the official figure is “pants” in the their opinion). Anyway the official rules can be read here…


There is still time to join in if you are so inclined, just let myself or Jez know and we’ll sign you up.

So till next time, cheers Roger.


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