“Companion Piece”

Do you have figures in your un-painted lead collection that you were given as gifts, and even though you know it looks ungrateful you have never gotten around to painting them for one reason or another? I know I have, and that is what I hope to address (in part at least) with this week’s posting. These two (now out of production) miniatures from “Crooked Dice” were an extremely kind Christmas present from Simon Moore, a few years back after I made his painted version of one of them number one in my “top ten” list of his years output for 2015 (see link at the bottom of the page). And therein dear reader is my excuse, (sorry, I mean reason) for not having painted these ladies before, you see Simon had done such a fantastic job of his rendition of Doctor Who favorite “Sarah Jane Smith”, that I really didn’t know that I could match it with my stumpy fingers and a two inch brush approach to painting miniatures. Writing this now it does sound like a rather lame excuse, but it truly is the reason.

The Nineteen Seventies was truly a great time in the history of “Doctor Who” as we not only had (in my not so humble opinion) the two greatest Doctors, in the form of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, but also probably the two best companions as well, in the very pleasing shapes of “Jo Grant” and “Sarah Jane Smith”, ably portrayed by Katy Manning and Elisabeth Sladen respectively. Now these two figures are not “official” renditions of these characters (probably why they are no longer available 😉 )but they are by far and away the best versions in 28mm, so enough chatter, and on with the painting..

Both figures were first attached to “Slotta” bases (spit,spit!), as this is how all my other doctor who figures are based, and after a small amount of filler was spread over the top of the base around their feet to hide the slot, they were given a coat of matt black, then turning to the ladies in turn.

Sarah, after a search of the internet and some of my Dr Who year books, I managed to find a couple of pictures of SJS, in this very costume (the adventure was, “The planet of Evil” for all you Who’ficionado’s out there) and these along with the painted version on Simon’s blog gave me my reference as to my palette of colours. As her costume is predominately denim, I began by painting all of it in blue grey mixed with a tiny amount of royal blue to darken it slightly, this was then highlighted light blue and then her “turn ups” and the rough frill around the bottom of her waistcoat were added in a mix of light blue and coffee, with highlights of coffee added after this. I turned to her blouse next, and after laying down a base of coffee I added checks in orange and blue, though to get the right blue I ended up mixing porcelain blue, aquamarine and royal blue, until I got the shade I was after. Her shoes came next and as I couldn’t find a picture showing them, I went for chocolate brown with a butternut highlight, with the laces done in coffee and cream (I have now discovered that they should have been all dark blue, but too late now, doh!). The flesh on both ladies was carried out in the same fashion, European flesh forming the base, and then after the eyes were added, I added eye shadow (yes I really did!) in a mix of porcelain blue and aquamarine, to give a suitably seventies shade. Then the flesh was highlighted with a mix of European flesh mixed with a little pale flesh, and finally here, their lips were added with a little pink burgundy. That just left her hair to add, so I added a tiny amount of black to some chocolate brown to darken it and after this was dry highlighted with just chocolate brown.

Jo, was a bit more awkward as though I knew I’d seen that costume before, I could not remember from what story, and a search of the net and my yearbooks didn’t throw up any pictures with the garments in question of show, therefore I decided to take my vague recollections and “wing it”, so if this is completely wrong (Simon), then it is all down to me. So as I seemed to remember this costume being purple, I started by painting all of it in royal purple, then I highlighted this with plum mixed with a little lilac, next I painted her tights in lilac and highlighted these in lavender, the cuffs of her jacket (or the blouse underneath, I leave that up to you) I did in coffee with cream highlights. Her fleshy bits came next and these were done in exactly the same way as “Miss Smith” above, so I won’t go into details here. Her hair however was done in sand with highlights of lemon yellow, and to finish off, I used some shinning gold on the buttons of her coat to add a little bit of “bling”, and my two ladies of the seventies were ready for a night on the town, or a wander around the nightspots of “Skaro” more like!

Anyway what they got instead was a good slapping with a Quickshade loaded brush, and once this was dry there bases were painted to match the rest of my Doctor Who collection, that is to say a coat of musket brown (I never knew this was the name of this colour till I just checked!), followed by a heavy dry-brushing of scenic green, then some pasture green flock was glued over this, and the bases edges were re-painted black. A spray coat of matt varnish took the shine off of the Quickshade, and they were done.

It’s great to have these two figures finally finished, though the face on Simon’s Sarah is still so much prettier than the somewhat “pinched” look on mine, still at least I can now look Simon in the eye next time I see him. I hope to squeeze in one more post before “Forgotten Heroes” kicks off.

So till then Cheers Roger.


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“Forgotten Heroes 2018”

Well, as I don’t have any new painted figures to post up at the moment (I could post a picture of the walls in the hall (as that is what I have been painting this week), but they are really not that interesting. So instead I’m going to use this week’s post to give a first shout out and fair warning, to anyone out there in the “blogging sphere” that we will be running the annual event that is “Forgotten Heroes” for the third year running (this has now lasted longer than most of “Katie Prices” relationships! (And I for one would much rather watch a television program about this as well!). There are just under three weeks to go to the start of June, so it’s time to get your thinking caps on and come up with that hero you’ve always wanted, but the manufacturers just seem to ignore.

Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to run through the rules again in case anyone who hasn’t entered before and who is thinking of joining us on our voyage of “unrecognised heroism” can see what it’s all about as well as jogging the memories of those recurring recruits. (There has also been a slight update to the rules so they are well worth a perusal).

Luckily for me being the lazy “so and so” that I am, Jez has already posted these updated rules over on his own excellent blog (see link at the end of this post), so I shall hand you over to “mon Capitan”…

For those of you not familiar with this ‘community art project’, this now annual event is where a group of like, minded gamers create one or more gaming miniatures of characters who have yet to have an official or unofficial figure made of them. In essence, they have been “forgotten.”

Or at least that’s what it started out as…

However, as with most of these types of challenges, these things do have a tendency to evolve over time. As one of the questions we regularly get asked is “I know it’s a little outside the rules, but can I do this character?” I think it’s time to redefine the rules somewhat…

Don’t worry though, whilst the rules have now evolved, they’re actually broadening the scope, so should make deciding which character(s) you’re going to create a bit easier.

  1. The character or characters you create must have a definitive look or image. In other words, we should be able to recognise the character from the original source material.
  2. The base figure used for your creation must not be an official or unofficial sculpt of the character. Repainting a DC Heroclix Blue Beetle as the obscure Marvel villain Goldbug is acceptable, painting the Copplestone Castings ‘Kentucky Davis’ as Indiana Jones is not.
  3. The figure must be in the 28mms to 32mm range. This takes into account those manufacturers whose scale is slightly larger, so if you want to create a hero or villain to fit in with your existing Knight Models or Warlord Doctor Who collection, you can.
  4. The figure must be completed during the month of June 2018.
  5. In your first post, you should provide a bit of background detail in the character you’ve chosen, ideally with an illustration, so we know what you’re aiming for and this should be posted as close too but not before the fist of June.

Other than that, the choice of character is entirely up to you. In previous years we’ve had Masters of the Universe, Transformers, costumed heroes and villains from comic books, and characters from both the small and big screens.

For details of previous year’s entries, please take a look at the official Forgotten Heroes site, which can be found here.

(Right back to me “Roger” now) I shall be trawling the net checking all the participants blogs and re-posting any posts pertaining to “Forgotten Heroes” entries each day (hopefully!). You can also enter if you do not currently have a blog on which to post your figures, in this case you can E-mail me your posts and they can be posted up on the Forgotten Heroes site by me (so you have no excuse not to enter).

I have tried to E-mail all of last year participants already, but if I have missed you (and there are a couple who’s E-mail addresses I don’t appear to have, please let me know if you intend to join us again this year in the comment section below, and of course the same applies to anyone hoping to join us for the first time (We’re a pretty friendly bunch, and most of us don’t bite!). So why not give it a go it’s good fun and everyone is really supportive, and if you still don’t think it’s for you please lend your support to those who do (a “like” or better still a comment is always appreciated). Let’s make this year even better than the last!

Cheers Roger and Jez (By the way I am cross posting this on both the Forgotten Heroes site, and my own blog, two for one as they say).



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“Like two peas in a pod”

“Well Julius, don’t just stand there gawking, give the man our card!”

“The Brothers Carnidge, Bodyguards, Bounty Hunters, Hit men, Repossessions and all types of Demolition work considered”

“It’s pronounced Car’nage”.

“You two are brothers?”

“We’re not just brothers, we’re twins, you know like them cheeky girls’ I like the fat one!”

“Julius, do shut up!”

“Sorry Vincent”

Right well I suppose I should begin this post with an apology for it’s severe lateness, though I can categorically state that I have been spending much of the last week or so painting, I have to add however that the items in question were sadly not figures, but rather doors/walls and ceilings, as the bane of all wargamers lives has reared it’s ugly head around here in the form of “DECORATING!!!”. I would like to report that it is now all finished and normal service can be resumed, but it would appear that unbeknownst to me we appear to have moved into the “Forth bridge” at some point (for any foreign readers, the Forth bridge is famous for being continually painted, as when they reach the end, it needs starting again!). I do hope to be back on schedule “blog” wise ASAP but please excuse me if I am a little sporadic over the next few weeks. Anywhoo, on to the two figures I have managed to sneak through, as stated above Vincent and Julius are twins, with Vincent being the elder by fifteen minutes, a fact he likes to lord over his less intelligent brother (though trust me neither of these two is “rocket scientist” material!) At this point I would like to point out that any similarity to characters in nineteen eighties comedy movies, staring Austrian bodybuilders and American sitcom taxi cab company employees is purely deliberate, in truth the idea of using them as a “couple” came about purely by accident, as somehow they just ended up in a bag together and while looking for figures to paint up for this post, I just saw them and thought “hello’ that reminds me of something…”.

Both figures were based up upon “tuppences” in my usual fashion, and then given a coat of matt black (though for some reason “Julius”, had already been primed in grey when he arrived from “Moonraker Miniatures”. Then both figures were dry-brushed in chainmail over any “metallic” bits, and their shirts were added with a base of coffee, with subsequent highlights of cream and white. The legends “Big Bruv” and “Little Bruv” were added next in black (for some reason I see them as cockneys, and frankly this was easier than writing “Brother” to be honest!). Flesh came next and both were given an undercoat of European flesh, followed (after their eyes were painted in of course) by a highlight of the same with a little pale flesh added. The rest of the painting then differed on each figure so I will cover this separately.

I decided that the no-nonsense Vincent would need an appropriate pair of trousers, so camouflage seemed to be the order of the day, so a base of deep bronze green was laid down first. Then splodges of the same mixed with a brighter green (imaginatively called “green” on the pot) were added, then more in light khaki, and finally yet more in olive green. His belt and boots came next, these were chocolate brown with leather brown highlights, and he was just about done.

Julius, on the other hand, with his childlike demeanor needed something a bit more flamboyant, so his Bermuda’s were first painted porcelain blue which was highlighted with pale blue. Then I added the flowers petals in orange, which were then highlighted in citrus orange, lastly dots of white were added to their centres. His trainers were painted cream, highlighted with white and then details were added to these in bright red. Bright red was also used on his wrist/sweatband this time highlighted with some Polish crimson (pink). I added a dot of dayglow green to the face of his watch, and then his hair and the stock of his machinegun were added in chocolate brown with butternut highlights. Finally I noticed a circular “badge” (it might not be a badge, but that’s what I’m taking it as), on the stock of his gun, so after painting this citrus orange with a highlight of old gold (yellow believe it or not), I added a smiley face to it, as it seemed appropriate, and he too was ready for the old “Quickshade” treatment.

That is of course what I did next, before they had their bases painted in my usual style and got a coat of matt varnish to finish. All in all not too bad considering I had to grab a moment here and there while coats of emulsion were drying on the walls to get them done.

So till next time, cheers Roger.

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“Raquel and Rex”

We’re a funny lot wargamers when you think about it really, I mean we’re world builders, some of us on a grand scale, with thousands of figures, huge tables filled with bespoke scenery and complicated rules governing battles, campaigns, and socio economic structures, and some of us on a much (much) smaller scale, perhaps just one or two figures (like this week’s post!). But either way we have our own “world” as it were, buried deep in our subconscious, we know what things should be like in “our” world even if they are not necessarily what they are like in the “real” world. I suppose in a way we are like small scale movie directors and this is our way of expressing our vision of what our worlds should be like. Now you are probably thinking “what the hell is he on about!” and “Why doesn’t he just get on with painting his figures?”. Well I’m coming to that, this week I thought I’d take a bit of a break from my “Wasteland” project and paint something different, and I chose this exquisite little cave girl and her pet T-rex. Both figures are from “Tin Man Miniatures” and I picked them up along with a few others, a couple of year back when they were having a sale (mainly just so I could get this cave-girl tbh). Now neither of these figures is particularly historically correct it has to be said, and some of us would not accept this, but I can assure you in “my” personal world cave-girls really do look like this! and this is where all this is leading (finally) we all have our own “take” on this hobby of ours, our own “worlds” and yet, we all do the same basic thing, but in vastly personal ways, how many other hobbies are like that? Anyway meanderings over and onto the figures…

Both figures were firstly based up in my usual way and then given a coat of matt black, “Loana” (in case you didn’t know Loana was Raquel Welsh’s character in “One million years BC”), was then started with me working on her “bikini”, this was done by laying down a base coat of leather brown, then highlighting this with khaki. Then the upper edges of her top and the “flap” on the pants were painted chocolate brown mixed with butternut, and these were highlighted with bleached bone, and then highlighted again with coffee. This was then “dirtied up” a little with some more butternut. After this I added her copious amounts of flesh, this was started with a mix of dark flesh mixed with some European flesh. Once this was dry I added her eyes and then highlighted this with just European flesh, however this wasn’t really different enough to show up well so I highlighted yet again with more of the same this time with a little pale flesh added, much better. Her spear came next chocolate brown with a dry-brushing of butternut on the shaft, coffee and cream on the strapping at the top and pale grey with a pale grey and white mix dry-brushing taking care of the flint blade. Coffee and cream were also used on the teeth hanging from her necklace. That just left her hair, a base of citrus orange was laid down first then subsequent highlight layers of sand and lemon yellow were painted over this, I considered giving her “dark roots” growing through to complete the hollywood treatment, but good taste won that debate (luckily).

“Rex” her cold bloodied companion was painted using a similar technique to the bigger “dino’s” I painted a couple of years ago (see link at the bottom of this post), in as much as I used a “wet in wet” approach, that is to say that the three base colours J.N.Green (no I don’t know what J.N. stands for), olive green (tamiya) and khaki were applied in three horizontal stripes along his body and legs in that order top to bottom, then while all three were still wet they were blended together (I also had a small dollop of each colour and a drop of water on a pallet so I could add more of any colour when and where I thought it was needed, or could thin down the paint if it wasn’t blending well. This technique seems to work well on this type of figure but you do need to work reasonably quickly and not over work the joints between colours. Once this was dry (next day), I highlighted the khaki with some sand paint, then highlighted the top “green” half with some deep bronze green, that I also “wet worked” with a little olive (the miniature paints version this time, and completely different to the olive above), then because I wasn’t happy with the stripes I’d added across his back I then lightly dry-brushed more olive over these so they were “semi-hidden”. I them painted his mouth in dark red, before adding his claws and teeth in coffee highlighted with cream (I love his face he looks such an evil little beastie!), then I added his eyes in white with a black dot and he too was done.

Once they were all good and dry, all three were given the obligatory coat of “Quickshade”, and after the bases were painted up in my usual fashion, they had a final coat of matt varnish. Well that’s it, the end of my little diversion, I’m rather glad I took time out to paint these two figures up as I’ve wanted to do so for some time, but was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to do then justice, I think they came out OK in the end. Back to the “”Wasteland” next though and another film reference…

Till then, cheers Roger.


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