“Four Zombies, well that’s what they are!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

OK just a quick post this week (by my standards anyway), as time is still very much against me, and I’m still playing catch up. Four figures that fit in well with this months themed challenges, zombies for “Zomtober” and Dungeon Saga mini’s for the “Unit-ed” challenge. So without further ado I give you….four zombies.

As they are all the same basic thing I’m going to cover the painting of them to together, so working up from my usual black undercoat, I took some dark grey, stone green, flesh tone 7 (dark flesh), pale flesh, leather brown and coffee and blobbed them out onto a “Pringles” lid. Then in my usual way of painting zombies various mixes of the above colours were applied “willy, nilly” across all the exposed flesh areas of all four figures then blended into each other giving various sickly flesh tones from green to grey. The eyes and mouths were added next using black and white, and then the exposed wounds dotted about their persons were painted in dark red with cream used on any bits of bone that were poking out. Then turning to the less well dressed “zom’s” I layered coffee and cream on their up raised bones (this was not as kinky as it sounds!! You lot and your filthy minds, I despair I do honestly!). Clothes came after this, chocolate brown with the same mixed with a little khaki taking care of the trousers on one and the loincloth on another, royal blue with the same mixed with coffee on the next ones trousers. Plum with more of the same mixed with more coffee on the other loincloth. The shirts were added next, coffee and cream for one and khaki with a mix of khaki and coffee on the other (that’s a lot of coffee! I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!). I spent a little while trying to decide whether they had hair or not, in the end I went with hair, two with black highlighted with dark grey, and two with chocolate brown with chestnut highlights. These colours albeit with leather replacing chestnut were also used on the belts, pouches in knife sheaths (why do zombies have knives I wonder?), a little copper used here on the metallic bits of the handles. Lastly I set about them with the bright red next again over the wounds and also around their mouths and hands, and they were done.

Next of course I painted up their bases with dry-brushes of ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white over each other, and then as always they were given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Finally the then dry figures were given a coat of matt varnish with a “rattle can” of Humbrol. Oh and sorry for the awful pictures again, it just seems like every time I’m actually in to take photo’s it’s to dark to get decent results!

Getting there, slowly….

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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“It’s for Stabbing Round Corners!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

Well as the say “New month same sh…sorry figures”, as though Saga’tember has now come to an end by some happy coincidence (no I planned this, honest!), all the figures I have left to paint from the board game “Dungeon Saga” by Mantic games (bar the two skelly’s, in this week’s group) are now Zombie’s! So perfect Zom’tober fodder, and as “Brummie” has been kind enough to let me take part again this year, along with also entering Azazel’s Unit’ed challenge where you have to complete a previously started unit or box-game (no really this counts!), I should have all the motivation (if not the time) I need to get these blooming things finished before the end of the month.

Anyway this is the first posting for both challenges, and I’m late again, good start!! I can see I’ll be playing catch up all month (oh well), the figures were in fact finished yesterday (Sunday) but sadly not before it was too dark to take any decent photographs same thing happened today, by the time I got home it was to dark again, so ended up taking them in the garage under the strip light, that’s why we’re here today and the pictures are so blooming awful!! (Sorry). None of these figures are “characters” from the game, so I had free reign to paint them as I wished, so let’s get on and see how I did that (wow that sounded very “Blue Peter” didn’t it).

Armored Zombies: These are actually really nice figures if you ignore the slightly “wonky” swords they are holding (hence the title of this week’s post). All the figures were first given a spray coat of matt black, then had any “metal bits” swords, shield rims, armour etc.. dry-brushed with chainmail, and then (as they are the resurrected dead) again with rust. I then picked out the leather bits on the “Zom’s” with chocolate brown, and highlight these areas with leather brown. Then one figure had his tabard, shield and helmet plume painted, half in aquamarine, highlighted with the same mixed with some turquoise, and half with coffee highlighted with cream, the other one had the same areas painted in plum highlighted with the same mixed with some lilac, to this one I then added chevron’s in coffee and cream along with his helmets plume. The flesh on the first figure was added next in dark grey, pale flesh and stone green, that were all added at the same time and mixed in the figure itself to create the undead flesh. The same was repeated on the other figure this time using deep turquoise, pale flesh and stone green. The eyes and mouths were added next in black and white, and some bright red was painted around the mouths and down the front of their tabards, to add a little gore! I added some “bling” to their armour here and there with copper highlighted with shinning gold, and a jewel was added to each sword hilt in metallic blue or metallic red.

Skeleton’s: In many ways I was tempted to just cut and paste how I painted up the skeleton archers from a couple of weeks ago, but that would be cheating (wouldn’t it?), anyway these figures were started as the zombies above, but when I got up to the chocolate brown stage, I painted this over the back of the shields (highlighted with butternut) and also blobbed it on “willy’nilly” over the skeletal bodies before I dry-brushed them with coffee then cream. I then re-painted the boots, belts and gloves in black before highlighting them with dark grey. This was also used as the undercoat for the fur atop their boots, that was then dry-brushed with some mid grey and again with some white. Both shield fronts were painted with more coffee, highlighted with cream, then one had a “quarter” design added in dark red highlighted with pink burgundy, and the other with three “sweeping” segments in royal blue highlighted with light blue. Khaki, highlighted with more of the same mixed with some coffee was used on the cape of one chap and the trousers of the other, with scenic brown highlighted with earth brown and royal blue mixed with light blue, highlighted with just light blue being used on the other pair of trousers and cape respectively. A couple of bits of bronze highlighted with copper here and there and these too were completed ready for finishing off.

And that’s what came next, the flagstone bases on the figures were dry-brushed in successive ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white as always and then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Once this was dry they were given a spray coat of matt varnish to matt them down.

Till next time, cheers Roger.


Unit-ed October: 2018 Community Painting Challenge. Also, Orctober/Orktober.

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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“A Small Bone to Pick With You!” (Saga’tember)

Well as most of you are probably aware, Saga’tember has been and gone and I have failed miserably to complete anywhere near the amount of figures I’d hoped to, my co-conspirator Keith, of “Dead Dick Tavern fame (see link at the end of this post) rubbing salt into the wound by completing twenty three of the twenty six miniatures the game contains!! Anyway as I have stated before I have to finish all the miniatures for this game before Christmas, so as all the miniatures after these three are all Zombies (or have Zombies in there mix), I will be using them as my Zomtober entries, along with also taking part in Azazels “Unit-ed Challenge” (again see link at the end of this post), to complete a unit that is unfinished (these qualify I’ve checked). Now after my performance last month is it wise to take on not one but two challenges, probably not, but what the hell, I’m getting used to failure now!

Anyway, this last week (or so) I have been working on the three undead Dwarves that the game contains, so I give you “Grund” and a couple of “Skeletal Stunties”….

“Grund” is yet another of the “Characters” from the game and as such I once again tried to follow the “official” colour scheme as set out on the “character card” (the picture from which is shown next to the painted figure, as always). All three were sprayed matt black, and then dry-brushed with chainmail over any “metal” bits, then in the same way as last time I touched up all the “boney bits” where the chainmail etc, had encroached and then added some patches of chocolate brown here and there before dry-brushing them with successive coats of coffee and cream. I added his cloak next, dark red was used as the undercoat here with ruby red used for the highlights. Then the remnants of his robe were added with deep turquoise with green (a Tamiya colour) highlights. More chocolate brown was used on the shaft of his big hammer (oo’er misses!) and a dry brushing of butternut went over this, and on his boots, belt and gloves where it was also applied leather brown was used as the highlight. His crown and belt buckle came next bronze with copper highlights here, with the jewels added in metallic red and metallic green (I also added a couple of the green ones to the head of his hammer too, and the red to the glowing centres of his eyes). The wrapping in his hammer shaft was added in khaki and coffee, and lastly his beard was done in dark grey with mid-grey and cream dry-brushed over it.

The two Dwarf skeletons (his retainers?), were begun in exactly the same way as Grund (no shock there!). Then one had his cloak painted royal blue, with mid blue highlights and the other dark grey with mid grey. Chocolate brown was used on the wood and leather bits, butternut or leather brown forming the highlights on these, details on the axe blades and the wings on their helmets were picked out using bronze and copper, as I did with Grund. I then turned to the fronts of their shields, dark red with pink burgundy highlights on the one and mid blue with light blue in the others, a couple of basic symbols added in black and then filled in with cream and they would do. That just left their beards to add, chestnut with an orange highlight and dark sand with a light sand highlight on the other, and they were finished.

The figures then had their bases dry-brushed in successive ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white over the flagstones and they were then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Once dry they were given a spray coat of matt varnish to dull then down (actually i8 think I went a bit heavy with the varnish as they are “very” matt and look almost dusty, luckily as they are supposedly the “dead arisen” I think I can get away with this, would have been rather pee’d off if they were more “animated and healthy figures though!!.

Till next time, cheers Roger.


Unit-ed October: 2018 Community Painting Challenge. Also, Orctober/Orktober.

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“Enough to wake the dead!” (Saga’tember)

I have to begin by apologizing for the severe lateness of this post, this has been due to real life (mainly work commitments) getting in the way, and sadly this does not look to be letting up over the next few weeks (well probably till Christmas), so sorry if I haven’t commented, on any of your posts, I am “soooo” behind on, well everything at the moment!, but enough of my whining and on with the figures. Week three (and four) of Saga’tember as predicted by “Dave Stone” last time (he can be so annoyingly right sometimes!), has been skeleton week(s) (well the first one anyway). So along with the four “easier” skeletons I’ve also been having ago at another of the characters from the game “Mortibris” the Necromancer, and again I’ve tried to stay fairly close to the rendition featured on the character card (once again I’ve added the picture from this as a comparison).

Mortibris, I have to admit to not being overly enamored with the colours “Mantic” have chosen for the Necromancer, (I would have gone more purple or black myself), but anyway after all the figures were sprayed matt black I began Mortibris by giving him a good heavy dry-brushing with some navy blue, then another slightly lighter one with royal blue and finally I highlighted this with some bright blue. Next as his sleeves and the bottom his costume is grey, a base of dark grey highlighted with mid grey was applied to these areas (I also added his collar in this, though it’s not on the illustration). The fancy gold piping that runs down the front of his robes came next bronze with shinning gold highlights were used for these, and the same colours were used to add the details to his spell book, after the cover was painted dark red with pink burgundy highlights. Flesh came after this, European flesh highlighted this the same mixed with a lot of pale flesh used here, though the result still looks way to healthy to me, and his hair was cream with while highlights. The skeleton rising through the flooring was painted along with the others as follows…

Skeletons, Now I really wish I could say I did some incredibly clever and artistic technique on the “boney boys” but the truth is it was all pretty simple and basic stuff, I began by blobbing on some chocolate brown here and there, before dry-brushing the whole lot in coffee and then again in cream, I then went round with the matt black, and touched up any areas where the dry-bushing had strayed. Next more chocolate brown was used on the bows, scythe shafts, and belts and bags etc.., these were then highlighted with either leather brown, or butternut dependent on whether they were wood or leather. The scythe blades were then dry-brushed in chainmail, and again in rust (though it seems that you can only see the rust now!), and some details were added to the archers in bronze. The archers also need some rags of clothing, so these were added in deep bronze green, with olive highlights, dark red with pink burgundy highlights, bright blue with bright blue mixed with blue grey, for the highlights or purple with the same mixed with lavender forming the highlights. A little coffee and cream was used at the tips of the bows and on the flights of the arrows and they too were finished.

As always all the figures had their bases dry-brushed in successive ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white to give there flagstones a little colour. Then were given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone, and finally once had the usual spray coat of matt varnish to remove the gloss finish of the Quickshade. More skeletons next I’m afraid, though of a more diminutive and regal caste.

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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