“Old Red Eye & Friends”

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted (sorry), and I’ve been casting about a bit over this time as to what to paint next, you see it’s “Keith’s, Monster May(hem)” next month (or this month depending on when you’re reading this of course, either way go check it out here and take part if possible!) and as my excitement builds over this it’s hard to get enthused on anything else (How sad is that!!). Anyway luckily Simon came to the rescue here as I remembered he’d sent me some old “Nexus Miniatures” (not) Cylons from original “Battlestar Galactica”, and as they have just re-started showing this on “Legend” (the “Horror channel” as was in the UK), I thought it was an opportune time to pigment these perpetrators of the “Cylon” tyranny!

Well the first job (or jobs) were to attach the one figures separate hand and weapon, I decided to drill and pin this with a little florists wire partially to strengthen the joint but also because I already had the drill and wire out. Why did I have these out already? Because all tree figures have the familiar “Centurion sword” (which I don’t think I ever saw them actually use in the series once) scabbarded on their left hand side, but on a couple of the figures these were moulded short where the metal hadn’t flowed into the end of the mould. So cutting away the “stumps” I drilled into the hilts slotted in a bit of wire and built them back up using “greenstuff”, and used a little more of this miraculous stuff to fill round the wrist joint I mentioned earlier. Then it was a case of sticking on their heads and basing them onto two pence pieces away from their hateful “slotta’s”🤮 . A blow over with the matt black and we were good to go.

I decided to start by adding there eyes, so after painting the slots in sanguine scarlet, I first added a dot in orange followed by another smaller dot of bright red. After a quick look on “Google” I discovered that the BSG aficionados and cos-players know that the under suits are in fact purple! (Well there you go learning all the time!), I however had (and still do) a hard time seeing this on the series so in the end I just mixed a little black into some royal purple and highlighted the under suits in this. The armour that looks so shiny and chrome in the series, I went with a basecoat of chainmail that I followed with highlights of sir coats silver, not quite as “bling” as the originals sadly but as good as I was going to get. Next I highlighted all the other black pieces of armour along with the guns and boots with dark grey and finally I used two different versions of mid grey on their newly restored scabbards, miniature paints for the undercoat and colour parties’ slightly lighter version for the highlights and they were pretty much painted.

I say pretty much as I now had to “Quickshade” them of course, and though I could have gone with the lighter soft tone, I thought as they weren’t bright chrome I’d go for a more battle worn look to them and to this end decided on the strong tone instead, I actually rather like the result. Basing was next as my usual recipe was used here followed by a coat of matt varnish. I have got three of the Colonial warriors (again gifted by Simon) here as well but they’ll have to wait a while now as we are coming into “Challenge Season”, starting with one of my favourites, the aforementioned “Monster May(hem)” run by the “Angry Piper” himself, so expect something a little more “monstrous” over the coming weeks.

Oh and talking of monsters just before I go Dave has now got the “Ogre” for the “Paint what we’ve all got Challenge” into production. So if you are taking part in this later in the year don’t forget get your order in.

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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14 Responses to “Old Red Eye & Friends”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on the Cylons Roger, these were a favourite of mine as a kid. As for the sword, you see it drawn twice in the pilot episode (two parter) once seemingly to decapitate Balthar, and once to attack Boxey in the catacombs, there may be others but that’s the two I remember most.
    For anyone ordering the challenge Ogre email me at wargamesterrainworkshop@yahoo.co.uk with your address and how many ogres you want, and preferred email address for sending the Paypal invoice, also don’t forget to tell me your preferred postage (tracked, signed or standard)

    • Thanks Dave, should have known that as I rewatched the pilot episodes the other week, but just didn’t register.
      Will have to sort out my own Ogre at some point, cheers Roger.

  2. Wonderful stuff, Roger. I love the original Cylons – not a fan of the now not so new BSG at all – and thought the old “Nexus Miniatures” were okay figures for their time. Indeed, I recall buying a few blisters from Dave Stone’s stall at a show as he was a stockist of theirs for a time – so I must have some reinforcements for you somewhere. LOL!!

    You certainly see the Cylon sword in the original version of the BSG movie, as its pulled out to slice Baltar’s head clean off!!! Something which was soon dropped & retconned for the TV series. LOL!!!

    A splendid paintjob, terrific robot design and heavy sense of nostalgia all make me think these are Top Ten bound. 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, it would make sense that they cut it out for the series as we don’t want to scare the kiddiewinks do we.
      I wasn’t a fan of the newer series, everyone seemed to have some kind of problem and I found myself rooting for the cylons tbh!
      Don’t know about top ten they were pretty simple stuff tbh.
      Cheers Roger.

  3. Alex says:

    Lovely job on those old toasters mate 🤘

  4. These are great, Roger! 🙂 I always liked the original Cylons! Also reminds me of the Futurama episode with Cylon and Garfunkel (that made me laugh)!

  5. Original BSG was cool. Nice job on the battle-worn Cylons. By your command (I already put in my Ogre order!).

    • Thanks Mark, yes original BSG was so much cooler that the remake. Same can be said for V they should just leave these old series alone in my opinion.
      Cheers Roger

  6. Dai says:

    Cylons look fab mate! Big fan of the original series (And the 2000’s one too) and these were so iconic and frankly just cool.

    • Thanks Dai, strangely I said that same thing about the Cylons myself last night, though I just got a patronising look from my wife back!
      Cheers Roger. 😁

  7. Matt says:

    Oooo, nice work, Roger! The Cylons were one of my fave baddies when growing up and they’ve remained a classic sci-fi design ever since. As John pointed out they even appeared in Futurama and I can’t think of a better honour than that!

    • Thanks Matt, the Cylons were indeed cool, but sadly like their Stormtrooper counterparts pretty inaccurate and ineffective when it when it came to a fight. 😁

      Cheers Roger.

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