“Father Dear Fathers” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

An early posting? Good lord what’s going on here I hear you shout, well I’ve managed to get on pretty well with these chaps this week, so well in fact that I’m hoping to squeeze one more post in under the wire before the end of the month and Dave’s challenge ends. So I thought I’d do something simple and to this end dug out another five “Forge Fathers” for my Dead Zone force as these are pretty “paint by the numbers” now and so don’t take any thinking about colours, added to this I built them all up as bog standard “Steel Warriors”, so no back packs or fancy heavy weapons, the only things I did add were the odd “accoutrement” hanging from their belts. Anyway once assembled and based up in my usual manner with a few layers of sand and “kitty litter” rocks, it was out for a coat of matt black and away we went..

As usual I began these by dry-brushing the guns with chainmail, then all of their armour was painted in German field grey, and highlighted with dark turquoise. The bits of under clothing that can be seen were then undercoated with dark grey, and I highlighted this with mid grey (the miniature paints version). The gloves, belts and the odd other area were then painted in chocolate brown before being highlighted with leather. I then added the eyes on their helmets these were done in light green before I added a dot or pupil with some “Fluorescent” light green. I also added lights on their guns and a couple of the “extra” pieces I’d added to their belts with these colours too. Lastly I added the accoutrements to their armour with a little bronze with copper highlights.

I them gave them a coat of “Quickshade” (Strongtone) before setting to work on the bases. Though I’d used sand instead of filler, I still used my old faithful trio of chocolate brown, khaki and coffee here, but as usual on my “Dead Zone” stuff I didn’t add any scenic green or hairy grass. So that’s another lot done and a couple of sprues in the bin (that always feels like you are making some progress 😁). Hopefully I’ll be back before months end.

Cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Father Dear Fathers” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

  1. borderguy190 says:

    Very cool figs. These are so generic they could be used for any Sci-Fi game out there.

    • Thanks Harry, Mantic do some nice figures and they’re prices are pretty reasonable compared to certain Nottingham based companies 😉 and as you say they are generic enough to be used outside of the Dead Zone setting.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on the Forge Fathers Roger, you must have quite the force now of these vertically challenged warriors. Hope you get your other post in, I’m hoping to get some more posted, if I stop having to do phone calls where you sit on hold for ages ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, I got a few now but still got a few more to go before I run out figures to paint. 😉

      I hate those calls too, our doctors is like that you often have to sit there listening to awful tinny “musak” for well over twenty minutes to get through!

      Chees Roger.

  3. Second attempt… Damn you WordPress!!!!
    I do like your Forge Fathers and their colour scheme, Roger, so it’s great to see some more appear on this blog. I’ve just received some space dwarf STLs, so I may well nick the palette for mine – though they probably won’t get painted until 2058 A.D. with my current printing backlog, LOL!!!

  4. These look really nice, Roger! 🙂 Had a close look at a big image and they really do look the part! A nice colour scheme!

  5. They’re cool. They remind me of Ram-Man from He-Man

  6. Alex says:

    Lovely – proper space dorfs!!

  7. Azazel says:

    Very cool once again. I’ll call you on the Space Dwarfs thing, though – The Perry Twins original run were amazing. You kinda made me want to paint some of my Forgefathers, but then the comments with Alex above makes me want to paint the few Perry Squats I’ve still got instead…

    • Thanks Azazel, the Perry’s are incredible sculptors as is Bob, just differing styles, so it’s horses for courses, I think we’ll just agree to disagree on this one mate 😉

      Oh and whoever did the Forge Fathers did a pretty good job too (you know for plastic fig’s 😁).

      Cheers Roger.

  8. I agree with the others and especially what John wrote – nice muted green colors offset by the faces. I like these a lot Roger.

  9. Guru PIG says:

    Nice work on these Roger. I like the dark green finish.

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