“Don’t be Posey, Be a Real Starr!” (Advent Challenge, Fem’bruary & Paint What You Got Challenge):

Lots of challenges covered in this post (that’s how I like it!), so as I’m getting a three from one (well two) this time I thought I’d better pick a couple of reasonably nice figures that represent aspirational women (sort of), now when you think of “aspirational” women who springs to mind? Mother Teresa? Perhaps though not really a great “gaming piece”, Liz Truss? Dear god no! (And who in their right mind would want to paint a figure of her anyway!), the late Queen? Well actually yes and I do have a figure of her too…bum I wish I hadn’t started this train of thought now 🙄. Anyway what I have painted this week are these two figures from my advent calendar….

  1. Toon Realms Princess Posie Toon8 (Lucid Eye)
  2. Villains pack 2 Double Agent (Crooked Dice)

So two delightful (fully clothed) young ladies, though exactly why the spy (who loved me 😉) is classed as a villain and double agent, when anyone who’s seen said film knows she is neither I don’t know, but anyway both figures were rebased onto two pence pieces (which have the picture of the “Queen” on their undersides…no? OK it was worth a try 😛) and I added a few flowers and toadstools to “Posey’s” out of greenstuff to ramp up the “cute” factor. They were then given a spray undercoat with black on the agent and white on the princess.

So taking “Posey” first, I started by painting her dress in a mix of Polish crimson and pink burgundy, which was followed by just Polish crimson highlights and then by more “finer” highlights of yet more Polish crimson this time mixed with a little cream. Then I picked out her petticoats, and other details of her dress in coffee follow by highlights of cream. I followed this by tackling her flesh with that old favourite combo of mine, European flesh followed after her eyes were added with more of the same, mixed with a touch of pale flesh. She has quite a few flowers dotted about her person (hardly surprising with her being called “Posey I suppose), and these I picked out with either ruby red with bright red or pink burgundy highlights or fuchsia with lavender highlights and a dot of cream at their centres. Pink burgundy was also used on her lips, and her hair I added in citrus orange, with lemon yellow forming the highlights here. Turning now to her base, the flowers here were painted in the same manner as the ones about her person with the leaves added in dark green and olive, and the toadstools were either plum with fuchsia highlights or bright red with terracotta highlights and spots of cream atop the tops. Then after her coat of “soft tone” (not light as I keep writing! 😖) Quickshade I painted her base in scenic brown then again, though missing the odd bit in scenic green before it was flocked in pasture green flocking.

Now as soon as I saw this figure on “Crooked Dice’s” website I knew I had to add her to my collection, as she is a damn near perfect representation of my all-time favourite “bond girl”, agent “xxx”, Major Anja Amasova as portrayed by Ringo Starr’s (see now the title makes sense!) lovely wife Barbara Bach. Clad as she is in that iconic dress from the “Egyptian ruin” scene in the “Spy who loved me”. Anyway when it came to her painting I started by picking out her gun and the straps of her dress in chainmail, then said dress was first painted navy blue before I went over this with my old metallic blue, this is an interesting paint as if I don’t stir it there is basically no metallic bits in it, instead you get a deep rich blue, I also added her shoes in this. Now talking of her shoes, if I met the sculptor of this figure I’m not sure whether I’d shake his hand on a wonderful figure or kick him up the arse for giving her “sling back” shoes!! I mean really! sling backs on a 28mm figure, has he no idea how hard these are to pick out, especially the inside of her back foot that is tucked away under her dresses hem 😠). But anyway, after this I went over it again this time stirring the pot to get a bit of metallic sheen in the paint and lastly I did the same again but added a touch of blue steel too for the top highlights (these look better in real life than in the photo sadly). Flesh came next and I again used European flesh as the base but I also added a touch of dark flesh as well this time, and with the highlights I just went with European flesh. Again pink burgundy was used on her lips. That just left her hair and I went with chocolate brown here and the highlights were more of the same lightened with a smidge of coffee. Quickshaded as above, her basing was done in my usual way (if you need to know how this is done just read 90% of my posts 😁).

Both figures got the usual coat of matt varnish, and they were done. So that’s month two of the advent challenge under my belt (this year is flying by!). Next time something more in keeping with Dave’s challenge, as I’ve dug out something I haven’t painted for an absolute age!

So till then, cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Don’t be Posey, Be a Real Starr!” (Advent Challenge, Fem’bruary & Paint What You Got Challenge):

  1. borderguy190 says:

    Ah, Agent XXX, definitely in my top 3 Bond girls. Sexyy, beautiful, and a serious spy. Nicely painted! I will have to add her to my next CD order!

    • Thanks Harry, she is a very fine figure, my one complaint (well not really a complaint with Crooked Dice more with myself), is that with this and the other Crooked Dice figure I’ve painted (Sarah Jane Smith from Dr Who) the detail is so good and so small as to be a bit of a pain in the bum if you have pigs trotters like me to do justice too.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Oh wow!!! Two Top Ten candidates with a single bound!!! LOL!! Excellent work on both. Super-pleased you like the Toon Realms stuff (Can’t think how you came across that range..!?!) and the heroine from probably my fave Uncle Roger Bond film too. Terrific stuff!!

    • Thanks Simon, I know I said this when I did “Runcorn” but this really is the last Toon Realms figure I intend doing now! 😉

      They are great figures but I just don’t need another project at the moment, but yes you are very much to blame here! I could also blame you for the xxx figure too if I was in the mood, as it was you who introduced me to Crooked Dice too!

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Both very nice minis, Roger! 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    Awesome job mate – you captured XXX perfectly!

  5. Matt says:

    Oh wow, Roger, both these ladies are superbly painted! I absolutely love the pinks of Posey’s dress and you’ve captured her “cutesy” look really well. Agent Triple X is an absolutely wonderful paintjob on an iconic Bond girl and she absolutely looks the counterpart of her real-life movie inspiration. And is than a Lotus Esprit in the background of her photo?

    I’ve got minis of Maggie Thatcher and the Queen, both painted as heavily-armed zombie survivors. I agree with you about a Liz Truss figure, but I guess you could always paint it lettuce green 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, Posey reminds me of Princess Peach from the “Mario” series of games, so her colours pretty much picked themselves.

      It is indeed an Espirit in the background, and not just any Espirit but the “James Bond Car Collection” one too, behind that is the insert card from the cars box featuring the Stromberg helicopter too!

      The figure of the Queen I have is the give away one from “Salute” (I think) of her dressed as an ATS girl during the war.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on both Roger, nice addition to your spy collection as well and I hadn’t released it was Ringo Starr’s wife ( shows how much attention I pay to the stars real life ! LOL)

    • Thanks Dave, yep “celebrities lives” leave me pretty cold to be honest (and most “celeb’s” these days use the term in the very broadest sense too). But I did make me chuckle that of all the members of the Beatles Ringo was the one to land the “hottest” wife!

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Guru PIG says:

    They look great Roger.

  8. Fantastic work here Roger – The pink dress and highlights on Posey are truly sublime. Not sublemon, sublime 😁. But the tan on Barbara Bach’s figure makes me long for summer. And the 1970’s. Especially since I just learned the Raquel Welch has passed. Yikes. Anyways, great work!

    • Thanks Mark, a couple of people are painting up these more “cartoonish” figures at the moment, there is one chap painting some very nice “OZ” figures, can’t remember who though? 😉

      It’s sad news over the loss of Raquel, her and Barbara hark back to my childhood, when beautiful women were actually naturally beautiful, and not full of surgery and fillers like the silicon/botox/collagen, clones you see so often these days.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Azazel says:

    A great pair of models here, Roger – Posey looks great – a kind of doll-like figure that could be either wholesome or creepy! Agent XXX is from a Bond film I’ve not seen – I’ll have to go through that box set in order sometime (if I ever catch up with the MCU stuff!) She looks like something I’d piack up for my own modern civvie/post apoc/zombicide figures if I saw her about.

    • Thanks Azazel, there are some nice fig’s in the toon realm range, I could spend heavily there, but I really don’t need another project at the moment.

      You have to see “The Spy Who loved Me” it’s the seminal Roger Moore bond movie. I’m behind on the MCU as well at the moment 😉

      Cheers Roger.

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