“Enforced Absence” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

So..it all started about two weeks ago, I was in the garage when I sneezed! Bang a sharp pain in my left hand side and then I was alright. That is till next morning when my side was absolutely killing me! (God it’s crap getting old!), I put up with this for a couple of days thinking it would improve.. but it didn’t and I ended up at the walk-in medical centre where I was told I’d bruised the joints between my ribs and my breastbone, now usually they treat this with Ibuprofen but due to my medical condition I shouldn’t have that so I came home with co-codamol instead, these eased it a little but at night I couldn’t get comfortable and was therefore a complete “zombie” during the day. Next I discovered a few “lumps” and “spots” appearing on that side too, so rang the doctors and after a video consultation discovered that I now also have “Shingles!”(hooray!). But why this long introduction about my medical woes I hear you ask? Well it’s basically my excuse for being absent for the last couple of weeks, and why it’s taken me so long to get these figures painted, but painted they are and they also qualify for Dave’s “Paint what  you got challenge” too so…

I figured I needed to get some more of the “Enforcers” I have for our Dead Zone games painted and Dave’s challenge seemed the perfect excuse to get some done, so digging through the box I discovered one that had already been assembled by my son and I added three more to this, one of which I armed with a flamethrower type weapon. So once all of them were “together” I built up their bases with a few layers of modelling sand and “kitty litter” rocks and gave them a spray coat of matt black.

So getting underway with the painting I started as usual by dry-brushing the weapons with chainmail, and while it was out I also painted the knees on their armour in this as well. Then in a change to last time I set about some of the larger areas of their armour (and some of the smaller bits too) along with parts on their weapons with some dark green. Next I added the camo so taking stone green added the first layer of “splodges” in a combination of zigzag lines and tiny stylized tree branches, I then repeated this process with some coffee, then as some of the “splodges” were a bit too..splodgey I went back in with the dark green and tidied them up a bit here and there. I then went round and sharpened up the edges with some black (as I’d gone over the lines a little), and once this was dry I highlighted the rest of the bodysuits in dark grey.

That really just left the finishing touches to add, first off I painted the small triangular area on their chest plates along with some bits on the “flame thrower” in pink burgundy and highlighted these with some bright red. A couple of the figures had satchels or holsters so these I added in dark grey highlighted with some mid-grey, and added the eye’s and the odd dot/light here and there with some orange, with highlights of more orange mixed with a little white. Then I did a couple of areas with a dry-brush of chainmail to vary up the armour a little.

As usual they were then given a brush coat of “Quickshade” (strong tone) and once dry had their bases painted to match the rest of my Dead Zone figures, so chocolate brown with subsequent dry-brushes of khaki and coffee. A final spray coat of matt varnish was all that was need then and I called them done. Well that was a trial, I’ve had to paint these in little bite sized stints as I can’t sit in one position for long, but anyway their done now one more group like this and all my enforcers will be done, but they will have to wait till later in the year I think. I do hope to get something else in before the end of the month, but we’ll see if that happens or not, but first I need to catch up with my blog reading, though apologies as it might take me a few days to catch up…

Till then, Cheers Roger.

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25 Responses to “Enforced Absence” (Paint What You Got Challenge):

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Sorry to hear about the health problems Roger, but hope you feel better soon mate. Excellent work on the enforcers, the camo pattern on the armour is exquisite and is next level dedication to these models.

    • Thanks Dave, It couldn’t really have come at a much worse time (not that there is a good time tbh), but right in the middle of this challenge, where I hoped to clear some stuff of my table!

      Thankfully there aren’t that many Enforcers to do and i don’t plan on expanding their forces over what I’ve already got so it’s not too bad adding the camo, now if I had a hundred of these guys….

      Cheers Roger.

  2. ericritter65 says:

    Here, here! Just echoing Dave’s comments. Love the camo!!

    • Thanks Eric, it’s actually not that bad to do really as I don’t highlight the areas that are camo, so that’s one layer of paint I can leave out, so really it’s only one more colour than normal. But I’ll take the compliment 😉.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Good to hear you’re on the mend enough to get some painting in, Roger, and fingers crossed for a full recovery. You are the master of camo, and its great to see you increasing your Dead Zone collection – you must have enough painted now to play Mantic’s next sized game in the series Firefight. LOL!!!

    • Thanks Simon, I’m still a little tender, but can at least sit at the PC for a little while now (luckily I don’t paint in long bouts anyway 😉.

      Don’t rally know much about “Firefight” and frankly Dead Zone is big enough for me, as I don’t want to be getting into vehicles and the like at the moment. 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Crikey, Roger, you are in the wars! Hope you’re feeling better soon! Despite all that going on you’ve done a very nice job on this lot – I really like the camouflage!

  5. . . . I mean to add a smiley but finger trouble occurred before I could! 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    Very cool minis – proper spec-ops vibe about them! Sorry to hear about your medical woes though – I’ve popped ribs before, and I’ve had shingles… they were bullshit individually, but I bet it really sucked having them together!! 😬

  7. Pete S/ SP says:

    Get well soon- shingles don’t sound fun.

    Nice robot figure too though.



  8. Guru PIG says:

    Great work again Roger. Can you ever paint stuff you haven’t got?

  9. Matt says:

    Oh man, I hope you’re feeling better soon! The Enforcers are superb, you’ve absolutely nailed the camo scheme and overall they look fantastic!

  10. Hope you’re feeling better soon Roger- those camo patterns look great though, very “Multicam” 👏👍

  11. Catching up myself buddy and sorry you got laid low like this. My wife got shingles years ago and I got the vaccine as her description of it made me never want that type of pain. I only hope that you have a mild case, but the rib problem certainly complicates that, sending good thoughts your way…

    As for the Enforcers, I really like them. They could do well in any number of games and you’ve painted them up quite exceptionally. As usual. Take care!

    • Thanks Mark, still a bit tender but it’s its easing day by day now (thank god!).

      Have heard about the vaccine but I don’t think they offer it over here, well they didn’t tome anyway. 😉

      Glad to get this second lot of Enforcers done, I’ll be even more glad once the last lot are finished too 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  12. patmcf says:

    I weird how simple things can bugger you up when one gets a bit old! Ah shingles now thats not something I wouldn’t like to have as both my wife and my dear old mum had them and said it was horrible.

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