“Mo’vember Roundup 2022”

November has been and gone, and we now find ourselves in the chilly (VERY CHILLY!) depths of December, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a roundup of the other entries people painted for this year’s Mo’vember challenge, here’s a quick reminder of the rules (such as they are), all you had to do was paint figures with some form of facial hair, you can paint as many or as few as you like or even just one (See simple). Now I think it was a little quieter than last year, but I have to admit to being AWOL myself for a lot of November, so I’ll apologize now if I have missed any of your entries, please let me know through the comments and if you could add a link to the relevant pages on your bogs that would be great and I’ll get your stuff added to this roundup.

Anyway, here are the entries I know about…

So starting with Simon, who along with me came up with this event, went all out “furry” with his entries of a couple of “Yeti” from the classic era of “Doctor Who”, smashing stuff as always, mate.





Dave (Mr. Star Wars) Stone, gave us Ewoks, Ugnaughts and these Bespin Guards, from his favorite franchise. As well as Beastmen, and mutant for his “Lost and Dammed Army” not to mention the 5th Chaos God Malal! All completed with his usual excellence Dave was very productive this year.















Alex did these rather fine looking “Space Hobbits” actually ‘Rein and Raus’, the Rattling from GW’s Blackstone Fortress.




The Organizational genius that is Mark, started work on his latest project (that you just know is going to be epic by the time he’s finished!) putting paint to Zoraster’s Guard infantry Regiment (or Munchkins for “Wars of Ozz” and yes I did copy paste that!).





Tucked away amongst the truly inspiring work Azazel put out this month were hidden these lovely (is lovely the right word for these?) Santa costumed zombies  and (That I missed originally sorry Azazel) these Sailors from “Zombicide” 1st edition.





Many thanks to everyone who either took part, or commented on any of the posts.

One more post to get in before Christmas and as the Post Office have advised the last day for “Second Class posting” is the 12th of December (and all my posts are second class) I’ll have to get a move on 😁, so till then.

Cheers Roger.

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36 Responses to “Mo’vember Roundup 2022”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Wonderful roundup Roger, and some awesome entries again this year from everyone. Thanks for holding the event and doing the roundup, I know they can take a while ! LOL
    Look forward to seeing what you have in store before Christmas.

  2. Matt says:

    Excellent work by everyone who took part! Man, wish I’d entered a mini for this; I have at least one with a beard! Unfortunately life got in the way. Roll on next year!

  3. Great summary of the event, Roger. I wasn’t planning on doing the Yeti, but as Warlord Games suddenly made them available it seemed silly not to paint them straight away. Well done to everyone else who participated. Things have definitely grown since it was just the two of us, LOL!!!

  4. Some nice minis there, Roger, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Azazel says:

    Cheers Roger – quite a round-up. Dave certainly went down to Mo’Town this year! 😀
    I did also get a couple of Zombie Sailors with mo’s, though they’re pretty hard to spot on their messy faces!

    Zombicide 1st Edition: VIP Zombies – Punks Not Dead(!?), Bad Cops & New York, New York

    • Thanks Azazel, Dave always does get very Mo’tivated with these challenges (sorry but you started it!).

      Thanks to for the heads up, I’ve added the sailors, thanks for taking part mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Wonderful roundup and thanks for letting me in this year! Organizational genius – well I’m blushing but I’ll have to tell the wife – she does not appreciate my type of organizing (but does appreciate me so that’s a win). Seriously good stuff from everyone, very fun to see so much thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Mark, you are the most organised man I know, I bet you even read the instructions when assembling flat packed furniture!!😉 And your wife appreciates you too!! My god you are spoilt aren’t you!

      Seriously great to have you back again this year, there have been some lovely miniatures produced by everyone who took part.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Some brilliant stuff there 👏

    • Thanks Skinflint, it’s a nice easy going challenge (not much of a challenge TBH) to round off the year , doesn’t have the pressure of some of the others but the standard of the painting is still wonderfully high.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Alex says:

    Lovely round-up mate, thanks for the shout 😊

  9. A nice round up Roger and some great figures too. 🙂

  10. Pete S/ SP says:

    All of those are great additions to your collection.

    Nice work.



  11. borderguy190 says:

    Great batch of mustachioed fellas. Well, probably fellas. Those Ugnaughts are kinda sketchy. Could identify as either.

  12. patmcf says:

    Well done mate! a nice collection of work you have produced there mate!

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