“Being Judge ‘Mental” (Mo’vember)

And so we come to my last entry for Mo’vember this year, and once again I’ve gone with “Space Dwarves” (usually a fairly safe bet when it comes to a search for facial hair*). Now these figures come from the box of goodies I received from my mate Simon a few weeks back, and as such I’m afraid the information I have on them is virtually non-existent, they might be “Nexus” miniature (they might not) perhaps Simon will enlighten me in the comments? Anyway at some point Simon had started these (see picture) so I started by snapping them of their plastic “Slotta” (spit, spit!!) bases and they were then re-mounted onto two pence pieces, then after a spray over with some matt black I set about painting them.

We’ll start with the figure so obviously based on “Judge Dredd” the popular hero of the “2000AD” comic book, though his badge appears to read “CHIGO” (I think), I don’t know if this means anything significant (perhaps someone out there knows?). Anyway after his rifle was dry-brushed in chainmail I dry-brushed the rest of him in bronze then again in shining gold. I then did the surround of his visor in dark red highlighted with bright red, before painting the rest of his coverall/uniform first in navy blue and then with highlights of royal blue. His gloves, boots and belt were then undercoated in shamrock before I mixed more shamrock with some olive green and stone green and highlight these areas with the resultant mix. The stock on his rifle was then undercoated in chocolate brown before being dry-brushed in Eurasian flesh, and talking of Flesh his “chin” was done in the European variety before more of the same was lightened with a little pale flesh and the highlights were applied, in fact all of the of the Dwarves had their skin painted in this fashion. A couple of dots of copper were added to the shells fixed to his rifle and that was him done.

Next up we have the first of the two more “Punky” style dwarves, after the chainmail dry-brush I added some bits of his armour in copper highlighted with bronze. Then for the visible areas of his under suit I went for German field grey that I highlighted with deep bronze green. His belt and pouches I did in chocolate brown with leather brown highlights, and the odd detail like his goggles and lights were dotted in with light green, highlighted with some luminous green. Lastly on him I painted his Mohawk haircut and beard in pink burgundy with Polish crimson highlights.

The other “Punk” dwarf was painted in much the same manner as his “pink haired brother”, though in his case I went the opposite way round with the bronze and copper, doing the base and highlights in this order on him. His under suit and gloves were then base coated in dark red, with pink burgundy highlights on the suit, and bright red on the gloves. He has what looks like a traditional wooden barrel (well half of one anyway) on his back, I guess as the tank for his re-breather unit? So this and the “pump” grip on his gun were painted chocolate brown, as was his belt and pouches, then the former were dry-brushed in Eurasian flesh and the latter in leather brown. Pretty much everything else was the same as “Ol’pink beard” above except that I added a couple of “pipes” in porcelain blue and his hair and beard were done in ECW buff, with sand highlights.

Lastly we have this…thing, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a goat or what, despite the horns for some strange reason I thought it looked a bit like a Badger (It’s probably just me though), but that’s what I’m going with, so the “War Badger” was first given a bit of a dry-brush over its metal “muzzle” guard along with the back of his cybernetic eye, with some chainmail, next his “pelt” war dry-brushed in dark grey, then again  in mid grey. The leather straps around his face along with his horns were next, chocolate brown being the colour of choice here, highlighted with leather brown on the straps and coffee followed by cream used in cross stripes on the horns. More cream was then used to add his face, leaving two strips of black running from his nose to the top of his head. His legs that I’d left black I highlighted with a little dark grey darkened even more with a touch of black, and his “cybernetic” eye I added with a dot of light green, highlighted with a dot of luminous green.

I followed all this by giving them a coat of Strong tone Quickshade, then their bases were painted chocolate brown and this was then followed by a dry-brushing of khaki and coffee. Then I picked out areas on the bases in scenic green that were then coated in PVA glue and sprinkled with some Javis “summer mix” hairy flock, once the glue had dried it was just a case of giving them a coat of matt varnish and they were done.

UPDATE From Simon (or he who knows, you know!)…. Judge Chico (not Chigo). As memory serves they were actually designed by fellow wargamer Chico (Danks?) and cast/sold by “Oakbound Miniatures” as Judge Chico’s Evil Space Dorfs. The badger is actually the Judge’s trusty cyber-goat, LOL!!! And the other two figures troopers Khan ‘n Fodder (the later being the one whose beard you’ve painted purple). Thanks Mate, now we know 😁

As regular readers will be aware I tend to go a little “dark” over December as I take the month off to recharge my painting “batteries” before the onslaught of the New Year 😱. But this year I have one more “Advent Challenge” post to do before I hang up my brushes for the holiday season, so till next time…

Cheers Roger.

  • I say usually, but not always as I proved last time!
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25 Responses to “Being Judge ‘Mental” (Mo’vember)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on all Roger, and the extra accents of colour really make them pop. Not seen these models before so can’t help on manufacturer. As for the creature with the gas mask it’s very hard to tell what creature it is, plus the dwarven style sculpt makes it even harder, so having a mutant war badger, is totally reasonable.

    • Thanks Dave, they were actually pretty simple to paint (which is always a bonus!), I’ve now been told by Simon its a goat (which if I’m honest I did think it probably was, but I still like the idea of a “War Badger” so I’m going to stick with that 😁.

      Cheers Roger

  2. Oh, those are quality paint-jobs, Roger, especially on Judge Chico (not Chigo). As memory serves they were actually designed by fellow wargamer Chico (Danks?) and cast/sold by “Oakbound Miniatures” as Judge Chico’s Evil Space Dorfs. The badger is actually the Judge’s trusty cyber-goat, LOL!!! And the other two figures troopers Khan ‘n Fodder (the later being the one whose beard you’ve painted purple).

    I bought them straight away, as Chico was a follower/commentator of my old site on Blogger, and was planning to support the forthcoming range. But then I believe Chico had a falling out with either the sculptor or Oakbound and that was the end of the line – as a result I lost all impetus to paint the darn things. They are very old school though imho, and I thought you’d like them as a result.

    Sadly, the last I heard of Chico was that his eyesight was failing due to disease, and he’s since dropped off my radar. I certainly don’t recall the last time I saw an update on his blog appearing in my feed. But perhaps one of your followers might still be in contact with him..?

    Potential Top Ten stuff though, imho, and I look forward to seeing your final pieces before I have to choose once again, LOL!!!

    • Thanks Simon, for the kind words and the information, do you know now that you’ve said it I do sort of remember these from your site (Now you’ll say you never posted them on there wont you! 😂)

      Sad to hear of Chico’s withdrawal from the hobby, failing eyesight is something I think a few of us are descending toward (I know mines gone downhill in the last twelve months if I’m honest|). It’s a shame the range wasn’t expanded as they are nice figures tbh.

      Have added an update to the post with your new info.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Azazel says:

    Very nice work across the board on these, Roger. I especially like Chico, though the two cyberpunk dwarves gave enough “squat” about them to satisfy my old-school tastes as well. 👍
    Sadly I’ve been too busy to post anything at all this month as November is traditionally my “hell month” at work and this year has been rougher than most. I did manage to get at least a couple moustachioed models painted and I’ll hopefully be able to catch up and get them posted this coming weekend…

    • Thanks Azazel, probably we should be thankful I didn’t know it was “Chico” on his badge or I would probably have ended up calling this post “Chico Time!” and no one wants to be reminded of that!

      I’ll have to do a Mo’vember round-up post in December So I’ll keep an eye out for anything on your blog for it mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. These look great, Roger, although I was pretty convinced the beastie was a giant hedgehog at first glance (maybe I should have gone to Specsavers)! 🙂

  5. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very nice work Roger- love the badger/ goat.



  6. Very nicely done Roger and you can’t go wrong with dwarfs for facial hair unless you’re Dopey! 😉

  7. Nice stuff Roger, nice way to round up Mo’vember. How can you go wrong with a cyber goat or a war badger? Also, I look forward to the roundup, as for once (as luck turns out) my Munchkin regiment is ready for parade duty. However dark it gets for you in December, best wishes from us!

    • Thanks Mark, I think I’ll actually be more “around” this year than usual as I have a coup[le of posts to get in before Christmas, and of course I have one to write for Simon’s blog before the end of the year!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Alex says:

    Awesome selection mate! The splashes of colour really elevate things too – lovely job mate

  9. Lovely sculpts and you’ve done well with all of them but I think the badger…”thing” is my favourite haha

  10. Matt says:

    Great work, Roger! The Dredd model is the obvious fave here, but I love the pink hair and beard on the second one, it’s got a bit of a Slannesh vibe 🙂 And the dark red trim on the third one could make him fit into a Khorne warband with ease! They’re all great sculpts and have tons of character, and you’ve really brought that out!

    • Thanks Matt, I would have thought they were all a bit too “cheerful” looking to fit into a GW chaos army, unless if was a classic eighties style one that is! (which is the best sort TBH).

      Cheers Roger.

  11. angrypiper says:

    Judge Chico aside, I think they all have a bit of a 2000AD vibe to them, and the colors you chose really work to show it off. Great job as always, Roger.
    It figures you’re “going dark” right around the same time I’m emerging from the witness protection program (oops… I shouldn’t have said that). I’m looking forward to the roundup, too…it will give me an opportunity to comment on all the cool stuff you’ve done that I’ve missed!

    • Thanks Keith, I guess there is a bit of a 2000AD vibe to them now you say it.

      Not really going that “dark” this year, but do hope to “dim” a bit (some say I’m always dim, but that’s another story! 😉), as I have a couple of posts to get in yet.

      I too should be in witness protection, after I saw a terrible crime, thankfully I’m nearly over seeing “Mad Max Fury Road” now! 😂😂😂😂

      Cheers Roger.

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