“One step down from the Burger King” (Mo’vember & Advent Challenge)

So here we are nine days into Mo’vember and not a bearded wonder on my site (well technically two of the figures in my last post had beards but just go with me on this OK). But that ends today as I have two figures from my “Advent challenge” that I have been saving for Mo’vember all year (well almost), so I give you…

No.2  Magical Half Orc? With Staff (Not official Reaper name, believe it or not!)

No.23 Townsfolk: Burgermeister (official Reaper name)

Both figures were re-based onto two pence pieces, had their bases built up with a little “Tetrion” filler, got some kitty litter rocks added and were then given a spray coat of matt black. OK that’s the preliminary’s out of the way, away we go with the painting.

So starting with the “big eared chap” I don’t think this is a half orc, but he’s not an elf or troll either, there is something scratching away at the back of my mind that says I should know what he is! But I can’t for the life of my put my finger on the word 🤔 I’m sure one of you clever clogs out there will let me know. Anyway, I started him by doing the leather work like his boots, belts etc.. first in chocolate brown and then highlighted in leather brown, his waistcoat came next dark green and more of the same mixed with some deep bronze green forming the base and highlights here. Now I wanted his shirt to be darker and more “rustic” than my norm so I mixed a little Eurasian flesh and coffee together and used this as the base and more coffee on its own for the highlights. Sticking with the “earthy” theme, I painted his trousers in saddle then mixed some more of the Eurasian flesh in to do the highlights here. Now as I’ve already said I’m not sure exactly what he is, so rather than go for a green (Ork’y) hue to his skin I played it safer and mixed up some chocolate brown with some elf skin tone and used this for the base here, then after his eyes were added in white and black I highlighted the flesh in more of the elf skin tone. Hair and beard came next chestnut was used here, then dry-brushed with some orange, and a little mid grey was added to his beard. The chainmail came out next (gosh I nearly had a week when I didn’t use it, that would’ve been a first! 😁), and his belt buckle and the odd other bit was done in this. He has a bottle hanging from the back of his belt  so this I did in my metallic blue, I didn’t shake the pot first, so there was no “metal flakes” in the paint this gives a really nice “bottle blue” colour. Lastly (sort of) I ran some ocean blue into the pattern cut into the top of his staff, along with the stones that are set into its shaft, I say sort of because after the Quickshade was on and dry I went over these in light turquoise.

Next turning to the Burgermeister, as he would have quite a few gold accoutrements I gave him a heavy dry-brushing with some bronze, then again with some shinning gold first. Then all the fur trims about his person were painted Eurasian flesh, that was followed by dry-brushes of coffee and then cream. Leather items followed this, chocolate brown highlighted with leather taking care of them. Now I went back and forth (as I often seem to 😉) over what colour to do his costume, suffice to say I ended up with an old favourite in Royal purple, with plum highlights on the outer jackets and fuscia with a mix of more of the same mixed with lilac on his trousers and under jacket, lastly I took a little more of the lilac and after painting the small section of an even lower undergarment that is visible at the bottom of his jackets, I highlighted this in lilac lightened with a little cream. More chocolate brown this time highlighted with saddle was used on his cane. His cuffs and the edgings on his jackets were then added in yet more coffee and cream, then his hands and face were painted European flesh and once his eyes were added I highlighted these in more of the same lightened with a bit of pale flesh. That just left his hair which I did in dark grey with mid grey highlights and the jewels dotted about his person that were metallic blue with highlights of blue steel.

Both figures were then given a coat of Quickshade (strong tone) and once dry they were based in my usual manner, and sprayed over this some matt varnish. Two more advent figures done and dusted, just two more to go now, but I’ll be sticking with the facially fungus’ed 🧔🏼 for the next couple of weeks, so till next time.

Cheers Roger.

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26 Responses to “One step down from the Burger King” (Mo’vember & Advent Challenge)

  1. Excellent start to MoVember, Roger. I especially like the Half-Orc as he looks just perfect for some d&d adventuring. Marvellous stuff.

    • Thanks Simon, I wasn’t too keen on the Half Orc? to start with but he was one of those miniatures that grows on you as you paint him.

      Cheers Roger.

      • I can’t explain why but I really like him and your paintjob on him. I think its the way you’ve painted his face, as he looks rather amiable. But then his size would warn of a fierce temper if crossed. Don’t be at all surprised to see him appearing on my list come the end of the year. 😉

  2. These are both nice minis, Roger! 🙂 I have no idea what the first figure is meant to be (you probably knew I’d say that) but he’s painted up well!

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on both Roger, and another two for one for you, with your personal challenge and Movember coming from the same post ! LOL

  4. Alex says:

    Brilliant stuff mate 👍

  5. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great painting- especially getting the eyes looking so good. Something I always find tricky.



    • Thanks Pete, funny you should say that, as the half orc? (what the hell is he!) actually came out a little cross eyed, but I looked at his and thought I rather liked him like that 😄😄.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Some mighty ‘staches, and a great paint job! Agreed with Pete on the eyes.

    • Thanks Templeofthutmos, I do like Mo’vember it’s a lot more relaxed productivity wise compared to a lot of the other challenges (I think most of us can manage at least one figure in a month!) 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  7. borderguy190 says:

    Love them both! excellent work painting a couple of very characterful models.

    • Thanks Harry, I’m a relatively new convert to Reaper Miniatures, having not really bought any before a couple of years back, but they do have some lovely figures in there ranges.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Nice mate and the eyes look good

  9. Excellent work on both figures Roger and I like the colour schemes too. 🙂

  10. Azazel says:

    Great work on both of these, Roger – the Burgermeister in particular came out looking fabulous all bedecked in purples!

    • Thanks Azazel, I wasn’t too sure about the Burgermeister, as I think perhaps I should have gone with a secondary colour in his undershirt, but hey he’s done now and it doesn’t bother me enough to start repainting him. 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  11. Hey Roger – these are both great – though I am preferential to the quarter-orc (too friendly to be a half-orc I think – but that just means that there was generational felonies involved in his creation…) Anyways, I forgot all about it being Mo’vember, and Dave reminded me that you were on this – and I am late to the game (again) but have some surprises for the challenge! Best, Mark

    • Thanks Mark, I think that’s a good call, he isn’t “green” enough to a full 1/2 Orc, so a 1/4 sounds about right. 😉

      You are of course more than welcome to take part in Mo’vember mate, I been a bit hit and miss myself this year so late ain’t a problem.

      Cheers Roger.

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  13. patmcf says:

    Nice paint work on big ears roger!!!

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