“The Japanese Tea(Loaf) Ceremony” (Advent Challenge)

Advent Challenge time again, and as I’ve mentioned before some of the figures I put into pairs to suit any other challenges that month (like Fem,bruary, or Monster May’hem), others while being picked randomly with a die just fell into complimentary pairs (like the Space Henchman and Sorcerer Magnas, or Weasel and Gnome), but others really don’t go together at all (it’s what happens when you pick things at random, duhhh!). But what’s this got to do with anything I hear you shout, well I’m getting to that, as the two figures I have for you this month really are polar opposites…

No3   Oyuki, Geisha (official Reaper Name)

No17 Small Robot Warrior (Defiantly not official Reaper Name! Possibly a “Viceroy Enforcer” thanks Matt 😊)

So starting with the lovely Oyuki, if you look online (please don’t) there are so truly beautifully painted renditions of this figure, mine however is much simpler, I started with a white spray coat of primer, then thinking ahead (not like me at all!) I dumped a little cyan and some black onto a pallet (Pringles lid 😉), and added in the darkened area behind her exposed let with the black at the centre and a little cyan at the edges blended into each other. I then added the edges of her kimono, sash and fan in coffee, and highlighted these in cream. Cream was also used for her face make-up, the rest of her flesh being done in a mix of khaki, European flesh (ironic eh?), and pale flesh, highlights were added once dry in the same mix with a bit more of the pale flesh variety added. Her eyes I did in just black, and actually pretty much nailed them without having to touch up around them, same went for her lips that were ruby red, I only mention this as this almost never happens! (Actually you can delete “almost” from this sentence 😏). Her dress was always going to be Samurai green, this is a lovely shimmering satin colour by “Colour Party” paints and I use it as often as I can, so this was painted over a base coat of cyan as the translucent nature of the paint really needs this base colour beneath it. Then after a bit of head scratching (still need that flee powder!) I decided to add tiny “sprigs” in coffee and cream and the dotted /stippled metallic blue (well it was out for the robot below) around the tops of these to create flowers or trees (or something at least!). On the home straight now, I added her hair ornament’s along with a basic design on her fan in dark red with bright red highlights and then painted in her hair itself in black with dark grey mixed with black for the highlights here, and while the black paint was out I did a little bit of “black lining” here and there to define the separation between a couple of the colours. Once dry she was given a coat of “Quickshade light tone”, then based in my usual fashion,

Now the “Robot” is also a very nice figure, nice action pose, pretty well sculpted, the only problem is he is small… I mean really small, 25mm to the top of his head, I originally thought that he might have been made in 20mm scale, but his gun is too big for that really so I think he’s just a short robot, I can live with it as I will use him as an “Assassin bot” so being on the diminutive side probably makes it easier for him to sneak into places” 😉. But anyway unlike “Oyuki” he was given a coat of matt black that was then touched up with a brush to make sure he was good and covered, then he was given a good dry-brushing with the chainmail paint. Now as a “naked” style robot be didn’t really have many areas where I could indulge my creativity (haha!), therefore all I could do was pick out some bits and bobs here and there in copper, blue steel, or metallic blue. That just left his eye to add which was done with a little lime green and a dot of “Fluorescent” light green, and I also added the odd cable in bright red. Simple stuff, he was then also given a coat of “Quickshade” though this time I used the “Strong” stuff, and once dry (for some inexplicable reason the Strong tone seems to take days (three in this case) to dry, whereas the light tone will be bone-dry overnight 🙄), anyway I digress as I was saying, once dry he too was based in my usual style. Both figures were then given a final blow-over with the matt varnish, and they were done. That’s three quarters of the “Advent” figures done now.

Now a few weeks back Pete from “SP’s Projects Blog” mentioned he’d made a “Tea Loaf” for the lads playing in a few “Traditional HG Wells type games”, and the week later he posted the recipe on his blog too asking if anyone made one themselves, to post a picture…Well I have, here it is 👈 and very nice it is too (If I do say so myself), I didn’t have any Scotch, so substituted Napoléon Brandy instead, but other than that I followed the rules to the letter like a good wargamer should. Even my wife who doesn’t like Earl Grey tea or Brandy say’s its nice, so high praise indeed, I think you’ve rolled a six there Pete!

One last thing before I go, I have to give a huge thank you to Simon “Blaxkleric” Moore, who mentioned he had a couple of spare “ABC Warrior” figures he would send me, well they arrived yesterday…In a big box filled with all manner of other wonderful figures too! Truly it was like Christmas come early, I won’t go into details of what there is here, but expect quite a few posts over the next year or so to include the line “These were part of a very kind gift from Simon”. Cake and figures, do weeks get much better than this, I think not! 👍

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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23 Responses to “The Japanese Tea(Loaf) Ceremony” (Advent Challenge)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Both models look excellent Roger, great work on the pattern on the Kimono. The robot looks cool, and the size doesn’t bother me, as it’s a construct it could be any size, always remember the short robot in Ice Pirates being a total badass.
    Great gift from Simon, look forward to seeing which robots you got.

    • Thanks Dave, I’m with you over the size of the robot, just struck me as a little odd being as it Reaper figures are usually a good 30+mm tall, and this is a recent sculpt (it had 2022 on the base). “Ice pirates” is a classic (well I like it anyway).

      All I’ll say is it’s two of the Warriors who are much less well known. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Alex says:

    Nice job mate, that Geisha is a really unusual mini! Love that robot too 👍

    • Thanks Alex, Oyuki is a really nice miniature, well actually they both are, though I would probably not have bought either of them myself, that is pretty much the point of the challenge 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Awesome paint jobs there…love them.

  4. Guru PIG says:

    Really love the kimono, face mask and flesh on the Geisha. The cake looks superb!

    • Thanks Dave, that is a great colour paint that “Samurai Green” really suits this type of miniature, so most of the credit has to go to “Colour Party Paints”.

      I will however take full credit for the cake! Thanks mate 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. All look very nice, geisha, robot and cake! 🙂 Sad, but I can’t make my mind up which I like the most!

  6. Two excellent-looking models, Roger, with Oyuki proving particularly pleasing to the eye. Super-pleased the package has arrived safe & well. I’ve got a loft full of minis to go through over the next few months, so will be keeping an eye out for anything else which I think you might like. LOL!!!

    • Thanks Simon, first for the favourable comment and of course yet again for you very generous gift, there are a couple of things that have jumped out immediately that I’d like to get done before Zom’tober starts 😀.

      You know me mate, I am the repository of lost and unwanted miniatures! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Matt says:

    Both of these are superb, Roger! The geisha is just excellent, the skin tones are perfect and that green dress is a beautiful colour. I love the robot too and might have to get him!

    • Thanks Matt, The Samurai Green is a wonderful colour as you say. Good luck getting the robot, I haven’t been able to find him on Reapers (or anyone else’s to be honest) site. Though I don’t have your knowledge of Reapers stuff, if you do find out anything about him (like what he actually is), please let me know.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Matt says:

        I’ve just posted your pic on Reaper’s forum asking if it is one of their minis, so I’ll let you know when someone responds. I had a look on Reaper’s site and can’t find it there either.

      • Thanks Matt, it should be as the base said Reaper 2021 (I think, can’t check it as it’s now buried under filler and a two pence piece), whether it was part of one of the Kickstarter things I don’t know, couldn’t find it on “Mighty Lancer Games” site either and that’s who supplied it.

        Sadly as the mini’s were un-boxed and loose in the calendar, so I couldn’t get a name or code from the packet, has made it a bit of a pain getting the names of a few of the figures to be honest.

        Good luck mate, cheers Roger.

  8. Matt says:

    Roger, a few people on the Reaper forum think it’s a Viceroy Enforcer (https://www.reapermini.com/search/50350) but has been repositioned. It does look a lot like your mini.

  9. Nice work on the figures Roger and it seems you’ve been given plenty more to do! If I’m ever allowed in the kitchen I might give making Pete’s loaf a try!

    • Thanks Harry, yep Simon is a true gent and very generous. It’ll definitely keep me out of trouble for a little while at least! 😉

      If you get the chance (and the permission) I’d say do have a go at Pete’s loaf, it’s lovely!

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great painting Roger. The Kimono has come out great.

    I’m really pleased that the cake came out so well. It look delicious. I’ll have to try Brandy in one myself- will be for the next outdoor game I think.



    • Thanks Pete, they are a nice couple of figures to be honest.

      Thank you for for the excellent recipe, I halved all the amounts and just made the one, (though perhaps I should have made the two as it didn’t last long! 😁). Never been a Scotch drinker, and I’m virtually “tea total” these days (mainly because of the tablets I’m on), but we have a bottle of brandy to go in the Christmas cake each year, so that was called into action. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

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