“Faffing About With Fathers”

Just a quickie this time, as I am currently between “Challenge months”, I thought I’d bolster my “Forge Father” unit by adding in some more weapons options, so it was out with the box of sprues and four bodies/ legs/heads were cut away along with two “heavy machine guns and a couple of rocket launchers (these are Hailstorm Autocannons and Missile Launchers respectively, to give them there official names, I think), While I was sticking these together (always one of my favourite pastimes (not!)) I noticed that the “running” legs option could be tilted back to give a “foot up on something” stance, thus giving another different pose, but as this didn’t really suit the upper pose of any of the heavier weapons I cut off a few more bits and using an open faced helmed head too made up (in my opinion) a rather “cool” looking chap firing single handed. Talking of different helmet options I used the “half open option on another figure and the rocket launchers had their own specific option too.

Anyway once they were all stuck together, I covered their bases in a few layers of basing sand and added some “cat litter” rocks (especially under the foot of the leaning back chap), then it was out for a coat of matt black courtesy of the rattle can and brush, ready for painting.

As with all my other “Forge Fathers” I began by dry-brushing the guns, and the backpacks weapon  with chainmail, then all of their armour was painted in German field grey, and highlighted with dark turquoise. The bits of under clothing that can be seen were then undercoated with dark grey, and mid grey was used to highlight these areas. The gloves, belts and the odd other area were then painted in chocolate brown before being highlighted with leather. When it came time to add the eyes on their helmets I first added took some “Tamiya” green (this is quite a dark green) and painted the larger lenses on the half helmet, then as usual I used light green before I added a dot or pupil with some “Fluorescent” light green. I also added lights with these colours to their weapons and backpacks. The tiny amounts of visible flesh on the two faces were then added in European flesh with more of the same lightened with a little pale flesh, and one got a chocolate brown beard highlighted with chestnut and the other a sand highlighted with lemon yellow one. Lastly I added some accoutrements to their armour with a little copper with bronze highlights. Basically exactly the same as before, the only addition being a small pipe on the Launcher that was added in

As usual they were then given a brush coat of “Quickshade” (strong tone) and once dry had their bases painted to match the last lot of Dead Zone figures, in so much as they were painted chocolate brown, dry-brushed with khaki, and again with coffee, then they got a spray coat of matt varnish spray. So another five “Forge Father” figures ready to hit the table, slow but reasonably steady progress through my “Dead Zone” mountain, hopefully I can make another (small) dent in it next month as part of the “Zom’tober” challenge, but for now I have a couple of my own challenge figures that need some paint chucked at them!

So till next time, Cheers Roger.

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22 Responses to “Faffing About With Fathers”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    excellent work on all of them Roger, you’re building up quite the force now with plenty of options.
    Don’t forget next month you can get two for one on the challenge with Apocalypse Me as well ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, I’ve got thirteen painted so far, so not a huge force to be honest, but luckily Dead Zone only uses small forces, but yep I hope to be able to “swap-in” different weapons combo’s and see what works best against what. (sounds like I have a plan, but I usually just end up using what I think looks good! 😁).

      Always forget about “Apocalypse Me”, I’ll be sure to mention it though now.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Splendid stuff, Roger. You really do make Mantic’s Deadzone universe a very attractive range of minis to purchase. Btw, should be a package making its way to you over the next days 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you do with Zomtober – torn myself between more Judge Dredd-related zeds/survivors or maybe something from Zombicide..?

    • Thanks Simon, they are nice figures in general, the lack of construction instructions, along with no actual pictures of the weapons beside the names in the rule book (you have to take an educated guess as to what a “Hellstorm Autocannon” looks like etc.. (not really good enough from a company like Mantic IMHO).

      Oh thank you so much, I’ll keep an eye out for the postie now! 😁

      I’ve got a few things suitable for Zom’tober, but I think at least some of them will be Dead Zone fig’s.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. These are great, Roger! 🙂 I do like the colours! Those are some pretty hefty weapons they’ve got!

  4. borderguy190 says:

    Dwarves in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!! Look great, Roger!

    • Thanks Harry, sadly I could have got away with saying the weren’t Dwarves but just short aliens, till I did this lot with the open helmets. Now you can clearly see the beards, so yes “Dwarves in spaaaaaace!” it is. 😂

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Guru PIG says:

    Nice. This is the only army I don’t have! None of course painted!

  6. These look great Roger, very nicely done. 🙂

  7. Alex says:

    Lovely job – not familiar with this kit, but the results are very nice

    • Thanks Alex, Mantic do some nice stuff, they are of course GW wannabe’s but are just different enough to be interesting, they make a good alternative if you ever fancy something different.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Matt says:

    Lovely stuff, Roger, and again the dark green and copper combo works so well on these models. They all look like mean little buggers LOL!

  9. Azazel says:

    Those Squa- Forge Fathers really have come up very nicely, Roger! The black armour has a real nice rugged look to it! 🙂

  10. These look ace mate, particularly like the chap with his foot up kicking back with a heavy calibre machine gun 😀

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