“Three Fin’s & One Done’in!” (Advent Challenge)

Advent challenge time again, and this time I’ve got one (or rather three) of the more, shall we say unusual things to “pop out” of one of the boxes on my calendar, in the shape of these “Shark fins” (feel free to start humming the Jaws music now 😁).

No18 Skeleton Pirate with knives

No21 Shark Fins (3)

Some pretty simple stuff to paint up to be honest, so let’s get on with it shall we. As usual once the figures were cleaned up with a sharp knife, and cleaned up again this time with a bowl of soapy water and an old toothbrush, I cut down the integral base on the Pirate before mounting him on a two pence piece and building it back up again with some filer. Then they were given a coat of matt black with a “rattle can” and touched up with a brush.

My “scurvy dog” was started by me dry-brushing all his “boney” bits with chocolate brown, then with coffee and finally cream. More coffee and cream was used on his trousers and headband, though this time as an undercoat and highlight, over these I added stripes of Navy blue highlighted with royal blue. When it came to his waistcoat/jacket I was at somewhat a loss as to what colour to paint it, in the end I just went with my old faithful of chocolate brown highlighted with leather brown, as I already had them out for his boots. I works OK but I still think I should perhaps have added more of a “pop” of colour there. Talking of colour I tackled the sash tied about his waist and the neckerchief at his throat next, plum with lilac highlights taking care of these. That just left the knives he’s brandishing, a dry-brush of chainmail along the blades, bronze on the hilts, and then chestnut and orange “rust spots” completed the “left rotting in some cave on a desert island” look. A coat of Quickshade, strong tone, followed by the finishing of his base in my usual fashion, was topped off with the obligatory spray coat of matt varnish, and he was done, simple stuff.

Now if the Pirate was simple, the shark fins were positively remedial! It was really just a case of mixing some dark grey, with about a third of the amount of chocolate brown and this was VERY heavily dry-brushed about the fins followed by another dry-brushing (heavy but slightly less so that the last) of just dark grey, then yet another of mid grey with just a touch of dark grey added, and that was that! They too were then given the same coat of Quickshade, but once dry I painted the bases first in ocean blue, then with a dry-brush of porcelain blue, followed by another dry-brushing of light blue and finally added some highlights of white. These then went out for the spray coat of matt varnish, but as the sea isn’t “matt” and I don’t keep any “gloss varnish” about (why would I?), I painted the water over with some PVA wood glue, to add a little “shine”.

So there we are, another months figures done and just a quick post this time, so till next time.

Cheers Roger.

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29 Responses to “Three Fin’s & One Done’in!” (Advent Challenge)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Fantastic work on all 4 Roger, great work on the stripes on the pirate, and the shark fins look very effective.

    • Thanks Dave, as I said it’s all simple stuff, and to be honest not the most exciting figures to come out of the calendar. I quite enjoy doing the odd stripe, nothing on Dave’s (TIM) scale, (that mans stripes and checks are incredible!) , but simple stuff like this I’m OK with (Just).

      Cheers Roger.

  2. You really do excel at painting stripes on miniatures, Roger, and that skellie pirate is another great example of just how accomplished you are doing just that. Love the shark fins too – they look suitably fast cutting through the water’s surface. Great posting. 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, as I said above, I just about manage the simple ones like these, The fins are a bit odd, almost more like “board game” pieces than Miniatures, and really not something I would ever have bought myself (If I’d needed some I would probably have made my own to be honest), but that’s what this challenge is all about, painting stuff I wouldn’t usually do.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Nice work on the pirate Roger, the stripes have come out very well. The shark fins might have been easy but at least it gave you something different to get you teeth into! I’ll get my coat. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, oh I think we all know who is the “King of stripes” your highness 🤴. (but thanks for the kind words anyway!).

      Oh that joke is terrible! I love it! 🤣 The trick is having good paint and luckily I have a “great white!” (I’ll get mine too and come with you!).

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Love the skeletal pirate mate, tge strioes look great. I’ve got some pirate skellies somewhere

  5. Alex says:

    Lovely job on that pirate, really evocative! The sharks are great fun too – perfect for swashing some buckles!!

  6. Michael Awdry says:

    Loving that pirate Roger, great job Sir!

  7. All of these look really good, Roger! 🙂 The shark fins might be simple but they do look the part and the pirate is spot on!

    • Thanks John, the shark fins certainly were a surprise when they dropped out of the calendar, but at least they were an easy win painting wise. The Pirate is a nice figure though his head seems a little on the small side.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Matt says:

    The stripes on the pirate’s clothes look really good, Roger! He’s a decent sculpt but your painting’s really elevated it. The shark fins might have been a doddle but they look great!

    • Thanks Matt, yeah I was a little worried back at the start of the year with how well these “Bones” figures would come out, but I have to say I’ve been impressed with the quality of most of the sculpts.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Guru PIG says:

    Great work Roger. Soup anyone! Pirate looks awesome!

  10. Azazel says:

    Great work on these, Roger – love the stripey pants, and the Fins could have a fair few uses at different scales as well!

  11. borderguy190 says:

    Great paintwork. I’ll be adding that skellie to my pirate skeletons that i plan on using as a unit for my WFB Vampire Counts army. Sharks are a must have on any nautical-themed game, so use across the genres! Nice work, Roger!

  12. They look wicked mate, particularly Ex-Pirate With Knives 😀👏👏

  13. patmcf says:

    I have to say mate that skeleton is a treat ! thats only if one thinks skeleton are neat!!

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