“Slum’blocks of the Universe” (Season of Scenery)

Well I’ve got the “Slum’blocks” finished, and though it seemed to be taking ages to get them done, once I set about the painting it was relatively quick (and mostly painless). As with the other I’d done previously I used PVA (wood glue), to fix them together, though this time I didn’t assemble any of the remaining rooves (though I did find one with the side barriers that I must has put together last time and then lost it down the back of my painting table) as I don’t know if I need all the rooves as they will be “stacked up” to a point, so I might see it I can make these into something else, or I might just paint them up as they are anyway at a later date. Anyway again as before I stuck a load of random cr*p on them here and there along with covering up the “dovetails” at the corners with some lengths of the obligatory coffee stirrers, and while I was at it I also ran a length along the bottoms too to hide the slot to located one block to the next when you stack them up. I also took pieces of the remaining sprue to build door frames, I had to be a bit more “creative” this time with these as most of the more suitable lengths had already been used on the last lot, but I think they came out OK.

So next it was out for a spraying with some matt black and I could get on with painting them, luckily I still had some paint left in the emulsion “tester pots” from when I painted up the last one, so I took some “Warm Pewter” and added a little black to darken it a bit and slapped this all over the pieces, this was followed by dry-brushes of “Chic Shadow” and “Frosted Steel”, a few places I also painted in blue grey (The light blue I used last time has sadly gone to that great evaporated heaven in the shy!) or pink burgundy, and the doors, window bars, tread-plate rooves, and awnings I just dry-brushed chainmail over the black. I’d added a couple of GW lights to a couple of the façades so I added the “light” in these with some citrus orange with lemon yellow highlights, the other “strip” style lights I did the same as last time with vert green, with “dayglow” light green over this, I also used dots of these colours to do the odd “control” button on some of the door frames too.  I also added some “chevrons” here and there in orange mixed with citrus orange, with just citrus orange highlights (nothing says Sci/Fi like the odd chevron!). I had some of the industrial signs I’d printed off the internet left so I cut a few of these out and stuck them on with more PVA glue, I also painted more of the PVA over the top of the paper signs to seal them, before I attacked the edges with some chestnut brown (the closest thing I still have to rust!), and gave everything a coat of thinned matt black in the form of a wash. Once this was dry I went back over the rusty areas this time with orange to signify fresh rust. Lastly I lightly flicked a little khaki and coffee up the bottom and top edges for a bit of weathering, and they were done.

So next it was out into the garden to take some photo’s, I dug out my Dead Zone figures that I’ve got painted thus far to add a little set dressing to the “boxes”, and before anyone asks no I haven’t taken pictures of all the “Slum’blocks” I’ve built to date as I might try and get the other “bits” done before the end of the month, and if so I’ll try and do some then with everything done then. So that’s it, all the “actual” blocks are done, with nearly a whole month left of “Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery”. Now Dave has said previously that vehicles count in this challenge so I might try and get a couple of them done by months end too, but next? Well I have a bit of  a personal challenge on the go as well, so next it’ll be the latest figures from my “Advent Challenge”, and that’s all a little bit “fishy” 🦈

So till next time stay safe, and enjoy the scenery.

Cheers Roger.

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28 Responses to “Slum’blocks of the Universe” (Season of Scenery)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    These look fantastic Roger, even though I know you hate doing them, they look excellent.
    Look forward to the fishy advent challenge models, and what vehicles you come up with.

    • Thanks Dave, actually these ones didn’t seem as bad as the ones before, perhaps I’m getting used to them (or resigned!) 😁

      Luckily I’ve got a couple (well more than a couple) of pretty easy figures to do for the Advent Challenge this month.

      Cheers Roger.

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  3. Those have come out really well, Roger! 🙂 The outdoor setting and the figures look very nice indeed! Good progress I think and much better than mine so far for the challenge!

    • Thanks John, well they would have just been little wooden blocks without a few figures to show the scale, and what they are supposed to be used for! (mind you they are just little wooden blocks to be honest! 😉).

      Plenty of time left to return to your own boxes too mate 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those look really good- can’t wait to see them in action.



    • Thanks Pete, at the moment we are on a bit of a board game kick (I picked up a second hand copy of Robo-Rally a few weeks back along with a couple of others, so as it stands I’m not sure when these will get a game run out to be honest.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Matt says:

    They look amazingly good, Roger! It is a bit surprising how good MDF looks when painted up, and you’ve given yours a really cool futuristic look without going too grimdark 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, not as impressive as your own good self’s scratch builds which are fantastic, this year I’ve not been enthused to build anything from scratch, just thought I’d use the time to grind these out.

      Well they are defiantly not as “gothic” as GW’s stuff if nothing else! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Very nicely done Roger, these look excellent. 🙂

  7. Michael Awdry says:

    They are a win in my book! Great job Roger.

  8. Roger, have you got comment verification turned on for post comments? I’ve just tried to comment on an older blog post of yours but can’t get it to work.

    • Ah, just answered my own question. Okay. Here you go:

      “What If?…Wednesday (15th April)”

      Please don’t ask why I’m still thinking about this topic, two years on. Its what I’m like 🙂

      I made a point of watching Jaws on ITV4 the other week, since it was on and I had the time to spare. In regard my initial choice of a recast, now that I’ve seen the original, I think a modern remake with an all female cast could work with Kate Mara as police chief Martine Brody and Alicia Vikander as marine biologist Patricia ‘Patt’ Hooper. I’d change my choice for the role of professional shark hunter Quint, though. I’m not 100% sure who’d I’d choose, at present, possibly Lena Headey

      If she was younger, my initial thought was Linda Hamilton as Quint (not being ageist, I just think that being 65yo may see a professional shark hunter saying they’ve had enough – though I suppose a ‘tough veteran seadog’ may come out for one last hunt). Trying to think along the lines of what ship Linda Hamilton’s Quint could have served, when and where. USS Stark??

      Wikipedia: “The USS Stark incident occurred during the Iran–Iraq War on 17 May 1987, when an Iraqi jet aircraft fired two Exocet missiles at the American frigate USS Stark. A total of thirty-seven United States Navy personnel were killed or later died as a result of the attack, and twenty-one were injured.”

      Jaws cast:
      1975 – Roy Scheider (1932) = 43yo
      1975 – Richard Dreyfuss (1947) = 28yo
      1975 – Robert Shaw (1927) = 48yo

      Kate Mara – 39yo
      Alicia Vikander – 33yo
      Lena Headey – 48yo
      Linda Hamilton – 65yo

      • Wow you have been thinking about this, good choices too, have to agree with Linda Hamilton being too old now for the Quint role, ten to fifteen year back and yes she’d have been spot on, I do think Rachel McAdams could play the Hooper role though.

        Cheers Roger.

  9. Excellent mate. I love the paper signs

  10. Guru PIG says:

    Great Hab blocks. Very evocative.

  11. Azazel says:

    These look great – a nice Blade Runner/Necromunda slum look to them!

  12. Roy Williamson says:

    How come everyone else can comment on your blog Roger, but I can’t seem to?


    • Hi Roy, sorry mate for some reason I’ve had to approve you again, don’t know why, unless you are using a different source to your old comments.

      Anyway great to see you back, hope all is going well, and you should hopefully be free to comment from this point on. 🤞

      Cheers Roger..

  13. patmcf says:

    I have to say Roger that just the name Slum Blocks made me chuckle, very interesting!

  14. patmcf says:

    Bugger ! How did I miss that big Mother thats come to eat all the slum dwellers!!!

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