“Sacrifice’s, But Derek Said He Played Darts On Thursday’s!”

OK, so next time I promise I’ll have at least a little progress to show on my MDF buildings, but for now I can say that one project has now been completed! As I now have the cultists, and sacrifice finished to go along with the “Altar of Skulls” I made for last years “Season of Scenery”. For those of you not up to speed on this project, here is a link to the first part of the building of this lump of scenery (the link to the painting is the “Altar of Skulls” above), now rather stupidly (that’s me!) I built this, but didn’t actually own any figures suitable to use said “Altar” something I was able to put to rights earlier this year using bits from “Graham’s Box of Crap”, here, but then of course you can’t raise a demon with fresh air, so next I had to have a sacrifice, and an old “heroklix’s” Wasp figure had the “figure” I was after (sorry😂), the “luckless lass” after spending countless (well six) years cast aside with no arms and one leg, has now been re-built only to find herself about to be “ventilated” by Derek and his friends in the name some lesser demon or other! Some days you are just better off being left in the “bits box” 😁), (my that’s a lot of links!). Anyway are we all on the same page now?…yes, want me to go through it again?…no (thank god for that!). Where was I, oh yes so these are now all painted, so finally I can go and raise a little hell!!

The painting of the “Cultists” was actually pretty simple (one of the advantages of a one piece smock!). I began by dry-brushing all the “pointy” metallic bits (blades basically) with chainmail. Then the smocks themselves were undercoated with dark red, then given a dry-brushing with some ruby red and finally they were highlighted with pink burgundy. Next I turned the tip of my brush to their belts, and these were first painted saddle, then highlighted with coffee. When it came to painting the flesh I used a base of Red Indian flesh, and after the eyes and mouths were added in black and white, they were then highlighted with European flesh, and then a final highlight with more European flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. Now we were getting somewhere, so it was straight onto the wooden shafts of the pitchforks, and these and the bullwhip and sandals, were painted chocolate brown, the shafts highlighted in Eurasian flesh, and the leather bits in leather brown. Next to add a little “bling” the odd bit was picked out with copper highlighted with bronze. The odd bit of facial hair that was visible was either dark grey with light grey highlights or more chocolate brown with chestnut highlights. Lastly my leader (Derek) had his “horns” painted Eurasian flesh then dry-brushed with coffee, whereas his skull mask (along with the other skull being held) was chocolate brown with subsequent dry-brushes of coffee and cream.

Likewise the sacrifice herself was a pretty easy paintjob too, I started by covering all of her dress in coffee, then hit it with cream highlights. Her flesh was then painted using European flesh for the base and more of the same mixed with a little pale flesh was used to highlight here after her “wide” eyes were added in white and black. A little bit of pink burgundy was used to add her lips, and that just left her hair and chocolate brown with chestnut highlights took care of that. All the figures were then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone on the Cultists and soft tone on “little miss unlucky”. Obviously said “luckless lass” was then finished as she had no base, but the my “naughty chaps” had their bases done in my usual manner of chocolate brown followed by successive dry-brushes of khaki and cream, once dry I picked out areas in scenic green that were then flocked with some “Javis” static hairy grass of the (No2) Summer mix variety. Everyone was lastly given a coat of matt varnish through the magic of the “rattle can”.

Maybe at some point I should paint up a “hero” to rush to the poor girl’s aid, but for now I think I’ll just leave her to her fate, as I really need to crack on with those “Slum blocks”!

So till next time, stay safe, and if you do happen to find yourself in the vicinity of the “Altar of Skulls”, and you hear someone screaming “Help!!!”……

Cheers Roger.

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27 Responses to “Sacrifice’s, But Derek Said He Played Darts On Thursday’s!”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the cultists and sacrifice Roger, the whole crew really brings the piece of scenery to life, and complete.

  2. Guru PIG says:

    Love the altar, cultists and sacrifice. Gurus says “making sacrifices is an excellent way to purge the world from consumerism, unless of course it is you making them”.

  3. Haha this is brilliant mate

  4. Nicely done, Roger! 🙂 I reckon she’ll get free and beat them up a bit for not keeping that altar clean and tidy (that’s what would happen in this house, not that I’ve got a skull-shaped altar you understand)!

    • Thanks John, perhaps that why they brought her there, to give it a clean? (runs for cover!!)😁

      You’ve not got a skull shaped altar? Why what shape is yours then?

      Cheers Roger 😈

  5. Bravo mate, they look awesome 👌

  6. Nice work indeed Roger, the cultists really look the business. 🙂

  7. All in all a lovely depiction of a horrible scene – but I’m used to human sacrifice work after two+ years of Aztecs! Cheers buddy!

  8. Alex says:

    That is very cool mate, nicely done 😊👍

  9. Matt says:

    Love it, Roger, the cultists and their victims look great and fit well into that evil altar you made last year. I really like the shade of red you’ve used on their robes, it’s muted but still exudes menace.

    • Thanks Matt, there is only the one “victim” the pic is of her from two angles 😉.

      Looking at her she should work equally well on a bed with a Vampire looming over her (another future project perhaps…🤔).

      That dark red is one of my favourite colours, I’ve had it for years, it’s an Horizon paint, that you can’t buy anymore, I’ll be stuffed when it finally runs out!

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Michael Awdry says:

    What a fabulous thing this has all turned out to be! It really has come together so well. Bravo Sir!

  11. Azazel says:

    Very impressive stuff, Roger – love the sculpting!

  12. patmcf says:

    Ha HA ! so good matey! Love the skull base!

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