“Forging Ahead”

Just a quick post this time, as I had a few days left between finishing my “Forgotten Heroes” entries for this year and the start of “Dave Stones Season of Scenery”, so I thought I’d fill the time by adding a few more “Forge Fathers” to my little force for Mantic’s “Dead Zone”. Now I did mention a while back that I had “inherited” my eldest sons starter box as well as a load of “Plague” figures too, so after having a root about in the now bulging box of unpainted stuff I came across four “Fathers” that were assembled but not painted, that’ll save some time I thought so out they came and after a quick photo, that I now appear to have either lost or didn’t save (doh!), and their bases getting a quick dusting with some of my basing sand and the odd “cat litter” rock, it was out for a spray over with the matt black, and we were ready to rumble (as Ant and Dec used to say)…

I began the same as with the last four by dry-brushing the guns, hammer and the backpack on the heavy weapon (this is a Hailstorm Auto Cannon I think) with chainmail, then all of their armour was painted in German field grey, and highlighted with dark turquoise. The bits of under clothing that can be seen were then undercoated with dark grey, and mid grey was used to highlight these areas. The gloves, belts and the odd other area were then painted in chocolate brown before being highlighted with leather. I then added the eyes on their helmets, these were done in light green before I added a dot or pupil with some “Fluorescent” light green. I also added lights with these colours to their weapons. Lastly I added some accoutrements to their armour with a little copper with bronze highlights. Basically exactly the same as last time, the only addition being that the pipes on the Auto Cannon were added in pink burgundy which I then went over with some bright red,

As usual they were then given a brush coat of “Quickshade” (strong tone) and once dry had their bases painted to match the last lot of Dead Zone figures, so that was chocolate brown, dry-brushed with khaki, and again with coffee, once again I’ve forgone the static grass on these chaps, but they did of course still get the matt varnish spray coat (No shiny figures here!!). I do like the “Forge Father” figures which is good as I have plenty of them to get through, but not now as I must first return to the realm of MDF, as next time we’ll be in “the Season of Scenery!”.

So till then, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Forging Ahead”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on your Forge Fathers Roger, the colour scheme you’ve set for them looks very effective, and you seem to be able to get them painted pretty quickly, I can’t imagine the Plague models getting done as quick ! LOL

  2. Alex says:

    Very nice mate, and Dorfs in Spaaaace are very en vogue given GWs latest faction!

  3. Oooh, they look mean! 🙂 Very nicely done, Roger!

  4. More Space Dwarves are never a bad thing, Roger, and you do them so well. I picked up some of the new Necromunda squats to use as Spice Miners for an upcoming Dune project, and will be returning to your dwarves for some inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, though I’d never call myself a Dwarf fan, I do seem to paint quite a lot of them, Oh god maybe I am a closet Dwarf fan!

      Good to see you have another project planned, I was worried you might run out of those! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Pete S/ SP says:

    Very nice Roger- I like those.



  6. Matt says:

    Love these chaps, Roger, and the colour scheme is really good; they have a touch of Salamanders about it LOL! Nicely done!

    • Thanks Matt, dark green always looks good on Sci/fi armour, the Salamanders was always one of my favourite looking chapters (though any connection is purely sub-conscious!)

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Tidy work Roger, I like em 👍🏼

    • Thanks Luke, just a bit of a “plodder” of a project, I’ll know a few out now and then till they are done, no rush. Not like the monster that is your “Zulu” project!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Very nicely done Roger. 🙂

  9. angrypiper says:

    You know, these miniatures have been out for more than ten years and I can’t understand how I’ve managed to avoid buying them. My love for all things dwarvish is well-known and often remarked upon in hushed whispers. How is it that I don’t own any Mantic Forge Fathers, especially after seeing what you do with them? Love them!

  10. patmcf says:

    These have come up well mate!

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