“Kremmen of the Star Corps” (Forgotten Heroes)

Hi kids Kremmen here, well that was a narrow escape, fortunately we were able to escape that evil idiot and over throw his evil plan to replace us with copies of ourselves. We left him a gibbering heap (well actually he always was a gibbering heap, but that’s another story), before returning to Earth so I could be awarded yet another medal from her Majesty the Queen. As Carla and I recuperated in the relax-a-tron. I couldn’t help but be struck by her radiant beauty, of all my bosom buddies Carla was by far the bosomiest! “Oh Captain” she purred, “Well that’s the end of another adventure”. “Yes” I replied, “But, I’m always sad when an adventure comes to an end”. “But why?” my little space nymph asked. “Well it means, I’ve got to think of a whole new one for next week!” 

I know what he means, as now that the painting is complete (oh yes the painting is complete by the way!), I’ve now got to think of someone (or someone’s), to do next year, oh well I guess I’ve got eleven months to ponder that. Anywho’ when you left me last time the intrepid (or should that be insipid?) crew of the “”Troll 1”” looked like this 👉, so I guess you’ll be wanting to see the finished figures now, really it’s all want, want, want with you lot! Oh, OK then here we go…

Kremmen, we’ll start with the most complicated paintjob (well it had the most colours!), and as I knew two out of the three would have a lot of white on them I decided that a white undercoat would probably be the best idea, so after they were all based up on two pence pieces (I added a spacer of card under Kremmen, to make him a smidge taller than Carla) they went out to the garden, for a spraying with some white car primer. I then painted his trousers, collar, gloves and the “K” on his chest in cream before highlighting these areas with white. His shirt and knee pads were next Royal blue with bright blue highlights being used in this case, it was a similar story with his sleeves boots and the “wing” on his chest insignia, ruby and bright red taking care of them. I turned my attention to his “K” next so taking some citrus orange, I carefully added the letter just inside the white outline. His belt is sometimes white and sometimes silver, so to add a little interest I went with the latter, undercoating the belt in black before adding chainmail over this, and while I was in the area, I gave his belt buckle an undercoat of copper before going over this in bright gold. His flesh was next on the agenda, so after a base of European flesh was applied I dotted in his eyes with a little black (no whites, as that’s how he draw most of the time), the highlights here were more of the same with a little pale flesh added. Lastly his hair, this was first given a coat of chocolate brown then highlights were added using a mix of saddle and chestnut, and I also added his eyebrows with this too.

In comparison Carl was much simpler to paint, once again I started with cream and white highlights on her boots, gloves and hair. Then her dress was painted in a mix of matt lime and vert green, then after I’d added her zipper in black dry-brushed with chainmail, I highlighted her dress in just matt lime. Now her flesh was a bit of a headache as it varies quite dramatically in shade form Black to pale Caucasian, in the end I went for the most common version which is a mid-coffee tone. So starting with a base of Eurasian flesh (hey, what do you know this is the first time I’ve ever painted flesh with this colour!) I then added her eyes, and then highlighted with more Eurasian flesh mixed with a little European flesh, the result looks about right to me. Talking of her flesh I then added her lips and earrings in pink burgundy highlighted with Polish crimson, and tiny dot of white was added for her teeth.

Gitfinger was even easier, I started by painting his lab coat in mid grey, then highlighted this in mid-grey (on this isn’t a typo’ I have two mid-greys by different manufacturers (Miniatures Paints & Colour Party) that are slightly different shades, I know confusing isn’t it!), then his collar and boots were painted black, and his flesh was done in a mix of European flesh and pale flesh, that was then highlighted in the same again with more of the paler variant added.  The lenses on his glasses were painted white before a dot of black was added to centres. Then it was just a case of painting his hair glasses and moustache in black before these and all the other black bits were highlighted with some dark grey.

All three were the given a coat of Quickshade of the “light tone” variety, after which they were based in my usual fashion and given a spraying with some matt varnish, and done! Now I might be able to think about something other than Kremmen and his cronies when I get a spare minute 🤔.

Great!! Didn’t it! Anyway that’s it for my entries for “Forgotten Heroes 2022”, we now find ourselves hurtling toward July and yet another couple of months of Challenge, this time in the form of “Dave Stones, Season of Scenery”, but I still have a few days before I have to journey back into the “dire world of MDF” so I think I’ll try and get a few figures painted first.

Till next time, stay safe, have fun, let the cat out and cheers Roger.

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37 Responses to “Kremmen of the Star Corps” (Forgotten Heroes)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great painting Roger, they fit the comic book look perfectly, and Carla’s skin tone did change dramatically, it was almost as if she was part chameleon and could change colour at will ! LOL
    Not back to the dreaded MDF, maybe one year you should try a resin piece, I’ll go now after swearing like that ! LOL

  2. Thanks Dave, I think it was probably dependent on who was painting the “animation cells” at Cosgrove Hall that day, or if they ordered to much pale flesh paint! 😉

    I have no problem with resin scenery mate, it probably stinks less than the MDF stuff does!😂

    Cheers Roger.

  3. 🤣🤣😍😍love them even more painted!! Brilliant work mate 👏 👏👏

  4. angrypiper says:

    I love them. You really nailed the comic look, as Dave said. I like particularly like Kremmen’s baggy pants and his facial expression. Great painting work on all three!

    • Thanks Keith, his baggy pants was more of an error that a stylist choice to be honest 😁
      There’s bits on all three that I think worked well, and other bits I’m not happy with at all.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. As if on demand they are now painted! Nicely done mate and so impressive to think these started completely from scratch. Very well done indeed Roger. 🙂

  6. Guru PIG says:

    Great painting and sculpting Roger.
    My best Kremmen quote:
    Kremmen’s superior officer:”I’m a Country member”
    Kremmen: “OK I’ll remember”

    • Thanks Dave, I like….
      “So Carla have you managed to summon up the courage to face the giant banana?”
      “I’ve tried Captain, but without avail”.
      “So wear a veil!”.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Matt says:

    Just fantastic, words are failing me trying to describe how awesome these are. Well done, Roger, I think you’ve outdone yourself 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, I have to admit once I’d posted my intention post at the start of the month, I was thinking, “what have I done, I don’t know if I can carry this off!!” (honestly!).

      I think they came out alright in the end, fortunately I’ve had the time this year to devote to them, I don’t think I’m going to be so lucky next year. so the main problem at the moment is who to do next. I think I’ll have to lower my ambitions a bit then.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Alex says:

    Amazing job mate, such a cool and unique trio! Definitely done in the best possible taste 👍

  9. These really are brilliant, Roger! 🙂 I think Matt’s summed it up nicely!

  10. Azazel says:

    Yeah, those are pretty bloody impressive. Great work, Roger!

  11. Tarmor says:

    Very well done. They look great painted!

  12. Pete S/ SP says:

    Fantastic stuff Roger.



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  14. Well done, I did not know these in the US but your journey from concept to sculpting to final painting was a joy to see and read about Roger.

  15. Carrion Crow says:

    Very cool, Roger. They look exactly how they should and are unique in the fact that no-one else has these characters. Shame WSD is no more, as I’d definitely buy figures of these ans as they’re suitably obscure, I don’t think Auntie Beeb would be issuing a Cease and Desist.

    • Thanks Jez, well no one else till some clever dick with a 3D printer makes an STL file of them 😁. sadly I doubt sales would re-coup the outlay on production moulds on these though mate 😉.

      I’m not sure who would hold the copywrite on these, don’t think the cartoon of Kremmen was ever shown on the Beeb, so it would more likely be either Kenny’s estate, Cosgrove Hall Productions or even Thames television.

      Love this challenge, here’s to next years Forgotten Heroes!

      Cheers Roger.

  16. Splendid stuff, Roger. You’ve done Kremmen and his ship-mates super-proud. Marvellous work both with the green-stuff and the paint-brush. I especially like Kremmen. You’ve really captured the cartoon look of him.

  17. patmcf says:

    Grand mate!! well done.

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