“Weird Hands, is it a Werewolf Thing?” (Advent Challenge)

OK so here we are in the throes of “Forgotten Heroes” but I do have another challenge on the go as well, in the form of my “Advent Challenge” so along with work on my “heroic?” crew, I’ve also spent a little time on these two figures as well…

No.6 Small Stone Elemental

No.22 Middle Eastern Style Werewolf

The stone elemental came as a multipart kit, so after attaching his arms and face I “filled” the gaps by adding a few more small “rocks” made out of Greenstuff. I then attacked the bases on both figures with my snips before sanding them down a little and attaching them to new bases, more in keeping with my collection, the Elemental going on a two pence piece, and the Werewolf having to go on a 40mm round MDF base as his feet were too far apart to fit on a coin. Once the bases were “filled” they went out for a coat of matt black and we were away!

The elemental, was pretty straight forward to paint as you can imagine, I started with a dry-brushing of dark grey, that was followed by another one of mid grey, and finally yet another of cream…done!! Well not quite, I thought I’d better add a little more to him than that, so I picked out the odd stone here and there in Eurasian flesh, then dry-brushed these in ECW buff, and then again in my lighter sand colour. That just left his eyes to do in white with black pupils, and this time he really was done.

Now turning to the Werewolf, this was a really nice one piece figure, I point this out as there was one rather odd thing about him… His thumbs were on the wrong side of his hands. Now if his hands had been separate I would take full responsibility for putting them on the wrong wrist, but they weren’t so I can only assume this is deliberate, so can anyone shed a little light onto why they would be like this? I’ve never noticed this on a Werewolf figure before. Anyway once he was prepared as the above, I started his painting by covering all his bare flesh (it doesn’t look like fur) in chocolate brown, and then I highlighted this in more of the same mixed with some saddle, and finally highlighted again in just saddle. I popped a little dark red into his mouth, and then added his teeth and eyes in white, with black pupils of course. His baggy pants were next so after a coat of royal purple, I highlighted them in plum. And again in fuchsia. He has rather a lot of gold accoutrements about his person, so these were all undercoated in copper before being highlighted in bright gold. His claws along with the teeth on his necklace were then done in coffee and cream, and the stones set into his “bling” were added in pale blue, now this was going to be an undercoat, with steel blue put over the top, but I actually liked them as they were so decided to forego the highlights here. That just left his beard/hair, to repainted black with dark grey highlights, more chocolate brown to be used on his belt, tabard and knife, with leather highlights here, and the outer edges of the tabard to be done in a plum and lilac mix with just lilac highlights. I really like this figure, shame about the weird hands.

Both figures were then treated to coat of “Quickshade” Strong tone, and once this was dry their bases were first painted chocolate brown before successive dry-brushes of khaki and coffee were applied. Then areas were picked out scenic green and then these areas were flocked using “Javis” Summer Mix static hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish sealed the deal. So that’s another two figures from my Advent Calendar finished, I’m half way now as still on schedule (amazingly 😮). Anyway back to “Forgotten Heroes”, those figures aren’t going to finish themselves!

Till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger,

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31 Responses to “Weird Hands, is it a Werewolf Thing?” (Advent Challenge)

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  2. Super stuff, Roger. Both are cracking pieces but I especially like The elemental – as your extra touches with a different colour have really brought him to life. Cracking figure, and Top Ten stuff imho. Great to see you providing so many options this year too – you’ve become a veritable painting machine in the same guise as Dave and Matt!!! LOL!!!

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Fantastic work on both Roger, as for the thumbs, all I can say is the sculptor F****ed up, could be worse, I heard of a Tattoo artist doing the exact same thing on one of their pieces of work ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, I was beginning to think it was just me, and the was some folklore or D&D thing about Werewolves I didn’t know! 😁

      Yeah I love all those stories about badly spelt of misdrawn tattoo’s! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Matt says:

    Nice painting on both those minis, Roger! The elemental looks suitably mental and is a great little sculpt. I like the werewolf but the thumbs thing is really odd. Reaper’s known for soft faces and bendy spears, not transposed digits 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    Excellent stuff mate – I think I got that stone dude too but I’m envious of your WW!! Love the bagge pants 👍

    • Thanks Alex, first one we’ve both got it think, and it half way through the year!

      I love the baggy pant’s on the Werewolf, makes me think he’s a cursed Arabian prince or something 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Love ’em, that rock elemental is adorable! 🤣

  7. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great work on both Roger.



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  9. These are brilliant, Roger, I particularly like the elemental! 🙂 All I think of with the werewolf is that Victor Frankenstein got his knife and fork hands mixed up with his latest creation!

  10. Nicely done Roger. These various challenges are certainly keeping you busy! 🙂 Very odd about the werewolf hands. Can only assume the sculptor was drunk!

  11. Guru PIG says:

    The werewolf came out great. And year I think it is a Werewolf thing!

  12. Aww man the werewolf is excellent

  13. Love the Elemental, very Hulk smash-looking. As for the werewolf, I feel bad for him as I think he couldn’t swing a golf club like that!

  14. patmcf says:

    Neat Rodger! love the stone guy!!

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