“My Forgotten Heroes”

So work is progressing (slowly!) on my entries for “Forgotten Heroes”, and hopefully I’ll have something to show you on these by the weekend. But for now I thought I’d share with you some of my own “Forgotten Heroes”, in other words I’ve been up in the loft rooting about trying to find the toy’s that shared my imaginary adventures from my childhood (as opposed to the 28mm figures that share my adulthood imaginary adventures!! Some things don’t change!!).

Now this idea came about following a conversation with Pat over at “Pat’s 1/72th Military Dioramas”* after he posted some pictures of some of his 1/35th  toy soldiers form his “yoof” over in Australia, and I thought it would be fun for a few of us (who still have anything) to show some of our own collections.

So I thought I’d get the ball rolling, and give you all a general idea of that’s eligible (basically anything, they’re your memories after all). So I’ll start with some of my Action Figures, I’m sure we are all aware of the 4inch revolution that came about after the release of the Kenner “Star Wars” figure line and yes I was a child of that generation, but rather than just showing you my Star Wars figures, I thought I’d get some of the figures from other ranges that I have, these would all serve their time in my “Space Adventures” very rarely as the actual characters they were supposed to be! I remember that “Mork” often “stood in” for Commander Rann, and the fisher price figure (who’s original name I forget) was often “Time Traveller” in my Micronauts games. (I imagine Darth Vader was Baron Kazar too) Commander Adama, would often be a tough rebel general, and (the now not complete!) Maximillian robot), would be various evil bot’s, as for Spock, I don’t really remember what I did with him (but Kirk and McCoy were in the same box as him. A bit like 28mm figures the great thing about these chaps was they could all be used together as they matched (sort of, but enough for me at that age) scale wise.

These 13.5cm tall plastic WW2 soldiers I seem to think were a gift from one of my cousins who’d had them originally, there are a few of these (seven or eight) up in the loft, one American GI a couple of Germans, and a few Russian and Japanese infantrymen, these were great for playing in the garden with as you could come back in with a full complement of figures! (Something that almost never happened with my 1/35 and 1/72 soldiers!), they also seem to have survived reasonably intact considering they did their duty serving under two other commanders too! (My two boys).

Now we come to one of my real “prize” possessions, this is my Mego action figure (no dolls here!) of “The Thing”, though I had a few Mego’s, Superman, Spiderman, The Human torch and the Hulk, this was always my favourite, I remember the advert on the TV showing him for just a second, and my tiny mind being blown away! You could get the Thing! But none of the local toy shops seemed to have him, then one Saturday my Mum and I went to Chester on the bus for the day, and while she was looking at something in “Browns of Chester” department store, I spotted a pile of Mego’s in a box under the staircase, so went over for a root about, and there he was! Just the one, but he was there! I won’t debase myself describing the pleading and badgering that went on for the next couple of hours, but suffice to say, my Mum was happy to buy this prized toy for me (and get me to shut up! 😇).

And so we come to my 1/35th collection, and this is sadly it! After scouring the loft all I could find was this solitary “Desert Rats” commander, that at some point someone had started painting green, I think it was me, and it’s probably some paint I found in the garage my Mum had bought to paint our Gomes with! and a couple of shields from my Knights, rather sad to think that this is all that’s left of a couple of “Quality Street” chocolates tins, one full of Soldiers and the other full of Knights and Cowboys.  The other figure I came across was this rendition of “Captain Marvel”, he’s actually a “pencil topper”, but you had to get your heroes where you could back then! I seem to recall I also had Batman and Robin as well but lord knows where they are now!

I know there must be more of my old stuff around somewhere, and if I do come across any of it I’ll try and post it up here before the end of the month. So there you go, I’ve shown you mine now does anyone want to show me theirs?

Cheers Roger.

*And if you haven’t been over there you should, he’s a cracking bloke, and does some wonderful pieces!

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28 Responses to “My Forgotten Heroes”

  1. Alex says:

    I wish I still had my old toys – some Star Wars & Transformers, but my faves were Zoids… man, I loved those things as a kid

    • Thanks Alex, I never had any Zoids, but I remember they did a big robot Godzilla (Zoidzilla?) and a giant Gorilla one too, so you could fight it robo’kaiju style! That still sounds cool too me! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Wonderful posting, Roger, and there’s a few there still sat somewhere in my loft – I hope!!! In fact, I was just looking at some of my Micronauts the other day whilst in there, along with Baron Karza himself – and impressed the magnetics still work on him after some decades of inactivity.

    • Thanks Simon, I had Baron Kazar and Force Commander back in the day (though they were out of scale with the fig’s above (I was OCD about that even then! 🙄), My mum made me sell them, to part fund something else, bet they are worth a bit now (No don’t tell me!).

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Matt says:

    Oh man, I used to have that Maximillian from The Black Hole! We watched that movie last week and it brought back some memories! I also had Vincent and Bob! I’m pretty sure that I had the Captain Marvel pencil topper too.

    • Thanks Matt, I seem to recall Maximillian was bought off of the local market, cheap as I don’t think the Black Hole stuff ever sold as well as they had hoped, I think I had Vin’cent too, the figures were actually very good with a lot more articulation than the Star Wars stuff, I think they were based on the GI Joe dollies.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Brilliant post! 🙂 I think I used to have a couple of those 135mm figures at one point (I refuse to use centimetres – I think it’s me engineering background)!

  5. Guru PIG says:

    Great Post. Fond memories.

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    The majority of my old toys are in my mum’s loft, so I’d have to pay her a visit. I recall that there were Micronauts, Star Wars figures, Action Force, Masters of the Universe and some of the Dungeons & Dragons action figures up there, but whether they’re still there is another matter.

    • Thanks Jez, this is the problem when you leave or pass on your your old toys with someone else, what is really important to you is just a random lump of plastic to someone else. Hopefully your mum’s taken good care of your heroes!

      Cheers Roger.

  7. borderguy190 says:

    My mum didn’t hesitate to throw stuff in the bin. And did so regularly. Much of my stuff is therefor in a landfill someplace. Like a chunk I sold my Star Wars figs to a collector right after I graduated. Some 1/72 Nato, Afrika Korps, WW2 British Paras and WW2 US Paras lived on in a box until my first nephew was born. He destroyed (literally) a size GI Joe and He-Man collection, along with my beloved, much used, Airfix (I believe) figs. Everything I have now is from my 2nd delving into gaming. The journey that started in college. Not much is vintage save a few GW models.

    • Thanks Matt, as I said in the text I think I got those big plastic soldiers from my cousin, and I probably treated them in a way that would have made him cringe too!😉

      Cheers Roger.

  8. patmcf says:

    Thanks for the shout mate 😃, great to see you getting the ball rolling on this one,that’s an interesting collection you have there , those 13cm ones are amazing as I have never seen any that big. Your right about loosing the little guys in the garden, I remember that when ever I visited the parents later on after leaving home mum would never fail to have the odd plastic soldier or two she had found gardening 😅😅.

    • Thanks Pat, the shout out is well deserved.
      “I have never seen any that big”, not the first time I’ve heard that! (not 🤣🤣). they are great figures tbh, I have no idea who made them though.

      At least your mum would pass them back, that’s a blessing!

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Ah, nostalgia, it ain’t what it used to be! I do love finding old stuff once in a while. A lot of it might be worthless but it’s the memories it evokes and the stories that go with it that are priceless. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, you are so right! I have to thank Pat for the inspiration for this, though it’s been a bit depressing discovering how much of my stuff has seemingly gone to that great landfill in the sky, it’s also been great dredging up memories I haven’t thought of for ages!

      Cheers Roger.

  10. angrypiper says:

    That Thing is awesome! I never had any MEGOs, but I wasn’t into super heroes or comics until the early 80’s. Sadly, I don’t have any of my old toys anymore (other than my original miniatures). I used to have Star Wars and GI JOEs, mostly; my friends were big collectors of Shogun Warriors and Micronauts, and my younger cousin had almost every MOTU toy (spoiled brat). Every once in a while I’ll come across some toys I used to play with or own at a yard sale or flea market. I get very excited when I do, but my wife doesn’t give a shit and won’t let me buy them.

  11. Thanks Keith, “That Thing is awesome!” another thing I don’t hear often! 😂😂 (you guys are making it too easy!!). Though he is pretty awesome! (though why they gave him that tongue I really don’t know). I think we all knew people who were spoilt, I had a friend who had just about every vehicle and playset there was for Star Wars figures! (I made my own land speeder from cardboard 😁).

    I have to admit since reading Pat’s original post I have been looking on Ebay at the 1/32nd Airfix soldiers! 😮

    Cheers Roger.

  12. Dave Stone says:

    Good to see you have so many great memories of these old models Roger

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