“Faith and Deceit” (Fem’bruary)

Fem’bruary is upon us, where we celebrate women as more than just scantily clad sex objects (I’m saving a couple of those till the end of the month 😉) But I’ll start with a couple of fully clothed independent ladies. Sadly Alex who normally presides over this celebration of all things female is preoccupied with more mundane matters this year, so there will be no judging or round up at the end of the month (which is OK with me as it means I get to retain my conversion win with “Elvira” from last year for another twelve months 😁). But a few of us are still going ahead with a more “unofficial” Fem’bruary, luckily with Alex’s blessing, which is just as well as I’d already ordered the blooming figures!

Sister Maria, (Nun) and Agatha Fox, (Female Spy), these are the official names, in case you didn’t realize what they were supposed to be! Anyway I came across both of these ladies a while back while perusing Reapers website, and immediately wanted them both, but at the time both were out of stock in their metal forms, and though I quite enjoyed painting the first of my “Bones” figures a couple of weeks back, I still prefer metal if given the choice, especially as Agatha was only thirty odd pence more than her plastic version! (A no brainer in my books!). Now Agatha is a very slight little miniature especially compared to the “Copplestone Castings” ladies I painted last year (see link at the bottom of the page*), looking almost like a teenager in their company, but she’s still a really nice miniature, I especially like the way she is sneakily slipping her pistol out of her bag behind her back, you just can’t trust teenagers these days! And I guess spies come in all shapes and sizes like the rest of us. Meanwhile Sister Maria comes with a choice of left hands, one holding a revolver and another with a ruler or strap of some sort, dependent on whether she is fighting zombies or teaching Catholic schoolgirls (I’ll leave you to decide which is more appropriate for which!! 🤔) I went for the revolver. Both come with (spit,spit) “slotta” bases but they were binned in favour of my usual two pence piece bases, and once glued in situ and filler was added they went out for their coat of matt black, once dry and touched up with more matt black, I started them both by dry-brushing their guns and Maria’s silver cross in chainmail. I’ll continue their stories individually…

The good sister, was begun with me painting her wimple and coif in coffee highlighted with cream. Then her “chaplet” or ”rosary” was painted chocolate brown before being dry-brushed with a little Eurasian flesh. Talking of flesh her face and hands came next, undercoated in European flesh, and after her eyes were added, this was highlighted with more of the same with quite a bit of pale flesh added, and while I was doing Agatha’s lips I mixed a tiny amount of the pink burgundy into this paler flesh colour and added her lips too. I touched up her clothing in black next, more out of “habit” than anything else (sorry couldn’t resist! 😂), then mixed up some dark grey and black to get a very dark grey and highlighted all her clothing with this, and she was done.

Turning next to Agatha “The Cub” Fox, as I wanted the classic beige “mackintosh” style coat, I started by mixing a base coat using some Eurasian flesh mixed with some coffee and painting the coat with this, the highlights were then added in just coffee. Chocolate brown was then used on her handbag, pistol grip and boots, and highlights of saddle were then applied over this. Her flesh was done in the same colours as the “Sister” above, I had thought as painting her legs as if she was wearing coloured stockings, but in the end I just went for bare legs, painted in flesh as above. I then painted the area above her exposed eye in lilac to give a little eyeshadow effect, and her lips in pink burgundy. Her hair was next on the agenda, so yet more chocolate brown was used as the base here, then I mixed up a small amount of saddle and chestnut and used this for the highlights, a tiny bit of chainmail was used on her handbag and belt buckle, and she too was done.

I gave both ladies a coat of “light tone Quickshade” next, before painting and flocking their bases in my usual fashion and of course a final spray coat of matt varnish was the last thing to do on my list. I must admit I’ve really enjoyed paint this pair up, two lovely figures and simple paintjobs, a nice antidote to last week’s figures. More ladies next week, this time two from my Advent Challenge.

So till then, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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23 Responses to “Faith and Deceit” (Fem’bruary)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on both Roger, the colours you chose look perfect, and the models convey their roles perfectly, could see both of these working as zombie survivors as well.

    • Thanks Dave, the colours really picked themselves, though I did google Nun’s outfits, just to make sure I got the black and white bits in the right places. You wouldn’t believe how many of the pic’s that came up were of “Sexy Nun” costumes! 🙄

      Cheers Roger.

  2. A Nun with a Gun – That’s Top Ten stuff there, Roger, at no mistake, LOL!!! I too only go for Reaper Bones figs when they’re rather large, as they just don’t, imho, work terribly well for 28mm figures – so usually seek out their metal counterparts at that scale. Great work on both minis, and looking forward to your next advent paint-jobs 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I was taken with Maria as soon as I saw her on Reapers site, I just thought she was something different from the usual female fig’s you see. Most of the “Bones” figures in my Advent calendar were actually pretty decently detailed, but I do think the detail is just that bit sharper on the metal figures.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Matt says:

    Both these minis are ones I want for my collection, and you’ve done a bang-up job on the painting! I’m pretty sure the nun comes with a ruler as a shout-out to the Blues Brothers movie 🙂

    I usually go for metal over plastic, but you can’t beat it for the bigger figures; the price difference can be as much as 60% cheaper when going for the plastic version.

    • Thanks Matt, I’m surprised you don’t already own these two tbh (you know as add on’s to get free shipping!😉). they are both lovely figures, but Agatha is small, the top of her head just reaches the shoulder of my Copplestone girls. Didn’t get the BB movie reference, mind you it’s years since I saw that 😁.

      Yeah, I see what you mean about the price hike for metal (frankly I’ve been shocked at the price of metal figures in general, since I started buying stuff again!), Maria was a fair chunk more than the bones version (£6.81 as opposed to £3.64 in bones, nearly seven pounds for one 28mm figure!), but as I say Agatha was just twenty six pence more (but as I say she is small), the rest of this months figs are all “bones”, but I’ll explain why once I get to them.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Nice work on both Roger and I agree with Dave that the colours are spot on. Looking forward to seeing what else you have planned. 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    Really cool minis mate, and lovely paint job on both. The nun stands out in particular – I struggle to ‘do’ black cloth well so am always impressed when others make it look so effortless! 👍👍

    • Thanks Alex, there’s nothing clever going on there, it’s just very dark grey highlights on a black base, no clever washes or glazes here, I think the quickshade just tones everything down a little .

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Nicely done, Roger! 🙂 I’m with you on replacing the-bases-that-can’t-be-named with 2p coins!

  7. Guru PIG says:

    Excellent work Roger

  8. borderguy190 says:

    Two super cool figs. The nun is awesomely wild, Sister Rambo! And Maria is just, COOL. so many possibilities. dang you, Roger! I’ve been trying to NOT buy minis this year and concentrate on cutting into my piles and boxes of shame.

    • Thanks Harry, They are both very cool figures, Agatha in particular could be used in several scenario’s, she’d make a very nice “Teenage Detective”, or load her gun with silver bullets and team her up with Maria and you’ve got a cracking pair of Werewolf hunters (not Buffy?).

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Pete S/ SP says:

    A lovely pair- I’m very taken with the Nun- she looks very determined.



  10. Marvin says:

    Bravo – two superb characters you’ve painted there! I think your dark grey highlight is spot on for the habit.

    • Thanks Marvin, I not really ever painted many Reaper miniatures (the odd one or two), but there are some real crackers in the range. It’s simple stuff on the habit, but I do think it worked out quite well. 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

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  12. Nicely painted pair Roger.

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