“I’ve Been Painting Knightley, And the Odd morning Too!” (Mo’vember)

OK so that is a tenuous title even by my standards, but I have been painting Pirates and one of them is female (though not thankfully the one with the beard!), so hopefully you’ll let it slide this time. Apologies as I am a little late posting, I’ve posted a picture of myself (right) and from it you can of course see that I’m a little behind, this week 😁(sorry), this should have been a relatively easy weeks painting just three figures, but things have conspired against me a bit hence the slight delay. As with the “Scrunts” I painted last week I have delved waaaay back into the history of this blog in order find the last time I put brush to pirate metal, it was in fact back in 2015!

Now the reason this trio never got painted was a) Their number never came up (see below), and b) Irregular didn’t send me enough separate hands, so the bald chap was short a hand/weapon. But with Mo’vember upon us, I decided I’d finally get these three done and that meant fashioning a weapon and hand, now I was happy enough making a hand, but what to use for the blade of his cutlass, the answer was (as so often is these days) a coffee stirrer! So after cutting a piece to shape and sanding it down a little, it was glued onto the “lug” at the end of his arm and then I built up his hand and basket hilt in greenstuff.

As an aside this also means I can cross off another of my “Random Painting Generator” boxes too (remember this Simon?) as these are the last three (yes I know it says four but I only had three left😛) Pirates in that draw on Galahads list*…

Box 23 – (Pirates four of choice)

All three were based onto two pence pieces (my last three), as I didn’t have any actual “doubloons” available at the time, then it was out for a spray coat of matt black that was then touched up with a brush to make sure they were fully covered. Then their guns and sword blades were dry-brushed with chainmail, and we were off, so taking them individually from here on…

Starting with the oriental chap, he was begun with coffee and cream used on his shirt as the base and highlight colours, then chocolate brown was applied to his belt and scabbard, with leather highlighted over this. When it came to his trousers I was inspired by a doll (sorry action figure!!) I had as a child, Captain Hook from the “Fighting Furies” range made by matchbox, who was clad in purple pants (long before Prince made these famous!), so I dug out the plum paint and then highlighted these with fusia. His sash was then painted in orange and after adding a little white this was used for the highlight too. His pistol was also chocolate with Eurasian flesh dry-brushed over to give the wood effect (the lady below had her pistol done the same by the way). For the flesh on this chap I mixed Elf skin tone with some khaki to get the oriental shade I was after and the highlights were the same with a little European flesh mixed in. Now the last time I painted any pirates I painted on the flesh and then after it was dry I realised I hadn’t painted the bare feet on one of the figures, and I’m buggered if I didn’t do the same again with this one! So after mixing up another lot of oriental flesh as above (and trying to match the colours as best I could, I painted and highlighted his feet! Dozy beggar that I am!). That just left a tiny bit of chainmail for his earring, and copper and bright gold layered on his sword hilt and he was done.

My female pirate, was also begun with her shirt/blouse in coffee and cream, then her boots and hat were undercoated in chocolate brown, and highlighted in leather. The somewhat ineffectual sash that is doing such a poor job of holding her blouse shut was undercoated in blue grey then highlighted in porcelain blue. Pants next and I used Eurasian flesh with E.C.W buff for highlights here. Her’s and the pirate below had their flesh done in bronze flesh tone mixed with European flesh, and European flesh on its own was used to highlight the ladies complexion, oh’ and a touch of pink burgundy was used on her lips. Hair was chocolate brown with chestnut dry-brushed across it, and her hilt and the clasp in her hair were copper and bright gold once again.

Finally my bearded pirate was yet again started with coffee and cream on his shirt and socks (perhaps I should have lumped all these into the intro bit at the start, then his trousers were undercoated in dark grey and highlighted in mid grey. His jacket was next and fittingly I undercoated here in navy blue, before adding highlights of royal blue, the facings and cuffs on it were then done in sand with lemon yellow over the top. His flesh which was next was done as the lady above, though with some pale flesh added to the European type, on the highlights. His beard/hair along with the cuff on his hook were then painted chocolate brown, the hair highlighted with saddle and the cuff with Eurasian flesh. His shoes and belts I left black and just highlighted them with some dark grey, and his shoe buckles I did in chainmail. The rest of his “brightwork” I did in copper and bright gold, and the bow in the back of his hair (that you can’t see 🙄) I did in dark red and pink burgundy.

Now I have to admit I’d actually forgotten how nice these figures were, Irregular produce them under license (I think) from Eureka Miniatures, and they are very well sculpted and paint up nicely, but anyway enough of all that, now it was time to “Quickshade” them as usual, so out came the strong tone (as regular readers will know I’m addicted to the “Strong stuff”), and this was followed with my usual basing technique (If you want details of this you can click on literally 90% of my other posts!).

So that’s my second (and possibly last) Mo’vember submission this year, normally I have my next week’s painting at least chosen, but I’m at a bit of a loss at the moment as to what to paint next, but we’ll see what takes my fancy (if anything), before the months end.

So till next time, Cheers Roger.

* Apologies to more recent followers of this blog as this will mean nothing to you!

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33 Responses to “I’ve Been Painting Knightley, And the Odd morning Too!” (Mo’vember)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the pirates Roger, lovely work on the replacement sword, you’d never know it was made of wood !

    • Thanks Dave, when I did the spoiler on the Mustang I coated the coffee stirrer in superglue then sanded it back, should have done that on this too really as if you get close you can see the grain of the wood. It’s good enough though tbh.

      Oh forgot to say, I hope you had a good time at Salute, I hear it well spaced out this year, but a few games and traders failed to show?

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dave Stone says:

        It was very quiet mate, and really highlighted how bad my health has got ! LOL having a long think on where I go from here with the business, maybe I go solely online, did sell out of Liberation class destroyers ! LOL

      • I had seen on TMP that the numbers looked down on 2019, hardly surprising though. I think a lot of the European visitors stayed away, and America has only just reopened too. It’s a shame, an I hope not another kick in the teeth for the show circuit which has shrunk considerably over the last few years anyway, I like a good show, but petrol costs and being able to view everything on-line along with ease of ordering these days has made them less relevant in the purchasing front.

        I know what you mean, I think if I did it again I’d go on-line only (well perhaps St-Helens or a couple of very local show only), but it does really take it out of you especially when there is hours of travel both ways, I don’t think people realise that. Especially when your heath isn’t 100%

        But the shows do help to get your name out and about, it is a quandary.

        See I said you should have kept hold of the ships in case you needed them! 🙄

        Cheers Roger.

  2. Matt says:

    These look excellent, Roger! They’ve all got bags of character and your painting’s really brought them to life. Great job on the replacement sword, too, I’d never have guessed it was homemade.

    • Thanks Matt, as I said to Dave above, if you get close you can see it not metal, but as I haven’t see Irregular at a show (well I haven’t been to many shows to be honest) for a few years, and it isn’t worth sending for one, this seemed the best solution.

      Cheers roger.

  3. Guru PIG says:

    What a Jolly effort Roger! Great paint work. Couldn’t tell if the second figure fitted into the Mo’vember challenge as my eyes were drawn elsewhere. Eyes up!

  4. Nice figures Roger and as has already been said, they have plenty of character about the hem. Very nicely done. 🙂

  5. Very nice, Roger, and three quite different minis! 🙂

    • Thanks John, I do like painted varied models, as apposed to batch painting, though when I looked at all the different pots of paint I had scattered across my table it was hard to believe there were just three of them!

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Splendid stuff, Roger. Just got back from Salute in London myself, so I’m a bit behind with my Mo’Vember posting too – probably be tomorrow at this rate. Love the Plum paint, what a gorgeous colour it creates.

    • Thanks Simon, I hope you haven’t been buying lots of stuff! you’ll never reduce you lead pile that way! (LOL). It is a nice rich colour the plum with the fuchsia over the top isn’t it, I do use purples quite a bit.

      At least you have the excuse of Salute for your late posting, I had nothing that exciting causing mine!

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Alex says:

    Very nice mate, some lovely work on those faces!

  8. Pete S/ SP says:

    Lovely work.



  9. Rrrrrr… these are great mate. Lovely sculpts. I went to the Eureka shop once, nice people.

  10. Great work Roger! 👏 that’s a somewhat optimistic portrayal of the female pirate 🤣🤣 maybe the same chap who sculpted our Sexy Zombie Prostitute? Paint jobs are brilliant anyway 👍

  11. Azazel says:

    Great looking Pirate trio, Roger. They look a lot like a batch of Pirates I got years ago from… Eureka possibly? They’ve come up well, and I do commend you for showing that shot of your behind rather than a more graphic one!

  12. Fantastic trio of pirates Roger. I especially think that the last one came up aces – though the lady does draw attention. Appreciate the highlighting details as well – and they came up nicely too. Way to push Mo’vember forward.

    • Thanks Mark, I was quietly pleased with how they came out, hardly pushing Mo’vember forward though as I haven’t posted or painted any more entries since these, as time has been swallowed elsewhere matey,

      Cheers Roger.

  13. borderguy190 says:

    Yar! Thems some might good lookin’ Pirates there matey!

    Pirates is one era i am trying hard to resist… This post doesnt help!

  14. Thank ye kindly ya’ scurvy dog’ sorry, actually these are really nice figures, I only have a few (all that Irregular sell I think), but I would recommend them, I’m sure there must be an stl file out there to make Galleons, a little “ship to ship” could be a fun little project for you (oh I’m so evil sometimes!) 😈

    Cheers Roger.

  15. patmcf says:

    Nice work mate, well done, they are nice little figures I must say.

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