“I Haven’t Done Squat!” (Mo’vember)

So we come to the last “challenge” month of the year (well for me anyway), “Mo’vember” though I’ve been through the rules for this a few of times over the last couple of weeks, just for any late comers I’ll reiterate them one last time. Basically all you have to do is paint a figure (or better still a few) with some form of facial hair in the month of November, simple isn’t it. So for my first submission I thought I’d play safe and go with that bastion of the hairy “fizzog” Dwarves, but not just any old dwarves “Dwarves in spaaaaaace!”, Now true to the title of this post I have indeed not done the old GW (now defunct) race of Squats, but instead have taken from the newer (but still now defunct) range of Scrunts, by the genius that is Mr Bob Olley (who also sculpted a lot of the original Squats for GW, but that’s another story). Anyway I have painted these exact figures before for Mo’vember, I actually only recently re-inherited these particular figures from my eldest, who had them, didn’t paint them, left them and eventually sent them back to me, this was in fact about a month or so before Simon suggested another round of this particular challenge, so it seems appropriate to finally get some colour on the poor little fella’s. Now as I said I had painted a group of these exact figures before, not really a problem I thought, I‘d just paint the beards different colours, but with the leader figure I thought I’d push the boat out (just a tiny bit) and sculpt him a new bushier bread over the old one, and I also added a “wolf tail” at the back of his helmet crest, really simple stuff, just to differentiate him form my original one.

First problem I had was having to scrabble about trying to find enough two pence pieces (Having not been out to the shop for nigh on two years has GREATLY reduced the amount of “small change” I have knocking about! Anyway I just about found enough to do these and my next submission (just!), so once based and undercoated in matt black, I began by dry-brushing chainmail over all the areas that would end up metallic, helmets, shoulder pads, guns etc… then blue grey was painted over the long overcoats they are all wearing, so last time I painted these I highlighted this next, but this time I thought I’d hold off on this till the end (who say’s I don’t learn stuff!). Next I set to work upon their boots, belts and baggage, and all of this was first painted chocolate brown before I highlighted it with leather brown.

Then turning to their faces, I undercoated all these with European flesh and then after their eyes were added in white and black, a highlight with more European flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. Then I added their beards, these were either black highlighted with dark grey, chocolate brown with either saddle or Eurasian flesh highlights, chestnut with orange highlights or E.C.W buff with light sand highlights. Then it was a case of adding some highlights on their guns pouches and helmet insignias with an undercoat of bronze and highlights of bright gold (they are elites after all!), though this time to differentiate them from the other lot, I did the wings on the skull insignia on their helmets in metallic blue with steel blue highlights. Lastly here I added the odd dot of luminous green to represent LED’s on their weapons.

The leader of my little band is wearing a cape so this was undercoated in royal blue before it was highlighted in ocean blue, and the fur collar was done in chocolate brown and the dry-brushed in Eurasian flesh. And the crest on his helmet and the “wolf tail” were done in dark and mid grey. This was followed by a round of touching-up and then I went back and highlight their coats with a mix of blue grey and a touch of white. Then as these had to match in with the rest of my “Scrunts” they were given a wash over with a 50/50 mix of matt black and water, before their bases were painted scenic brown (again a change to my new method of chocolate brown but again they have to match the rest of their ilk! Before they were dry-brushed with khaki and coffee, then areas were picked out in scenic green that were then flocked with summer mix hairy grass. Finally they went out for a coat of matt varnish and they were ready to take their places alongside the rest of my stout little chaps.

So that’s one (or seven) in the bag, but I am not alone in this “beardy” endeavour, a few others have decided to throw their hats (and razors) into the ring, so as promised here is a list of the other Mo’vember participants….

Simon  https://www.fantoricalwargaming.com/

Matt  https://pmpainting.blogspot.com/

John  https://justneedsvarnish.wordpress.com/

Dave  https://wargamesculptorsblog.blogspot.com/

Mark  https://markamorin.com/

And a few late entries ( One who’d already done an entry without knowing it!)….

Dave  https://theimperfectmodeller.co.uk/

Guru Pig  https://phillipislandgamingsociety392176732.wordpress.com/

Tarmor  https://tarmor21.wordpress.com/

Luke  https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/

Alex  https://leadballoony.com/

Wudugast  https://convertordie.wordpress.com/

Please check out their smashing Blogs and give them a bit of support, so till next time…

Cheers Roger.

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39 Responses to “I Haven’t Done Squat!” (Mo’vember)

  1. Excellent stuff, Roger. I do thoroughly enjoy looking at your Scrunts, especially when you go that extra yard to add some additional green stuff to the little fellas. Marvellous paint-jobs which do Bob’s brill sculpts complete credit!!!

    • Thanks Simon, not very original I’m afraid (especially to you as you probably read the post when I painted the last lot of these!😉). I’d hardly have the nerve to call the new beard an addition, you wouldn’t go to a plastic surgeon for a haircut now would you. 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  2. They look great, Roger, I really like ’em! 🙂 Since I paint 20mm figures I’m having the same problems as you with bases but with 1p coins! I use 2p coins for cavalry so with my aversion to painting them I’m unlikely to run out of 2p coins! You’ve made a good start with Mo’vember anyway! 🙂

    • Thanks John, the 2p problem is really becoming a bit of a headache to be honest, I might even have to leave the house and go to the bank to get some!! 😀 (of course the alternative is to go to the amusement arcade at New Brighton (not far from me) and give in a couple of pounds to the change lady, as they have several “penny falls machines” that now take 2p’s. 😁

      (On an un-related note, the little bit of film they use on Channel four with the wheelchair racers, racing the big “channel 4” robot thing was filmed on New Brighton front, just thought I’d mention that, don’t know why)

      Cheers Roger

      • When I was running out of 1p coins a few years ago I got £1’s worth from the canteen at work – they were quite happy to do that and interested in what I was using them for. Home-working at the moment means I’m running low again though. If I were you I’d be heading for the amusement arcade I think. Interesting snippet from you about New Brighton, so thanks for sharing that – I’d wondered where that was! 🙂

      • Yes I think I might have to bite the bullet and head for the arcade, sad thing is getting out without putting them all into the penny falls machine I bloody love them things!!!😁 We don’t have canteens at work these days they we had what they used to call “satellite cafe’s” (like little take away’s dotted about the plant, but had got rid of most of them anyway, with covid they had the excuse to get rid of the rest.

        Glad you liked the info on the channel 4 intro, if you’re interested the one where they are playing football and break the window was filmed in Liverpool around the corner from where a friend of mine lives 😀 not far from Goodison Park (Evertons Football Ground).

        Cheers Roger.

  3. Alex says:

    Excellent job on these mate – the little adjustments to the leader are really nicely done & definitely add to the character 👍

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Great start to Movember Roger, and the scrunts have turned out fantastic, I’m afraid there is at least another week before I can really start on my entries (yes I have found two models, not just the one ! LOL) but looking forward to being able to get on with them

    • Thanks Dave, that’s not a problem mate great to have you on board, we’re all pretty relaxed her you know. I have another entry next weekend, again not that original, but then that will probably be my lot for Mo’vember this year as I don’t really seem to have anymore fig’s with beards, and I do have something else I REALLY want to get some paint on anyway!!

      Cheers Roger

  5. Very nice indeed Roger. I don’t recall seeing the ones you painted before so I guess I probably wasn’t following your blog back then. I must also make a note of the monthly challenges which repeat as this will give me a better chance of participating in future. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, it was a while back that I did the other set of Scrunts the same as these 2016 in fact….

      Mo’venber “Scrunt Elites”

      I have painted up quite a few Scrunts over the years. It would be nice to have you along for the ride on a few of the challenge months (As an aside your Josey Wales fig would have qualified for Mo’vember as would Rooster Cogburn, so you could just modify the post and I’ll add you to the list😉).

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Comradepatrick says:

    Whoa, that’s a blast from the past! I had forgotten all about the Scrunts range. Nice work!

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  8. Tarmor says:

    Very nice Scrunts. I like the poses and the detail comes out well with your painting.
    I’ve just finished a bunch of Dwarfs for your challenge too! https://tarmor21.wordpress.com/2021/11/06/mantic-dwarfs/

  9. Lovely work Roger. I like the leader

  10. Matt says:

    Great job on your Squats… er, I mean Scrunts, Roger! Really good blues, and the flesh tones and eyes are excellent. Have to admit to never being a fan of the original Squats but these look great.

    • Thanks Matt, I too was not a massive fan of the original Squats, the figures were well done (obviously as they were by Bob) but I never really liked the quilted jackets they wore or the “choppers” they had them riding, but then I didn’t like the Space marine bikes much either (I know probably sacrilege to your ears!!), there was a really Judge Dredd vibe going over at GW back then, most of it was good, but some of it I felt was a bit mmmmhh.

      Cheers Roger

  11. Wudugast says:

    Very nice indeed, you can’t go wrong with a Bob Olley space dwarf. I’ve got a few dwarves I’ve been meaning to tackle lately myself, now you’ve reminded me about Mo’vember I’ll try to get them done sooner rather than later.

    • Thanks Wudugast, Bob is a total legend in wargaming circles, you are most welcome to join in , just let me know and I’ll add you to the list (and no ninja monkeys, with us we are much more civilised than that Australian rabble! 😁).

      Cheers Roger.

  12. Olley is indeed a force majeure, and you did these fellas right Roger. Hope to post the one I did last week for Mo’vember and appreciate the shout out. I still have a garage update post due (it’s been bad weather so slooow progress). Plus Historicon beckons (truncated for me for reasons that I may explain) as well as the rush now to beat the winter. Plus some minor surgery. Yeah, it’s nuts. Anyways, I really enjoyed this post as well as the zombies you’ve shared. As you say, cheers!

    • Thanks Mark, will keep an eye out for your post, I know what you mean about weather, it’s been a bit mad over here (blowing a blooming gale most days of late!).

      Minor surgery? Look you’ll just have to be content to look like Brad Pitt today, and not keep trying to look look like him ten years ago mate! Seriously hope all goes well with it take care of yourself matey.

      Cheers yourself! Roger.

      • Thanks Roger. The weather AND the supply issues have been problematic. What sucks is now the weather is nice yet no work is happening!

        Ironically, I am seeing a plastic surgeon, but unfortunately not to make myself better looking…I’ll be fine thanks for the kind wishes.

        Going to see Buck live this weekend before all that! Cheers!

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  21. patmcf says:

    I must admit Roger that Scrunts are new to me but you have done a great job on them, I’m not sure I would try to explain them at a party when I had had to many drinks!!

    • Thanks Pat, Bob Olley is a total legend as far as I’m concerned, Sadly most of his Scrunt range has been sold off to other companies and are really hard to find these days. You have too many drinks I can’t believe that could ever happen! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

      • patmcf says:

        😂😂😂of course not matey ! I’m such a clean living cove😆,I will have to check Bob out now that you have piqued my interest, especially when you say he is a legend 👍🏻.

      • Bob used to work for GW, did a lot of the original Dwarves and I think all the “Squats” has also done a fair bit for Reaper, as well as some work for me, back when we had “Wargames Supply Dump” up and running 😀.

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