“The Glory of Zombie’s!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

Final week of “Zom’tober” and Apocalypse Me”, and for my last submissions I thought I’d keep it in the family, there is also a reference to a figure I painted a few years back for “Zom’tober 2016”, (I’ll add a link at the end, for you not familiar with her). Anyway, as usual after the basing they went out for a coat of matt black, and then I added the flesh, this time mixing sap green and dead flesh, then of course the eyes and mouths were added in black and white, and we were off and running…

Harry loved Fridays, he would finish work early and spend a few secret hours in the “Glory Hole” gentlemen’s club, best of all he knew that “Chelsea” would be dancing that night too, Oh Chelsea, what a girl! Harry hoped she’d got the latest bouquet of flowers and necklace he’d sent, he’d get a private dance from her later, but there was always a queue for her attention, still he knew “HE” was special to her, and she’d fit him in before he’d have go home to his wife and daughter, and another evening of “What Linda’s done now”, all Peggy did these days was moan about their daughter, no stop it he thought, don’t think about those two now, don’t let them ruin the best part of the week like they ruined everything else, just concentrate of Chelsea, dancing on that off duty cops lap, wait, what was going on by the bar? Some sort of fight had broken out, it looked like that one guy was biting the other, now he was heading toward Harry. All hell broke out then, the cop lunged for Chelsea. “Hey! Get your damn hands off her!” Harry called just as the guy from the bar hit him snapping at his face and clawing his arms, Luckily Chelsea, had grabbed the cops automatic and after dealing with him was blasting all and sundry, and heading for the door. Harry followed in her wake of destruction making it outside, just in time to see her running safely away down the street, well thought Harry touching the blood on his temple, better get home and let Peggy see to this, at least she could make herself useful for once!…💀 Coffee and cream kicked off Harry’s painting, used on both his shirt and the bandages Peggy had applied, then his trousers were added in dark grey, with blue grey highlights, his hair came next and taking the colours I’d mixed for Peggy’s skirt (below) I added this in the resultant dark brown and chocolate. That just left his shoes and belt to add in chocolate brown and leather.

Peggy wanted to be the good wife Harry deserved, and she tried, clean shirt every day, food on the table when he got in, clean house, and she tried not to nag him, though it wasn’t easy with Linda always up to this or that, she had a wild streak in her that one! Peggy knew where she got it from too, she’d been just the same at that age, boys, drink, she shuddered to think of the things she’d done. Still that was all behind her now, she’d had eighteen good years with Harry, OK he wasn’t the most exciting or romantic man in the world, but he was honset and faithful, there was a lot to be said for that, and he always worked so hard, often coming in late from work, especially on a Friday, and did they pay him for all his diligence, no, they took advantage, in fact these days he seemed to have less money than ever, though she knew she could never mention it and hurt his pride. Still here he was, so better get his dinner out of the oven, Harry staggered in clutching his head, “Oh lord what happened to you”, Peggy cried rushing to tend to her husband, “I was mugged” came the reply, “Did you tell the police?”, “No, they never do anything anyway, I’ll be fine, just put a dressing on it will you”. Peggy went to the medicine cabinet returning with a bandage and disinfectant, “Oh this looks infected Harry, I think you need to go to the emergency room, Harry, can you hear me?, Harry, why are you looking at me like that? Harry? No Harry!” slowly Harry forced his fingers into Peggy’s mouth and…💀 While I had the coffee and cream out, I added the exposed portion of her blouse, then turning to her jacket, I undercoated with dark grey, but then used some blue grey mixed with more dark grey for the highlights here. Her stockings were then painted chocolate brown and dry-brushed with Eurasian flesh, before I took more chocolate brown and added a tiny amount of black to darken it and added her skirt in this, highlighting here with yet more chocolate brown. To complete her “dowdy” look I painted the waistcoat she is wearing in saddle and highlighted it in Eurasian flesh, Keeping with the theme I then added her hair in chocolate brown and highlighted again in saddle.

God! Linda hated her parents, they were both so bloody perfect! She didn’t think they had ever done anything bad in their entire lives, “Don’t do this, don’t see them, don’t go there, be back by ten”. Well she’d show them once she got her own place, she’d do what she wanted, all she needed was the money, and now hopefully she’d have that sorted, if she got the dancing job at the “Glory Hole” that a friend from collage had put her on to! Chelsea was making good money it seemed, and apparently some of the “sad sacks” who went there even bought you presents, Linda would have a bit of that! She could make some asshole feel special for a couple of minutes if they would pay her rent or something, I mean how hard could it be, wiggle about a bit and take your clothes off, simple. She’d put on her flashy new dress, and her good boots, she wanted to make a good impression after all. But what the hell was going on downstairs? She’d heard them talking since dad got home, she’d hoped to slip out while they were distracted, but now it sounded like stuff breaking? And mom screaming? “Hey, what’s going on down there? Are you alright?”. Linda ventured down the stairs…💀 Now I wanted Linda to be wearing a sparkly dress, so taking inspiration from the red one I did on my “Dame to die for” last year I thought I’d try the same but in green, so I began by putting down a base of sap green, then painting all over this with metallic green, once this was dry I mixed more metallic green with some silver to get a lighter green (but still metallic) and highlighted with this. I added her boots next and I thought coffee highlighted with cream would go well with her green dress. I then added her necklace and bracelet in bronze with first bright gold highlights and then a dot of Samurai green in the centre of the pendant. A little pink burgundy for her lips was next, her hair I undercoated in chestnut and while it was still wet ran a little coffee through it, then I highlighted this in orange and again while still wet ran some cream through this.

Of course the “gore” came next adding Harrys exposed “arm and hand” bones along with a couple of bits by Peggy’s ankles in coffee, then ruby red was applied as usual, with the smaller “highlights” in bright red where the “fresher” patches of blood could be seen. Following this came obligatory once over with the Strong tone Quickshade” before their bases were painted up in in chocolate brown, khaki, coffee and scenic green as per usual. This was followed by a little summer mix hairy grass, and then a spray coat of Humbrol matt varnish. For the final group shot, I’ve dug the infamous “Chelsea” out to face her friends (fiends?) old and new, I think she’ll be alright, she’s a tough girl (She must be to have not caught a cold dressed like that!). Mo’vember starts on Monday, there’s still time to sign up, just let myself of Simon know you’re in, and paint some (or even one) bearded figures and I’ll link into your blog, I’ll give a rundown of the people threatening to take part so far in next weekend’s post, so till then it just leaves me to say a big thank you to Simon (for organising Zom’tober) and Dave (for Apocalypse Me), see links below, and wish you all the a happy Halloween!

Till next time, unpleasant dreams!!! Cheers Roger.

Chelsea’s original post…

“Zom’tober…Inappropriate protective clothing”

Simon’s Excellent Blog…


Dave’s also rather wonderful blog…


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33 Responses to “The Glory of Zombie’s!” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the last 3 zombies for the challenge Roger, and excellent tied in back story to round off the season

  2. Brilliant, Roger, figures and storylines! 🙂 Can we not have Zomtober extended for another month?

    • Thanks John, I nearly had Peggy having an affair with Snake from last week, to try and tie them all in together, but decided against it in the end, as I thought it was more fun her being innocent.

      And no we can’t I don’t have any bearded Zombies I’m afraid😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    Excellent work on the minis and I love the backstory too.



  4. Matt says:

    Great work on these zeds, Roger! The painting’s great and the stories are, as usual, superb, and I love how you tied them together.

  5. Alex says:

    Superb mate, lovely lil’ project!

  6. borderguy190 says:

    Not sure if i should be worried for ya Roger… You seem to have a devish steak of infecting EVERYONE. lol I was in a zombie mood last night, Shaun of the Dead was on the telly at work, and since we had an unsupervised night, we mighta watched the whole flick.

    • Thanks Harry, well it’s not an apocalypse unless we all get infected now is it! 😉

      I love Shaun of the Dead, good that you got to watch all of it, the bit where there take the “Jag” is my favourite bit though 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

      • borderguy190 says:

        Definately a good scene. Mine might be when Ed gets excited about the Winchester being real. Or maybe having Viktor, one of the 3 Elder Vampires as Shaun’s step-father.

        Me? I plan to go down taking the fight to the Zeds. Well-armed colonial, after all.

      • Yes Viktor (Bill Nighty) is good but I’d rather have Kate Beckinsale as…. well I’d just rather have Kate Beckinsale to be honest! 😁

  7. Terrific final Zomtober posting, Roger. Harry is my fave of this particular bunch, and what a blast from the distinctly distant past to round it all off too, LOL!!! It’s been an awesome Zomtober for you, and I’m really looking forward to the MoVember challenge starting in a week’s time 😉

    • Thanks Simon, It was nice to bring Chelsea back, couldn’t believe it was way back in 2016 that I painted her!, and she still hasn’t found any clothes after all this time!😁

      It’s been fun this time, thanks for taking over the reins on this mate, much appreciated.

      I have four other people possibly taking part in Mo’vember by the way, so should be a good one this year!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Another great post Roger. I love the various story lines you’ve given each character and each figure looks splendid too. Love the group shot of the horde too. Somewhere I have a load of zombies to paint and seeing what you’ve done makes me think I really ought to get them out and painted. 🙂

  9. Guru PIG says:

    Roger again a great job with excellent story lines.

  10. The glory hole haha 😂 Nice work Roger

  11. Azazel says:

    A great trio of models again, Roger – though it’s almost a shame that the story didn’t make it to the following episode before they all got infected… 😀

  12. The write-ups were as much fun to read as the minis were to see. A nice round up for your Zomtober!

    • Thanks Mark, I’ll take that as a compliment, of course I could take it that the stories were awful and the mini’s just as badly painted 😉.

      But I know your to much of a gentleman to ever say anything like that! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  13. I see I need more specificity with ya Rog, they both were excellent!

  14. patmcf says:

    Glory Hole !! got to love that one mate! and I have to agree with TIM’s comments, well done.

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