“A tale of two Challenges” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

Everyone likes a bargain, and this month I’m getting a “two for one” on painting challenges (yeah me!), as not only is it “Zom’tober” the time of the year when the un-dead get a little love (and paint) in the run up to Halloween, but “Dedicated Dave Stone” (perhaps that should be Dead’icated? 😁 No suit yourself!) is also running another challenge with his “Apocalypse Me” challenge, where you paint up figures connected to your apocalypse of choice (Zombie, Nuclear, Squirrel uprising, whatever floats your boat, oh yes, Ecological counts too ⛈), So, ever one to jump on a band wagon (or two), I’m entering both with my month of zombie painting, I have three a week for the next four weeks, based, photographed, primed and all ready for paint. For fun I thought I’d give each a little bit of backstory, so here we go with the first three…

I started all three with their flesh, and in my usual way I picked three colours this time Mid-grey, stone green and pale blue and mixed them on the figure (basically I blobbed all three on and swirled them about into each other till all the flesh was covered), then added there eyes and mouths in black, with white pupils in the eyes and cream teeth in the mouths. Then turning to each individually….

Zoe, had been on a lot of bad dates! There was that guy who brought his mum along, or the one who was only four foot one tall, and oh god! There was that one who played with “little soldiers!” urrgh! So when “Snake” turned up she thought she might finally have hit the jackpot, OK he was a little rough looking clad as he was in black leather, but all girls like a “bad boy” now don’t they, even when he turned out to be a flesh eating zombie who chewed her arm off, it still sadly didn’t even crack the top five of worst dates ever….💀 So after her flesh was completed I started the rest of her by painting her legs in saddle, before dry-brushing them in Eurasian flesh (strangely I never use this colour for actual “flesh”). Her skirt was painted dark red, and I was going to highlight it in bright red but then I thought (blood! Doh!), so instead I mixed a little pink burgundy with some polish crimson and painted the resultant pink on instead, as this would hopefully allow the blood I added later to be seen. Her blouse I did in coffee and cream, and her belt and shoes I left black but highlighted them with dark grey. I also did her bracelet and belt buckle in copper highlighted with a touch of bright gold.

Cody, had been shooting hoop’s with his friends when the “Zom’s” staggered into the park, “Man, we can easily outrun these undead jerks!” had been the response of the teenagers and so they had begun a game of tossing the ball to each other over and around the stumbling deceased, by the time they realized that more and more of them had poured into the park, all the exits were blocked with ravenous brain-eaters, the rest as they say is history (as were Cody and his mates)…💀 Cody’s shirt was first painted coffee and then highlighted with cream. Then his “cut-off” jeans were undercoated with a mix of ocean blue and light blue, before being highlighted in just light blue. His “sneakers” were next, an undercoat of cream was followed by white highlights here. I then added a little royal blue to the sneakers soles and laces.

“Oh Crap, I’m going to die in this god-awful sweater!”, possibly not the most profound last words ever uttered, but for Jeff they were perhaps the most heartfelt, as he’d almost escaped detection from the horde of undead that had burst into the office Christmas party by ducking under the buffet table, unfortunately he accidently knocked the button that started the “tinny” rendition of “Oh Christmas tree” and flashing lights from the “hysterical” woolen gift his mother had bought him…💀Jeff’s fatal jumper was first undercoated in Navy blue, then highlighted in royal blue, then I added the Christmas tree design in vert green, with added highlights of light green here and there, next I added some dots of orange to represent the lights. Coffee and cream were used for the collar and cuffs of the jumper next and while I was at it I added some random dots in the same as snowflakes. His trousers were next, dark and mid grey forming the base and highlights here. And chocolate brown with leather highlights saw to his shoes, his exposed brain (not shown in the photo) was painted pink burgundy and highlighted with more of the same with a little cream added to it.

All three then had their hair painted in more chocolate brown with the same lightened with some cream dry-brushed over this for the highlights here. Then it was time to “gore” them up a “tad” ruby red was applied first then smaller “highlights” of bright red were put over this as “fresher” patches of blood. After all this the figures were given the obligatory once over with the Strong tone Quickshade” before their bases were painted up in in chocolate brown, khaki, coffee and scenic green as per usual. This was of course followed by a little summer mix hairy grass, and then a final blow over with matt varnish “sealed the deal” as it were.

First three down nine more to go, please check out Simon and Dave’s respective blogs from more information about these two challenges, and to register to take part….



So till next time, unpleasant dreams……cheers Roger.

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39 Responses to “A tale of two Challenges” (Zom’tober & Apocalypse Me)

  1. Alex says:

    Brilliant mate, poor old Jeff! I love the backstories – especially that superb jumper! What a lovely way to stop them from being anonymous mooks 👍

  2. Dave Stone says:

    Three awesome looking zombies Roger, and back stories to boot as well, keep it up mate

  3. Guru PIG says:

    Sad is when the zombie looks up at you and asks if you have forgotten your meds today!

  4. Nicely done Roger and I liked the back stories too. 🙂

  5. Wudugast says:

    Fantastic, I do enjoy a few zombies. Love the Christmas jumper especially, that’s just brilliant! 

  6. Superb, loved Xmas jumper zombie 🤣🤣 given me some ideas there!

  7. Coming along well, Roger, and I like the stories! 🙂 Glad you’re going in for two challenges this month, since I can’t even manage one!

    • Thanks John, to be honest I was going to do Zom’tober whatever and frankly three zom’s a week is not exactly overtaxing now is it, and as they qualify for Dave’s one too, it would have been rude not to 😉.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Excellent stuff, Roger, and what detailed backstories you’ve come up with this opening trio. Love your explanation as to how you painted their zombie flesh too. Terrific posting.

    • Thanks Simon, I think “Backstories” is a bit of an exaggeration really, as it’s just a couple of lines to say how they ended up in this predicament to be truthful. 😉

      But thanks as always for your kind words mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Matt says:

    Excellent zombies, Roger, and some great backstories too! Love the Xmas jumper on the one guy, shame the poor bugger’s going to be wearing it forever LOL!

  10. Azazel says:

    Great work on all three of these shambles, Roger. They’ve come up really well and I love all those little details.

  11. Really cool mate. I hope all the zombies stories link up. Love the Christmas tree on Jeff’s jumper. It have me a hearty chuckle.

  12. Pete S/ SP says:

    Brilliant post and lovely painting.



  13. angrypiper says:

    Every one of these stories had me laughing out loud. Great job on the zombies, Roger; and thanks for reminding me I need to do something for Dave’s apocalypse challenge!

    • Thanks Keith, though I can’t hope to compete with your good self in the “High prose” stakes, I did think it would be fun to write how each one of my Zom’tober entries ended up that way. 😀

      Cheers Roger.

      • angrypiper says:

        Nonsense. “High Prose” indeed.

      • Oi! don’t contradict me on my own blog! 😁

        I’d rather read your stuff than a lot of “professional” so called writers! If Katie (Jordan) Price can call herself a writer, you my friend are Willian “bloody” Shakespeare!!, There’s an old (non PC) saying in the UK “You can put a pig in a dress, but it’s still a pig”, well you can also sit a pig in front of a typewriter…… 😉

        (Sorry if you don’t know who she is, but I would just say count your blessings mate, as sadly in the UK we do!)

  14. patmcf says:

    Neat work mate, it reminds me of Halloween which was yesterday but the rules in place here certainly buggered up the little tackers night for trick and treat!!

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