“Quick Scatter!!!” (Season of Scenery Challenge 2021)

A wise man once said that it is sometimes good to take a break from a longer project, with a quicker and easier one to renew you enthusiasm (actually it was Dave Stone, so I’ll so I’ll leave the “Wise” bit to your discretion 😉). But anyway I thought I’d take heed of these “sage” words and spend the week away from my bloody MDF boxes and do something else. Now I’m not turning my back on the “Scenery” challenge entirely as I thought I’d wade through all the “scatter” scenery we also have for “dead Zone, some of which came with the game itself and some my youngest ordered alone with our first lot of “Slum Blocks” from TTCombat back in February. Well the good thing was that where was basically no cleaning was up to do on any of the pieces, though the TTC ones did have a good wash with detergent (even so the paint was very easily “worn” or chipped off these pieces during painting, luckily the “Quickshade” appears to have sealed them now (I hope).

So first up I had these sandbag emplacements, now after the matt black undercoat I decided that these (and just about everything else) were going to be a pain to hold and paint without the black and any subsequent colours rubbing off with handling, so I glued them down to some card and then cut around the base, stuck on some sand (so they matched the Dead Zone figures) then touched up the black around this new addition before I could get some colour on the “bags” themselves. I began this by giving them a heavy dry-brushing with some chocolate brown, this was followed by butternut, dark sand and sand in a succession of ever lighter dry-brushes, and that was it, simple stuff.

Then I had a selection of crate’s, three different types to be exact, so after they too were given a dry-brushing with some chainmail I did the long ones in German field grey with deep bronze green highlights as “ammo” crates, with the couple that are open with coffee and cream, pink burgundy and bright red added to the exposed “Missiles”. More pink burgundy and bright red with the odd touch of coffee and cream was also used on the “dagger” emblems on the smaller “Medical” boxes. Dark and light grey was used on the case, along with some bronze on the bullet emblem’s of the medium sized boxes (not sure what we’ll use these for, but they will get used for something!). Now as you are probably aware I hate to waste anything so I had taken the MDF pieces I’d pushed out of the windows on our original “slum blocks” and glued these together to make a couple of larger storage crates the grey one is all MDF whereas the slightly smaller one I had to add a base and ends in cardboard (as I didn’t have enough pieces of MDF at the time), and added some “coffee stirrer” details at the ends too. So these were also added to the pile, the smaller one I painted in royal blue then highlighted with ocean blue and the larger in dark and mid grey. Both of these were then dry-brushed here and there with chainmail, then with chestnut and a little orange to add some rust.

I also had a few pieces of “Mantic” scenery that came in the game box itself. The two boxes (that instantly reminded me of up-dated versions of the ones that used to menace the “Terrahawks” back in the day), will probably be used as “Loot crates” and were simply heavily dry-brushed in dark grey, then again in mid-grey, then I just added the “lights/eyes?” in shamrock with a “day-glow” light green highlight. Ocean blue dry-brushed with porcelain blue was used on the “Explosive barrels” and the triangular cases (No idea what these are supposed to be, sorry) I decided I’d do with orange centres with just silver end’s so after fifteen coats of orange (well not that many but a few!!), I highlighted the orange with more of the same mixed with some white to lighten it.

Next I set to work on the two “Communication” terminals (well they’re something like that) and four generators, again pretty simple stuff, they were all firstly dry-brushed with chainmail and then I picked out the “40K” (not) iconography in copper. The screen in the side of the terminal was painted in German field grey, then I added some lines (to represent some text) in light (dayglow) green, and some details were picked out in bright green, orange or more bright red. I decided to not base up the terminal’s as they will probably mainly be placed on either inside or on top of buildings so I thought that best. Meanwhile the bars that run around the outer edges of the “genny’s” were undercoated in dark red, and then highlighted in bright red.

The Barrels (Oh my god! So many barrels!!), anyway the barrels were dry-brushed with chainmail, then I took five “special” ones, that I wanted to use to represent what Mantic call “Specimen Tanks” and these were individually based and painted fusia highlighted with lilac, whereas the more common or garden ones were based in groups of two/three and painted in German field grey highlighted with deep bronze green, these will probably just be used for cover.

Everything was then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone (as I said above, to help seal the surfaces as much as anything), then the bases were painted chocolate brown, dry-brushed with Khaki, and then again with coffee, again so as to match our figures. This was then followed of course by the obligatory blow over with matt varnish. So we now have some items to fight over or around, I suppose I’d better get back to the MDF boxes now, do I feel re-enthused? Hmmm we’ll have to wait and see…

Till next time stay safe & enjoy the scenery, cheers Roger.

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26 Responses to “Quick Scatter!!!” (Season of Scenery Challenge 2021)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on all the scatter terrain Roger, the triangular boxes remind me of some of the crates you used to see over Moon Base Alpha in Space 1999. All the pieces should make great cover for your gaming, and another excellent entry from you.
    As for wise, I doubt it and remember a broken watch is still right twice a day ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, they do look a bit like the Alpha Moonbase boxes, they had one that were strange offset triangular pyramid shapes too, terrible shapes for internal space and for stacking well either, you’d think they’d have worked them out better 😁. If I get time at the end of the month I might try and make up a few more of the MDF offcut crates, as I’ve now got quite a few more of the rectangles I’ve pushed out of the windows on my latest “boxes”.

      It might be right twice a day, but only if you happen to look at it at exactly the right moments! (LOL).

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those look great- you can never have too much scatter terrain like that.



  3. Matt says:

    Nice job on the scatter terrain, Roger, it looks really good. There’s a definite Space 1999/Terrahawks/Portal look to some of those crates 🙂

  4. Nicely done, Roger! 🙂 All the bits have come out really well! I’m flagging a bit with scenery at the moment, so I might have to try something different before diving back in! I think “wise” is a suitable description of Dave – I was also going to add “modest” but that would probably make him spray his coffee across the room and roll around the floor laughing! 😉

    • Thanks John, I know what you mean about “flagging” as I have been myself, I keep telling myself “Just get this scenery done and i can get back to painting some figures!”.

      I find it best not to praise Dave to highly, he might get above himself!! 😁 (I on the other hand know my place, so you can heap as much praise on me as you wish! 🤣).

      Cheers Roger

      • Haha, I’ll bear all that in mind! Next time I visit Dave’s blog I’ll maybe comment that Jabba’s throne room looks “adequate”! 😉 And for your next blog post I’ll make every effort to be as obsequious as I can be (and that is the first time in my life I have ever used the word “obsequious”)! 😉

      • What! you mean you don’t do that now 😲.

        Cheers Roger.

  5. Very nice Roger and I think you were wise to follow the wisdom of a wise man. 🙂

  6. Guru PIG says:

    Great work Roger. Agree with Pete you can never have too much of this.

  7. Alex says:

    Great stuff mate – I find scatter a pain in the ass to do, but they’re so worth it… proper workhorse items that vastly improve any battlefield they happen to be on!

  8. Look great mate, looking forward to seeing a full on beauty shot of the whole table when you’re done 😀👍

  9. Sandbags and crates and doohickeys oh my! All good Roger. I really like the concept of “Specimen tanks” – though not for What a Tanker of course. Well done and ignore the wife’s concerns – just hide the scatter stuff throughout the house – like scattering ya know. 🤣

    • Thanks Mark, I might keep a bit of an eye out for something “high tech” looking than the “drums”, for the specimen tanks, but they will do for the moment, I don’t know about “What a Tanker” could always contain dastardly Nazi experiments 😉.

      I never hide anything from my wife! that why she reprimands me so much! 😁 (perhaps I should!).

      Cheers Roger

  10. angrypiper says:

    These are great, Roger. I’ve decided to go with quantity over fun this year; getting a bunch of my annoying scatter pieces done as well! I still have a few days left in the month so we’ll see how much I can pull off. I really like the lilac barrels. They stand out quite nicely and make good objective markers!

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  12. borderguy190 says:

    Cool stiff Roger. I think most of these pierces would work well with any sci-fi. generic enough to fit into any universe, sci-fi enough to fit the part.

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