“A Slight Altar ‘cation” (Season of Scenery Challenge 2021)

Well as you may know last week I left you with my “Altar of Skulls” finished but looking rather like it was in the middle of a snowstorm (or just very white!), So I thought I’d better get some colour on it, no self-respecting cultist want’s to sacrifice virgins on a crisp white altar now do they! Now normally I would have just given this a coat of black and a couple of dry-brushes with dark and light grey, but hey this is “challenge” season, so I thought I’d push the boat out a bit and try something different.

Now the inspiration for this is from Matt over at “PM Painting” who a while back did a lovely bit of work on a “stone doorway” see here…


And so I thought I’d take a page out of his book and try mixing up my colours a bit. Now obviously he was working on brickwork rather than big chunks of stone, but I thought the principle should be the same. At this point I’d just like to point out that if the finished article looks like a “dog’s dinner”, then the blame will be pointed squarely at Matt, however if it comes out alright it is of course all down to my creative genius! (Sounds fair to me! 😉). Right so let’s get underway.

So after I’d painted the whole thing black with some “Blackboard” paint (well I wasn’t using my expensive (not) black spray undercoat on something this big!!) I set to work. Now I knew I wanted the edges to be in my usual basing colours so the outer edge was painted chocolate brown, and I also flicked this about her and there over the “rocky” part too, then I did the same with some scenic brown, dark grey and saddle (over the rocky part that is not the edges of course) till it was basically all covered bar the odd spot of black here and there, and looked a mess like this (a).

OK so now as it was discordant jumble of different shades and colours, it was time to start dragging it back together again, so I dry-brushed the whole thing with some khaki, and then the next day did the same again with some Eurasion flesh. Next I hit it with a black wash (b) and left it to dry overnight, It was starting to look better now less brown and more grey (strangely as apart from the little bit of dark grey I’d added at the start, it was mostly brown!!). Anyway I then gave it a dry-brushing with some coffee to lighten it up a bit again, and then after going back and forth over whether to use cream or white, I finally gave it a very light and selective dry-brushing with some cream, as I thought it would look less stark than the white (c).

Again following Matt’s example I then “tapped” in some small areas of German Field Grey (dark green) with an old stiff brush, then lightly “tapped” deep bronze green, olive and stone green over this so simulate lichen and mold here and there. Then it was time to turn my attention to the outer “ring”, and this area was done in my usual fashion of (in this case) touching up the chocolate brown then giving it a good dry-brushing with first khaki and then coffee, then some (reasonably) large areas were painted in scenic green and after I glued on the odd bit of rubberized moss, they were flocked with (Javis) “summer mix” hairy grass.

And that was it, I don’t usually bother to matt varnish my pieces of scenery, so I didn’t bother here. Overall I’m pretty happy with the end result, I do think the extra work has made it look better than just a couple of coats of grey, I have no idea where the idea came to me, must just have been one of my patented flashes of genius! (Sorry, Matt who? 🙄 )

I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with figures you’ve seen before for the photos, I would have liked to have had a daring hero rushing to rescue some supine sacrifice from a knife wielding cultist leader, perhaps when I finally get those figures I’ll dig this out again for those photographs.

Till next time, stay safe and enjoy the scenery, cheers Roger.

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27 Responses to “A Slight Altar ‘cation” (Season of Scenery Challenge 2021)

  1. Awesome stuff, Roger, absolutely awesome. So many details on the skulls and grass-work etc to capture the idea and keep the attention. What a great centre-piece that’ll make on any tabletop. One of my fave posts of the year 🙂

  2. Dave Stone says:

    The experimentation with a different method turned out EXCELLENT Roger, like all the additional tones you’ve got in there, and is a great centre piece for any board

  3. Matt says:

    Oh my God that is spectacular. Absolutely amazing. Again you’ve managed to knock up a piece of scenery that is better than some of the stuff you see online selling for 50 quid. Fantastic work, matey.

    I have to admit to being chuffed at you taking inspiration from me, which from my point of view is like Michelangelo taking inspiration from a four-year-old LOL!

    • I’m sorry but I have no idea who you are, have you commented on my blog before? I’m glad you liked my completely original and totally uninspired work though 😉

      Seriously though mate, thanks so much for both the kind words, and indeed posting your excellent stone archway (or should that be doorway as you added a door?), I’ve been itching to have a go at the techniques you used, I did re-watch the video you linked too but thought yours was better.

      Thanks again, cheers Roger.

  4. That looks great,Roger! 🙂 All the detail really jumps out now!

  5. Great work Roger and we’ll done Matt too. I do love seeing a piece built from scratch and the WIP pictures leading to its completion, especially when it comes together as well as this does. 🤗

    • Thanks Dave as we said last week you can’t beat buggering about and seeing what you get at the end of it, though it might not have been such a good idea leaving a permanent record of me doing just that instead of the washing up for the wife to find! 😮

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    Wow that has really come together- fantastic work.



  7. That’s superb. I love the detail and the finish to this 👍

  8. Fantastic work Roger. Wonderful addition to your scenery collection!

  9. Hmmmmm…….😞👎.

    Cheers Roger. (LOL)

  10. Azazel says:

    To echo about a dozen other people – that looks bloody great, Roger! The painting method worked a treat, and then the textures and colours of the flock at the end really set the whole thing off very nicely indeed! 🙂

    • Thanks Azazel, it came out alright in the end, it was a fun project really from start to finish.

      By the way we never did establish if that very nicely painted version of the “Temple of Skulls” was by you or not, if so I’d like to thank you for the inspiration for this piece.

      Cheers Roger.

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