“Bounty Killer” (Forgotten Heroes 2021)

So we are now deep into what I like to call ”Challenge Season”, this is the four months “slap bang” in the middle of the year where I have three “Themed months” one after the other (actually Dave Stones “Season of Scenery” is two months long, but that’s just because he’s greedy!). So having just come to the end of Keith’s “Monster May(hem)”, it’s straight into Jez’s “Forgotten Heroes”, and this year in a departure to my last couple submissions to this I’m not going to be making anything to do with “Masters of The Universe”, instead I hope to create two (or possibly three, dependent on your viewpoint) heroes from very different visions of the future.

Now I watched a lot of films during last year’s lockdown, I mean a LOT!, some were bad, some were terrible! And some were so bad they were good! A few (just a few) were actually just good (surprisingly so). “Bounty Killer” (2013) was one of these based on a Kickstarter graphic novel and short film of the same name, it’s, set in an apocalyptic future caused by wars instigated by the corporations…(Blah, blah, blah) all you really need to know is corporate business men are now considered criminals with bounty’s on their heads, and the champions of the populace, are the “Bounty Killers” who are paid to bring them to “lethal” justice. Most popular (and pin-up girl) of these is “Mary Death”, played by the “very” easy on the eye, Christian Pitre (in both screen adaptations). Definitely one of the better “Post Apoc” movies this is well worth seeking out if you haven’t seen it, it’s currently free on Amazon Prime, and Youtube, and there are much worse ways to spend an hour and thirty minutes.

So my first submission will be the “star” bounty killer “Mary Death” herself, and my third will (hopefully) be the lovely ladies bright yellow Mustang “Mach1” (As the car used mostly for close ups is known as the “Hero car” I’m going to bend the rules a little and count it as my third “Forgotten Hero, hence the red one in the photo). But putting the Mustang aside for the moment I will concentrate on the lady herself first, and if time allows turn to her “wheels” before the end of the month. Now Mary was a much simpler figure to complete than my scratch build entry as she’s really just a case of “tweaking” the original figure with a bit of the old “greenstuff”, and said figure is once again one of the ladies from Copplestone Castings, “Babes with guns” pack, actually this figure is probably my favourite from this pack, and perfect “conversion fodder” to make a “Mary Death” figure.

Mary needed some minor surgery before I could add any greenstuff to her. So taking a scalpel and files I removed her long hair leaving just a little “on top” as they say and filing down her boot tops closer to her legs (as I hope these can be used for her stocking tops), sorry for the awful photo by the way!

Next day I was ready to start adding her accoutrement’s, this began with her boots, now I was able to leave her feet untouched as these were pretty much fine as they were, so I ran two small sausages of putty around just below her knees and dragged and smoothed these down her shins to her ankles. Then I set to work on the lower area of her “mini” dress so another sausage of putty was run around her waist under her gun belt (now the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that her holster is on the wrong side, but honestly it doesn’t bother me (too much), so I’m going to live with it, anyway I then smoothed and dragged this down to the required length (which isn’t very long!) and added some folds and ripples with my pointed shaper.

The rest of her dress was added next day, this was simply a blob on the back and another on the front and spread out to meet at the sides, I pushed in a bit of a collar around the neckline, then added to tiny sausages around her upper arms to make the short sleeves. Two tiny balls of putty were then rolled out and pushed and flattened onto the outer edges of her sleeves to form the badges she wears there.

Now in the film she (sometimes) has a long holster/bag behind her left shoulder that she keeps a sawn off shotgun in, now after close inspection of the film the strap for this appears to go into the shoulder of her dress (though sometimes it’s missing entirely, continuity eh!), so I did “um & ahh” over whether to add this or not, in the end I rolled out a short sausage of putty and plonked it on in place, then smoothed it to shape and after pushing a hole into the top added a small curved sausage to represent the handle of her shotgun. Lastly today I added the three visible suspenders between her dress and stocking tops (well you wouldn’t want then falling down now would you!!

Very little was done the next day, I just added her knife and scabbard, this involved taking a tiny sausage of putty, and applying it just above her belt, then a slightly larger sausage was added two thirds of the way down this and flattened out and shaped, the hand guard of the knife was cut into this with a small knife. And that was it (No photo, but you can see it in the next one anyway).

I really wanted to finish her off today, but first I decided to stick her down onto a two pence piece, I added a couple of pieces of coffee stirrer under her base to give a little height. Then it was hair today! (Gone tomorrow, to caption my pain!!) Mary on the other hand has lots of hair, so I stuck three blob’s of putty on the right, left and back of her head and this was then spread about and the texture was “tapped” in with the blade of a small knife. Now she is finally starting to look a bit like Mary. Next I ran a couple of tiny sausages of putty around her ankles, as in the film she tends to wear “spurs” (mainly for stabbing people in the neck with when she kicks them!). Anyway once in place I used a pair of tweezers to tease out the back of these sausages, into a flat “blob” and then shaped these into rounds. The only other thing I wasn’t really happy with was the back of her machine gun was a bit of a mess where I’d cut the hair on the original figure away from it, so I tidied this up with a touch more putty, oh and there was a tiny hole in her thumb, that I think was a bit of a miscast on the original figures so I filled this too.

Hopefully next week I’ll have completed the sculpting of my second entry, then it’ll be basing and painting on both, so till then, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Bounty Killer” (Forgotten Heroes 2021)

  1. Super start for “Forgotten Heroes”, Roger. Always a pleasure to see your initial mini, how you alter it, and what additional parts you create with green-stuff. Wonderful posting. Looking forward to seeing next week’s mini 🙂

  2. Nice bit of conversion work there, Roger! 🙂

    • Thanks John, as I said above this one was pretty straight forward. The Copplestone Castings “Babes with Guns” are just crying out to be converted, they remind me of those books little girls used to get in my youth that had a cardboard cut out of a girl in her undies that you could “hang” different outfits on. 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Great conversion work Roger, sounds like you had a real sausage fest making this one ! LOL

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great work with the green stuff there.



  5. Matt says:

    Excellent work, Roger, seeing you effortlessly apply greenstuff in such small bits is amazing. Can’t wait to see her painted!

    • Matt says:

      Also, if that’s the car you’re going to repaint, I would totally recommend disassembling it, spray priming it white, then spraying it yellow rather than brush painting it.

      • Thanks Matt, when your working in 28mm scale, most bits are small, in some ways smaller bits are better than large, as there’s less to cock-up!

        Oh yes I will be disassembling the car before priming it (white), luckily It has screws in the bottom rather than being riveted.

        Cheers Roger.

  6. Wonderful stuff Roger. Love your eye for seeing how to turn the original figure into what you wanted and then being able to do it. Will look forward to seeing Mary painted and will check out the film. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, really it’s a similar thing to what Luke does, only he combines existing bits , but it’s just a case of seeing the “bones” of a figure rather than all the fancy bits on top. Very like when you do a diorama, and see how all the various element’s will work together. then it’s just a case of filling in the gaps, same with converting really .

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Carrion Crow says:

    Trust you to find not only a character I’ve never heard of, but also a further excuse to sculpt a bit of sci-fi ‘cheesecake’. I’m surprised Barbarella hasn’t made it on to your list of characters to sculpt.

    As usual, a lovely bit of work on your part, Roger. Look forward to seeing the finished article. I might even check out the movie…

    • Thanks Jez, what can I say, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it! 😉

      Barbarella is hardly a forgotten hero, I like to go more obscure than that. 😀

      I can promise you that my other figure for this year is definitely not “cheesecake”, just a “tec”, armed with a “45′ with a hair trigger”, though that might just be “another dumb move!”. 🤔

      Oh and do check out the movie, it’s actually pretty good!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Awesome work mate 👏👏👏

  9. You’re still the king of green stuff Rog, truly impressive and an enjoyable post. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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