“Meet The New Neighbour’s”

Back to the 10mm Wild West again this week, fliting from one scale and genre to another has really helped with stopping either, getting stale or enthusiasm dropping off. Anyway I thought I’d set to work on getting the “Settlers” done, now these were already based and undercoated so it was just a case of touching up the black where they had had their unfortunate accident (see post “One little, Two little, Three Little…” to read about this), and I could get on with the painting.

I decided the best way to do this rather than try and paint all of them in one go was to break them down into smaller groups, so I started with the “womenfolk”, there were nine of these, five with rifles and five with “babies”. Rather than go into the painting of each individual figure I’ll just give a general overview of the colours used. These were porcelain blue highlighted with pale blue, sand highlighted with lemon yellow, lupin highlighted with lavender, or pink burgundy highlighted with Polish crimson. Flesh was either European flesh highlighted with pale flesh or chocolate brown highlighted with the same with a touch of cream added. Coffee and cream were used on any parts that were to be white linen, and the rifles were chocolate brown with butternut highlights and chainmail along the barrels.

Then it was the turn of the cowboys, these were again broken down into three groups of the three different poses (not counting the mount one). But as they were all painted in exactly the same manner I’ll cover them all together here. Again working from a black base their clothes were either chocolate brown with a highlight made by taking more chocolate brown and adding a little coffee, blue grey with light blue highlights, coffee with cream highlights, dark red with pink burgundy highlights or just left black with dark grey highlights. Boots and a couple of waistcoats, were either black with dark grey highlights or leather brown over chocolate brown. More chocolate brown was used on the rifles with butternut highlights, and a strip of chainmail along the barrels. Flesh and hair was done the same as the ladies above, and finally the odd neckerchief in either porcelain blue or bright red finished them off.

The two mounted cowboys (I’m not sure how I’m going to handle these chaps in the rules I’m writing yet!), were painted in the same manner as the others, and their horses were painted black with dark grey highlights and chocolate brown with chestnut highlights, a couple of socks and nose bases in coffee and cream and bed rolls in light grey (mixed from black and white, as I haven’t actually got a light grey, so must buy one soon!), completed these too. While I was painting this little lot I also completed the lone Indian that I’d missed when the rest of his “tribe” were pigmented!

All of these were then coated on “Quickshade” (Strongtone) and once dry they had their bases painted to match the Indians, that is Musket brown dry-brushed with a layer of sand and then coffee. As usual a final spray over with some matt varnish complete them.

T-shirt challenge time again and this week it’s the turn of one of my all-time favorite characters to make an appearance…”Skeletor” well there had to be a “Masters of the Universe” connection in here somewhere as often at this time of year I’d be into full “March’ters of the Universe” mode. This is actually the “Funko Pop” version of the master of Snake Mountain and was bought in a sale at our local Comic Book Store over in Liverpool a couple of years back. Though not a “Funko” collector myself I really like this T-shirt and apparently it’s a limited edition!! (How limited I don’t know though, probably just a few hundred thousand).😉

Till next time, stay safe, and cheers Roger.

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21 Responses to “Meet The New Neighbour’s”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on all your wild west miniatures Roger, all look great, and cover a wide range of people for your town.
    Great looking T-Shirt as well

    • Thanks Dave, funny you should say “town” as there isn’t going to be a town, the idea is that these are the passengers in a small wagon train that is attacked by the Indian raiding party I painted up last time, circle the wagons and fight them off (or not depending on who wins). But I do fear looking at these “settlers ” laid out before me that I might have too many figures! (not a complaint you hear often amongst gamers 😉). So I see your point, there does almost look like a town full.

      I’ll have to see once I start playtesting the rules. Oh and thanks for the fashion compliments too 😁.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Simply stunning attention to detail, Roger, especially as they’re just 10mm minis. However, the star for me is the cowboy with the red shirt, white braces and blue trousers – surely John Wayne’s marvellous silver screen counterpart Ethan Edwards from the classic 1956 western “The Searchers”..!?! Top Ten stuff if ever I saw a figure 🙂

    • Ha ha, thanks Simon, if John’s there I assure you it is purely by accident! and shouldn’t he have a white hat? I don’t know about attention to detail I just painted what detail there was on them 😉.

      In some ways I actually think the women came out better than the men.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Roger, I’m stunned! Not at the fact that you’ve painted such small figures so nicely (that goes without saying), but at the fact that you don’t have any light grey paint! 😉

    • Thanks John, I know! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t had any light grey paint for a while now, the one I had was from “Colour Party” and was a good colour, years old and eventually dried out, but I can really only buy that brand from shows (even then only a few shows they attend), and as I haven’t been to a show …..well.

      Strangely Miniature Paints who I buy most of my paint from don’t do a Light grey just “Blue grey” which I have but can be too blue (Hard to believe, but true!!!😁).

      Cheers Roger.

      • I’m led to believe you can buy a book about grey paint called “50 Shades of Grey” but I’ve got no idea what it’s like and even I think that’s more than enough shades! 😉 I use Vallejo Model Color Light Grey and find that a nice neutral grey (if I need a paler colour I’ll go with their Sky Grey).

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are very nice- especially so given they are only 10mm.



  5. Matt says:

    These are superb, Roger, especially given their tiny size. Great detailing on them, and the woman holding the kid is excellent. As Blax says, the cowboy in the red shirt also stands out. You probably did those quicker than I can do a single 28mm mini 🙂

    • Thanks Matt, the ladies did come out quite well, there are four ladies holding babies (I guess their father had a bike (as the old saying goes)). 😉 The babies were a bit of a faff to paint.

      These took about a week to do, but the were already bases and undercoated, so that saved a bit of time. Plus they were a lot less complicated and detailed than a lot of the 28mm figures you paint. 😀

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Very nicely done indeed Roger although I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that they are only 10mm. Nice T-Shirt and I m most impressed that you were able to hold you tummy in for so long while the photo was being taken! 😉

    • Thanks Dave. yep there are 10mm, perhaps I’ll have to dig out some of my 6mm figures next 😉.

      The T-shirt pic was taken with high speed film!! (and even then it was a struggle!!!!! 😌)

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Niiiice! I’m making an official start in my Wild West project today so your post has inspired me even more. They look great mate. So small, wow! Brilliant T-shirt man. Skeletor was always a favourite. Thanks for taking part in the challenge too man. I wasn’t sure if many would hehe.

  8. Love them 😍 if you’re a Skeletor fan, check out Grumpy Skeletor on Facebook, he’s hilarious 👍

  9. angrypiper says:

    Between this 10mm stuff and IRO”s Coffinwood project, you’re both inspiring me to get back into the Wild West stuff I’ve been saying I would do for literally ten years now. Nice shirt, too!

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