“Penny” (2008-2021)

I was supposed to be posting up my “Fembruary” entry today, but instead I would like to post up some pictures of our beloved Penny or “Pen Pen” as I always called her who we lost yesterday.

Before Christmas we discovered “lumps” on both of our dogs and a visit to the vets confirmed our worst fears, tumours. Holly our other dogs were operable and she has ended up with a twelve inch scar running down her belly, Penny’s on the other hand were not, and so we found ourselves in the unenviable position of just waiting for the inevitable. The tumours turned out to be more aggressive and fast growing than we had hoped and so yesterday the decision was made to put her to sleep.

I take comfort in the fact that lockdown has meant that I have been at home with both the dogs since Christmas and of course a good portion of 2020 too, even if this has meant that exercise has been restricted to just walks and playing in the garden, and not their much loved trips to the local field with the tennis ball and “thrower”.

We nearly lost “Pen” a couple of years ago when she had to have an emergency “hysterectomy”, but the tough old bird came through that, and made a full recovery. I loved my “little red rocket”, immensely, despite the fact that the first time my Dad set eye’s on her he said “Is that it?”.

I don’t know who is going to keep Holly in line now!

Sorry normal postings will return soon,.

God bless my lovely girl, Dad.

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34 Responses to “Penny” (2008-2021)

  1. Really sorry to hear this news, Roger! I know exactly how you feel though, having been through similar times! We’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Mut says:

    Oh mate, I am so sorry for your loss. Penny is a beautiful dog and she looks so happy and loved in those photos. Hugs from a fellow dog owner.

  3. Gutted for you, Roger. Hopefully the good memories will strengthen and the dark ones fade, so when you think of Penny in the future, she’ll always bring a smile to face and a skip in your heart.

  4. Wudugast says:

    Really sorry to hear about Penny, there’s nothing that finds its way into your heart quite like a dog.

    • Thanks Wudugast, Dogs, Cats , Rabbits even Ducks (yep had one of them too), We’re suckers for them all. I can handle the death of people much better for some reason, don’t know if this makes me odd or what.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss Roger, as our dogs are part of the family ( currently mines behaving like an uncle you’d happily disown, hope it’s just a phase ! LOL)

  6. Sorry for your loss Roger. I’m very much a dog guy and know all to well the sadness of having to visit the vets only to return alone to a grieving family who feared the worst. Four of the worst days of my life so I know that words are useless. 😢

  7. Oh shit man that’s horrible. Condolences to you all. She went knowing she was loved and you clearly looked after her. I’m gonna go give my dogs an extra big cuddle now. They really are mans best friend aren’t they.

  8. Guru PIG says:

    Like the other guys, mate, I am sorry to hear about Penny. Our four feline friends have been “acting out” a bit today but I will just suck it up and give thanks they are in good health. We nearly lost “Missy” just before Christmas and we were on tender hooks unbtils she came through.

    I am painting up some “dogs and dungeons” muts so I will now call call one of them Penny.

    • Thanks Dave (why are so many of you lot called Dave 😀).

      We have seven cats as well ourselves, so I’m a cat and dog person rather than one or the other 😉). Glad to hear Missy was OK, we are concerned about one of our cats today “Tash”, she is sixteen and very frail these days and had a bad night. Seems brighter today but I think she will be going to the vets tomorrow. Sadly a couple of the cats are getting old together (as they are sisters), and the other four are all the same age too (8) along with their mum who was a stray I found (pregnant) and only nine months older, so they will all hit “that” stage together as well.

      Thanks for the “D+D” tribute, mate. 😸

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Alex says:

    That’s sad news & I’m sorry to hear it mate. I had a Border Collie as a lad & still remember how much intelligence & personality they have – such lovely dogs.

  10. borderguy190 says:

    So sorry for your loss, Roger. Our furry friends make life much more enjoyable. Our big guy is getting on in years and every time I read al friend’s tribute to a recently passed fur baby I wonder how much longer that snuggle cat will be with us. Condelences to you all. Ahnd you’re not odd for liking a pet more than most people. Cats and dogs are way better “persons” than most humans.

    • Thanks Harry, I wasn’t sure whether to post this here as it’s not really Wargames related, but wanted to pay my respects to her somewhere.

      You are so right mate, I very very rarely meet an animal I don’t like, I’ve lost count of the people! 😉. (but never through this blog).

  11. Pete S/ SP says:

    So Sorry to hear of that. Pets always have a special place in your heart and to lose one is terrible.



  12. Western Keep says:

    Very sorry to read the news, I know how awful it is to lose a pet, having had to put my cat down a few years ago due to cancer. Pets are part of the family.
    My condolences,

  13. angrypiper says:

    Very sorry to hear this, Roger.

  14. Condolences again Roger. May the love you shared and the memories warm your heart. It was appropriate to share with us, we’re all supporting you.

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