“Four Dirty Words!”

I will have to start 2021 with an apology, as I don’t want to shock any of my regular readers with my use of “foul” language, I’m sure many of you never thought you would read the following words on this blog, but I fear I have been driven to write them….

“Games Workshop’s, Plastic Figures”.

Or to be more specific, “Blood Bowl, Season Two”, Now I hasten to add that this is technically not my game, but was in fact bought my youngest son, but I did agree to take on one of the teams from the “starter box” (the not Ork one as he is the Ork fanatic) and we’d paint one each. So as part of the latest challenge Dave Stone is running the “Paint the stuff you already own challenge*” I have pledged to get my “Imperial Nobility” team, along with the “Elvira” figure I sculpted in November finished before the end of February (I think he just comes up with these challenges so he can make the rest of us look slow!).

So to this end, I spent a goodly portion of the days betwixt’ Christmas day and New Year’s Day, gluing the blasted things together (I assembled my sons Ork team too), fitting them to their “Slotta” bases (more foul language, sorry) and have as I type now got these (and Elvira) undercoated and ready to start painting. We’ll see how I get on, hopefully I can get these done fairly quickly, as believe it or not I have more (yes MORE!) plastic multipart figures on their way, in the form of “Dead Zone” by Mantic Games. My other son (the elder one) already owns this and was supposed to be bringing it home at Christmas so we could play a few games, but as with a lot of families this never happened, So it was decided that we’d (youngest and I) would get our own copy try a few games and hopefully be fully conversant with the rules before the other son comes home (if and when, as things stand!), again we plan on taking one faction each.

I’ll leave you this time with my hobby hopes and resolutions for the New Year, number one I want to play more games, and it is to this end that the two games mentioned above have been acquired. I plan on taking part in a few challenges (as well as this one), including Forgotten Heroes, The Summer Scenery Challenge, Monster May’hem and hopefully Zomtober, and Mo’vember (if they happen), and a couple of others possibly. Last year I failed my first challenge month, when I woefully failed to finish my Conan based Cimmerian Hott army in “Hott’ember”, so I also hope to not fail one again. I would also really like to attend at least one show, but this is depended on outside forces beyond my control at the moment, so again we’ll see.

Well that’s it for this first post of the year, not a lot to show I’m afraid, but at least I have my painting underway, I’m off now to wash my mouth out with soap!

So till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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21 Responses to “Four Dirty Words!”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Roger’s gone to the Dark Side, quick everybody run ! LOL
    Joking aside very much look forward to seeing how you approach these BB figures, as I can imagine a very different take on the normal GW style, and very much look forward to seeing Elvira all painted up.

  2. Mut says:

    I can’t wait to see your Blood Bowl team! Will Elvira be a cheerleader? 🙂

    I too have several resolutions concerning my painting this year, the first one being “find my figures, find the paints, and buy a table” lol.

    • No Elvira will not be the cheerleader (lol) thanks Matt, I have to admit my resolutions are pretty easy this year compared to previous one, for a start I haven’t said I wont be buying anymore figures this year as I have in the past. 😀

      That is a good first resolution though! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Really looking forward to seeing your Blood Bowl minis painted Roger, as I have still to paint mine from the First Season, so you may well encourage me to dig that out and give them a lick of pigment. Plenty of Challenges on the horizon too, many of which I’m hoping to participate in too, so this should be a highly productive year for you!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, you know it’s amazing how often your comments include the line…..”as I have still to paint mine” 😉

      Yep I think we may well be approaching saturation point when there is a challenge for more months than there isn’t 😁, still I do like the challenge months to be honest!

      “so this should be a highly productive year for you!!!”. and then I go back to work and that puts the kybosh on that!

      Cheers Roger.

  4. 2020 COVID, 2021 Roger gets some GW figures! Whatever next! 🙂 Reminds me of a line from either a Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams book (I think) alluding to the fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a flamethrower!

    • Thanks John, I have bought GW figures before, and even plastic ones, just not in this century! Actually it was my youngest talked me into this as he has been playing the on-line computer version version of this, and he decided he’d like to have a go at the physical version, as well as paint up some figures.

      Well you know what they say the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem! 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  5. I have just googled the symptoms for “plastic” and apparently you can be inoculated against it. Apparently you just have to keep your money in your wallet, easier said than done but it is possible and rehab can thus be avoided. 😉 Very much looking forward to seeing how you get on with them and wish you well with your 2021 objectives.

  6. Pete S/ SP says:

    An interesting development… will it be a one off or the start of a slippy slope?



  7. angrypiper says:

    Happy to hear my humble Monster May(hem) (that’s on you) challenge is one you will be taking part in again, Roger; and of course it wouldn’t be Forgotten Heroes without you. Very excited to see what you do with these, especially Elvira. I’ll be posting my own resolutions soon; but I’ve already bought more miniatures this year than I did all last year; so not buying anything new won’t be one of them!
    Also, I forgot you named your sculpted tentacle slime-monster miniature from last year’s Monster May(hem) after me. I am both humbled and elated by this reminder.

    • Hi Keith, yes I will be taking part in “Monster May(hem)” again , how could I not do a challenge with such a great name! 😁

      I’ve got my “Forgotten Heroes” all lined up too, though I am a little worried I might be taking on too much there, we’ll see.

      I’m slowly progressing with the BB team, and I think I might do Elvira for “Fem’bruary” as well as Dave challenge,

      I have done a couple of years resolutions where I haven’t bought any figures (and achieved this!), but this year it’s a case of if there is something I really fancy, I’ll get it, have been tempted already, haven’t splashed any cash yet. (Dead Zone was bought last year so doesn’t count😉).

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Sacrilegious haha. Admit it mate, plastics can be fun too. I’m keen to see the finished team.

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