“Miscellaneous Musings & Twenty Millimetre Twaddle ”

OK, so the big day is nearly upon us now, so I’ll keep this post relatively short as I’m sure you have got things you would rather be doing than read my nonsense. Last time I left you with the figures I’d sculpted for our “Santa Claus Wars” range with my own hands (or “trotters” might be nearer the mark!), but I did also do a few figures for our 28mm Miscellaneous range (basically the stuff that didn’t fit in with any of our other ranges and a few fig’s for the 20mm Sci/Fi range and 20mm Fantasy range too.

So starting with the Miscellaneous figures, I did this chap (right) the infamous “Cyclopian Alien”, inspiration for this hit me after watching the movie “The Green Slime”, though he’s not a direct copy of the monster in that film, I did want to capture the classic “man in the rubber suit” look of movies from that era. He has always been surprisingly popular, he makes a good classic “Dr Who” monster too apparently!

Another “50’s” creature feature creation (you might notice a bit of a trend going on here!) was the “Fishoid” alien, (left) a pretty simple sculpt this one, I think he was one of the first things I sculpted, about the same time as the “Snowmen” from last week, I later did a conversion of him to add a second one.

Probably the best selling figures I ever sculpted though were these two “Carnivorous Plants” (Right), I’m still pretty pleased with how they turned out to be honest, and we were forever running out of them, so they ended up on multiple moulds, just don’t call them “Triffids”.

Turning to the 20mm (yep definitely 20mm Simon!), Sci/Fi figures, we produced, I bought the first few off of the internet when someone (I forget who sorry, old age!) was selling them off, I seem to recall his original the idea was you would buy a mould and then cast your own in resin, but I don’t think it took off at all, anyway I just bought the masters and set about having them cast, well that was the plan, but as always seemed the case, I decided that they would be better split up into different factions, if I added a few more figures to make them up to six figure packs (six sounded about right to me). I think I added a couple of figures to the first two packs (not shown), then bought a few more masters from someone else and did the same there, Next I did a couple of six figures packs from scratch, these were fun as I built up a dolly figure with just the head, hands (right one holding a weapon), and shins/feet, then once these were cast I built up the missing bits and hey-presto six finished figures. The “Chimbonda” hairy aliens (left) and “Warbots” (right, sorry for the poor pic here) were both done this way, (I also did some 28mm Astronauts in the same way). Though not completely sculpted by me I did also get two different motorcycles too, one hover and one more traditional, these came without riders, so after they were cast up rider-less, I added a couple of riders to these too. Along with this little group of “Civilian robots”.

Lastly we did start a 20mm Fantasy range too (though this never really go going), and I did sculpt a Wizard and Cyclops for this (right & left). So there you are this brings us to the end of my little trip down memory lane, I do hope you can forgive me this slice of self-indulgence, and it just remains for me to wish you all the very best of Christmas’s, and do please join me (well it won’t be me, but you’ll see then) again on New Year’s eve, when Simon from over at “Fantorical” and myself will be picking our “Top Ten” favourite miniatures from each other’s output of the year.         

So till then, stay safe and merry Christmas.

Cheers Roger.

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14 Responses to “Miscellaneous Musings & Twenty Millimetre Twaddle ”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Thourghly enjoyed your trip down memory lane showing off all your creations Roger, some great ideas and sculpting on show.
    Hope you and your family have a safe and very merry Christmas

    • Thanks Dave, though I was nowhere near as prolific as your good self, it has been fun looking at the old photo’s and getting to share them with people who haven’t seen them before. As someone who’s run a small hobby business I can but wish you all the success you so richly deserve with your own in the new year, here’s to a successful 2021!

      All the best for a healthy and happy Christmas to you and yours too mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Awesome sauce, Roger. I particularly recall the Cyclopian Alien as I have a bunch of the brutes undercoated in my painting queue. I also fondly remember the motorcycles, as those were the first minis I bought off you in person at a show. Looking forward to seeing your Top Ten at the end of the year. Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Haha! Thanks Simon, I’m starting to think your “painting queue” must look like the one for Star Wars on it’s opening day!

      Didn’t realise you had the motorbikes, no wonder we closed if that was all you bought!! 😁😁😉 (just kidding).

      Yep I’ve made a start on it now, I picked number one already (unless you blow me away with something in the next few days!).

      Cheers Roger

  3. Great to see these, Roger! 🙂 I do like those warbots and the carnivorous plants! Here’s hoping you have a great Christmas!

  4. Nice series of posts Roger and despite your best efforts I remain very impressed! 😉 Trust you and yours have a great Christmas and I am looking forward to your top 10 post in due course. 🙂

    • Thanks Dave, you’re still impressed? stick around kid I came cure that! 😉

      You have a great Christmas too, mate, The “top ten” post is always a highlight on my blog, mainly because I don’t write it!

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Mut says:

    Excellent figures and painting, Roger. I love the cyclops and the fishoid!

    • Thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed them, will we be seeing you posting again soon, you are missed?

      All the best for the festive season and 2021 mate.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Mut says:

        Once I’ve dug out my paints/minis from our garage, which is currently filled with about a million boxes, I’ll be painting again. Nice to know I’m missed 🙂

        Happy Christmas to you and yours and I hope your 2021 is safe.

  6. The carnivorous planets are cool. I can see why they were so popular. I also like the civilian robots, they’re kinda cute hehe. Merry Christmas to you and yours Roger. Can’t wait to read and see more from you in ‘21 and hopefully have another chat on the Pod. 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Thanks Luke, yes I guess the civilian robots are kind cute, not what I was shooting for though 😏.

      You know you don’t have to talk to me for the podcast, you can whatsapp me anytime just for a chat, just give me an E-mail warning so i can nick my wife’s phone😀.

      All the best to you and yours over the Christmas period and the new year mate. See you in 21′

      Cheers Roger

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