“Santa Claus is Gunning You Down!”

Well last week I gave you a little insight into my former life as a “Miniatures Mogul” (ha ha, I made myself laugh then! Sorry), Anyway after we had the first of the Dick Garrison range out I thought we needed to add a second range, but I really didn’t have the money to start paying another sculptor to start making figures for a range that I really didn’t think would be a big money spinner for us, I hasten to add at this point that this was only ever going to be a nonprofit hobby business (well the nonprofit bit was optional, but ultimately inevitable!). 

Anyway I had often thought it would be a bit of a laugh to produce a game based around Christmas, this was inspired by the fact that the one day a year when we had the all the furniture moved back and the dining room table out to its full extent was “Christmas”, and of course the tablecloth was snow white (well if you ignored the gravy stains!). So Santa and his pals was what I would do next!

Now this is a perfect example of what a complete idiot I am, in as much as I thought, “I should be able to sculpt all these myself, I mean how hard can it be!”, so some greenstuff was bought (I’d never used it before as the first things I’d tried to sculpt, were the “Raymen” as sold by “Irregular Miniatures” that I’d got half way through before discovering my allergic reaction to Milliput and sending them to Ian to finish then off).

Armed then with a cocktail stick and a knife and a quick tutorial I printed off of the net (I seem to think it was by a teenage boy who made his own Warhammer figures) I set to work on “Santa” and “Mrs. Claus” (above), more but sheer luck than judgement and skill these actually came out reasonably OK, if a little (a little!) rough by professional standards, so I cracked on and ended up with a small range of twenty figures, some of which I actually still think came out alright, and taking the cost of a sculptor out of the mix meant we eventually made a bit of a profit on these chaps, money that was then ploughed back into the “Dick Garrison” range (see non-profit!).

Gradually as the range grew I think my sculpting got a little better, and of course I added to my collection of tools. One of my favorite items in this range was actually one of the simplest to make, this being the “Snowman casualty marker” (or a melted snowman), this was originally just going to be a “freebie” we threw in with orders over a certain amount, but that many people wanted to buy more that we ended up adding him to the range proper.

One thing that I was rather proud of (in a strange way) was we actually made a “Top ten” list of the “sickest Christmas related items” on the internet one year, in amongst the “Reindeer poo, sweet dispenser” and the “Turin Shroud tea towel”, oh the joy of being listest amongst such vaunted Christmas presents, I was quite giddy with the accolade I’ll tell you.

Buck Surdu, asked if he could do a supplement for his “Two Hour Wargames” rules to cover our figures, which we naturally allowed (well you would wouldn’t you!).

So there you have it, a testament to my somewhat twisted sense of humor, these were really the figures I learnt to push the putty about on, in some ways I would like to go back and have another go at them, now I have (a little) better idea of what I’m doing, but hopefully in another fifteen years’ time I might have more again (though probably not!).

Now, though these were the only complete range of figures I did for “Wargames Supply Dump” but they weren’t the only figures I did, so next week in the last of these special posts, I’ll list a few of the other figures I did for the Miscellaneous range along with some of the 20mm ones….     

But till then, stay safe.

Cheers Roger.

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18 Responses to “Santa Claus is Gunning You Down!”

  1. I clearly missed your Santa Claus range, Roger, as I’ve have definitely bought a few of your gun-toting snowmen to use as minions for Mister Freeze. What a marvellous collection of sculpts and a great testament to your excellent skill with green-stuff 🙂

  2. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on all Roger, and proof of what anyone can do when they apply themselves to it. Modelling is like any other skill in the hobby the more you practice and experiment the better you will get, I’m sure if people looked at their first painted figure to where they are now they would see a difference and the same goes with sculpting

    • Thanks Dave, (I think 😉, is that what they call a backhanded compliment LOL).

      But I know what you mean, for some reason sculpting seems to fill people with dread, yet the quality of their painting is a testament to the obvious artistic skill the possess, it’s just a case of knowing what looks right and doing it. Similar to painting really.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Cracking figures Roger and at the risk of repeating myself from your other posts I am blown away that you engaged in doing your own sculpts. A part of me things if I was younger I would love to have had a go myself and another part of me says you are never to old to learn. I think when I free up some more time to call my own I am going to search for YouTube tutorials and attempt some very basic stuff of my own. I may even make it a resolution although that might give it the kiss of death!

    • Thanks Tim, you really should have a go, in some ways I think I enjoy the sculpting side of the hobby more than the painting these days, and as Dave said above if I can do it anyone can! 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Now this post has given me some inspiration – next time I’m using milliput, I can use the excess stuff left over to sculpt a snowman! Even I can manage that and it’d be much easier than trying to scratchbuild one out of cardboard! Not sure that I can think what I might use it for! As always, Roger, enjoyed the post, and looking forward to seeing some of your 20mm minis coming soon! 🙂

  5. angrypiper says:

    “I should be able to sculpt all these myself. How hard could it be?” I would never say those words to myself. Ever. As you know, green stuff and I…well, we just disagree.
    I wasn’t familiar with this range, Roger; but they are certainly quite nice, and the “snowman casualty” is pure awesomeness. Simon’s idea of using the snowmen as Mr. Freeze’s minions is really clever, too!

    • Thanks Keith, that is because you are not as stupid as I am! Confidence abounds, talent sadly does not!

      The snowman casualty is my wife favourite too, I was always rather pleased with the “hot water bottle” tucked down the back of the elf’s belt myself.

      Oh and yes that is a good idea Simon had😀.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Brian says:

    I always really liked these figures and tried to collect the entire WSD Santa Wars set to create a HOTT (and now SAGA AoM) warband. I think I managed to get all of them except three: Queenie, Stan SMG snowman with flag, and the casualty. Any idea where I could get those missing figures?

  7. Western Keep says:

    Hi Roger,
    I did not realize there were two versions of the Snow Beast, I have the one with his arms raised in the air, wish I also had the one with the elf in the sack slung over his back,

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