“Back In’t Ouse”

Well here we go again, the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that my “lockdown” header has reappeared up at the top of my blog once again, this is not something I ever thought I’d be posting again to be honest, but as of Thursday before last I have been told to “Shield” once again till the 2nd of December. This means apart from going out for exercise (walking the dogs!) I am not supposed to leave the house, not even to go to work! (That came as a bit of a shock for them as the government didn’t inform me by Email till 8.00pm the night before! Good old Boris on the ball as always! 🙄).

This has however given me no excuse not to take part in Dave Stones “Unity” challenge, this basically consists of painting one (or more) units of figures in any scale before the months end (and we all go back to normal for Christmas…yeah right!). To this end I plan on…you guessed it, trying (again) to finish those “bloody” 15mm Barbarian figures that make up my Cimmerian (Conan) Hott army, that I oh so spectacularly failed to complete in September.

So I started by digging them back out (well they didn’t take a lot of “digging” to be honest as they were still sitting on my painting desk staring balefully at me!), and I set to work on both the one small unit of Archers, and a three man Warband (well and a couple of others but I just started them), luckily I still had all the paint I’d used on the command stands out so had a good idea of what colours to use. I used just about all my different shades of flesh, to try and add a little variation, highlighted with lighter versions of the same, the trousers (those that had them) were done in coffee and cream and then had stripes of either royal blue of dark red added and the shields were done in much the same way. And that was about it (give or take a colour or two). I have five more “Warband” bases to complete, and if I get around to it one base of cavalry, though those aren’t even undercoated as the horses need a little “tweaking” before they get to that stage. So a slow start they are at least moving in the right direction now.

I have also been inspired to dig out the greenstuff again and have tentatively started work on a figure inspired by something my “Aussie” mate Luke (that’s IRO to you lot!) said, I’ll have more on that next time (hopefully), but I’ll leave you with this somewhat cryptic picture of the slightly oversized head I have sculpted  so far….(oh and it’s not going to be a grey alien, or Spiderman well not unless I cock it up anyway!),  Though guesses at to what it will end up as are of course welcome  😉 (Just don’t say a waste of greenstuff!)      

So till next time, stay safe.

Cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Back In’t Ouse”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice to see you back online, Roger, even if it’s taken a further period of Lockdown to encourage you back to your painting table. I intend to try and get some hobby stuff done and posted before month’s end, although my wife has got me pencilled in for “sorting the loft”, the first instalment of which uncovered a my mislaid copy of Talisman, so not a complete non-hobby waste of time.

  2. Crikey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Cimmerians! 🙂 Very nice!

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent start to your Cimmerians Roger, the start of the green could be anything at the moment, but has a very bug feel to it

  4. Super stuff, Roger, and so pleased to not only see you trying to kill two Challenges with one stone, but you’ve got the green-stuff out too. Hopefully they’ll be plenty of prospective Top Ten stuff on display over the coming weeks. Most importantly though, keep well and stay safe my friend 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, well as I’m going to be home time next month it seemed the perfect time to at least trey and get the Cimmerians done. Every now and again I just get the urge to sculpt something, not sure if this is going to work out, it might be a total disaster, but hey it keeps me off the streets (well except for the hour I’m out exercising with the dogs!😉)

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Pete S/ SP says:

    Nice- can’t do much wrong with barbarians like that.



  6. Very nice work on the barbarians

  7. Nice to see you blog Roger and sorry about the lockdown. I’m afraid until we get widespread vaccination this bs will not end. Stay safe. Barbarians look great, 15mm goodness! As far as the green stuff, I’m looking forward to your progress. As you are a He Man aficionado, and I missed that era (cuz I’m old), I do have a deductive guess. After googling, I’m going to guess Orko.

    • Thanks Mark, apparently because of my lowered immune system I may not be suitable for the vaccine anyway, but we’ll see.

      More like 15mm “slowness” in my case!

      I like the logical thinking there Mark, but I have actually made an Orko to go with my He-man collection, so no, this is a one off stand alone fig.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Mut says:

    Nice job on those! My commiserations on being stuck in the house again. It bloody sucks.

    • Thanks Matt, hopefully once they are based and Quickshaded they will come up alright. I actually quite like being “stuck” in the house, as I’m not really one for having to go out all the time, but it does suck as far as work is concerned as I know we were short of people before this round of lockdown, so I feel for the lads still in work (I can feel my ears burning as they say). 🙉

      Cheers Roger.

  9. angrypiper says:

    Dying to see what you’re sculpting, Roger; and of course I’m eager to see the Cimmerians in all their painted glory. Sorry to hear about the mandatory lockdown. I think we will be having something similar here before year’s end. It’s baffling and disheartening to see that there are still places here in the States where they think wearing a mask should be optional. Not in my state, thankfully; Mark A. Morin and I should be ok; ditto for Mut (he’s out neighbor now).
    I seem to have missed this whole challenge this month. I just got wind of it not that long ago, and I won’t have time to build and paint a unit by December 1st. That’s ok. I’m content t see what you all do instead!

  10. Thanks Keith, I will hopefully be posting an update on the sculpting tomorrow, I just need to take a couple of pictures but it’s that dark and miserable at the moment I cant get any decent pictures.

    Glad to hear you three are OK (or at least should be), I’m guessing by neighbours you are probably about as close as Simon and myself (just a couple of hundred miles 😁).

    I wouldn’t worry about missing the challenge, like buses I imagine there will be another along in a bit!

    Cheers Roger.

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