“A Vamp for Vampifan”

As you may or may not know back in March of this year we lost one of the titans of the “Wargames Bloggosphere” and a true gentleman in all senses of the word when Bryan “Vampifan” Scott sadly died, the sheer number of comments to his final post gives a good insight into the number of people he touched just via his wonderful blog here….


Anyway, a chance comment over on Simon Moore blog “Fantorical” saying that this would be the first year of “Zombtober” without Bryan casting his oh so knowledgeable eye over proceedings would be greatly missed (He never actually took part citing that every month was “Zombie” painting month in his house, and in truth it was!). Added to this Simon was also on the process of painting a rather attractive female Vampire (see link bottom of the page*) another of Bryans passions, and this got me thinking that perhaps it would be nice if a few of his online friends marked this occasion in a manner I think he would have approved of by painting up either a Vampire, Zombie, or Hunter/Survivor in honour of the great man himself.

Last Christmas I did send him this figure (right) as a token of my appreciation of his friendship as he had mentioned his admiration for it during a previous Zomtober, though I don’t know if he ever saw it due to his ill health. I like to think he did and the card detailing my thanks for his support over the years.   

But turning back to the matter at hand a Vampire figure, as I didn’t have a suitable figure to hand I ordered one from “Reaper Miniatures UK” (left) She is a “Female Vampire Warrior called D’Mona” if you’re interested, and I hope to have it painted before the end of the month, I’d say I hope he would have approved of my choice but to be honest he would probably have said that he already had one of these in his collection!

If anyone else out there would like to join in you will be more than welcome, this isn’t going to be one of our usual community painting/modelling projects but it might be nice to be able to add some links to show any other people’s figures.

So till next time, stay safe and cheers Roger.

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22 Responses to “A Vamp for Vampifan”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    I’m in Roger, I’ve got a vampire that’s been in dire need of finishing for years, seems like the perfect time to get it done

  2. Nice mate. I look forward to seeing what everyone does

  3. da Gobbo Grotto says:

    I know it’s been a long while since I last blogged Roger, but I’ll see if I can find a suitable mini to paint in honour of the man who inspired me to build and blog about Zompoc. Cheers Andy

    • Really nice to see you back Andy, I know the last few months have been trying for all of you connected to the NHS, it would be great to have you back blogging, you have been missed mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Mut says:

    I checked out his blog occasionally but I had no idea he’d died. That’s just awful. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on a vampire and paint it up.

    • Thanks Matt, even now it is a really entertaining blog if you check back through his archives, his enthusiasm shines through all of his posts. It would be great to have you on board.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. I did not know of Bryan/Vampifan or the blog. But clearly by the final comments he was appreciated and by your last touching gift he was inspiring to others so that’s quite a tribute in and of itself. Makes you think when a blogger stops blogging – what happened? If I suddenly pass, how could my wife share that? She wouldn’t, but of course my blog name is, well my own, so a Google search would find an obituary I’m sure. Don’t know why your post got me on this path of thought, except maybe we are dust and to dust we will return. Loved Bryan’s exhortation “Have fun, I did”. That resonates. Cheers buddy.

    • Thanks Mark, he really did have a vide and vast audience for his blog and well deserved it was too, he was always generous with his advice as well as his encouragement, to say he was well thought of would be to him an injustice.

      You sir would also be greatly missed, good job you are going to live forever them isn’t it (only the good die young!). 😁

      Cheers Roger.

      • Thanks Roger, very nice of you to say. I do know statistically I’ve got 25% (+ or -) left given average male life expectancy. ( you know I analyze and dissect all data!). Got decent genes longevity-wise and I’m pretty active, but one never knows, just gotta make the most of the time we are blessed enough to have. I know I’ve more golf to play, more minis to paint, and more life to live well. I probably have plenty of future snow to clear too, but hey, I’m a New Englander and the cold keeps me from spoiling! I hope anyways, it does mess with golf!

      • I’d say best not to think too much about it, but I can see that ship has sailed 😁

        Cheers Roger.

  6. John says:

    Just read about this on Dave Stones Blog, I think it’s a great idea, well done for coming up with it. I will see if I can get hold of a figure to try and participate.

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