“Hott?, More Like Luke Warm” (HOTT’ember)

So the plan, (my god you have a plan! I hear you cry), so the plan, was to paint up one or two individual troop types or “elements” each week, breaking the army down into manageable (I thought) pieces, then “Quickshade” and base the lot at the end, however I hadn’t realized just how unfit I had become over the “Lockdown” and therefore how bloody knackered I’d be by the time I got home from work. So here we are over two weeks in and I’ve just about got the first two “elements” up to the “Quickshade” stage, so that’s any chance of getting the whole army done by the end of the month down the toilet. I do have a revised plan but I’ll share that if and when that comes into effect.

Now the worst part of any figure painting in my opinion is the cleaning up of the casts and base coating them, so when I have a few figures to do like now I tend to do that part all at once to get it out of the way. As I stated last time I love Mark Copplestone’s figures and these are no exception, what I wasn’t quite so impressed with however was the casting on these figures, though the detail was pretty clear where was quite a lot of flash and visible mould lines in evidence that needed tidying up with a scalpel and needle file so a not so pleasant hour was spent cleaning the castings up before they were glued to various bases of lumps of wood ready for painting, that is except the cavalry figures, as I have a couple of issues with them that I’ll detail in a later post.

Anyway everything was then given a coat of matt black and tucked away in readiness for their days under the brush. I pulled out the command/hero base and the magician base first, each of these contains three figures, the Magic user, a drum player (to accompany her mystic chanting?) and a bodyguard on one, and Conan, Valeria and Red Sonja on the other (well that’s who I’m calling them!). Now looking at the large array of paint pots strewn across my table I have decided against going into the individual painting of each figure (as it would stretch to several pages!) and instead I’ll just outline some of the more interesting (well to me anyway) bits.

All the flesh was undercoated in either flesh tone 7 (dark flesh), European flesh, Eurasian flesh or a mix of these and highlighted with a lighter tonal mix of the former. Chocolate brown was as usual predominantly used on the wood and leather parts with leather brown and butternut used for the highlights. The non-chainmail metallic’s were copper highlighted with either bronze or shinning gold and my bodyguards trousers were coffee and cream with deep bronze green stripes. Everything else is pretty self-evident I think.

On an unrelated note, have you ever wondered what it would be like if an Australian were to talk to an idiot? Well wonder no more because as of Friday you will be able to find out as the conversation I had with the talented and charismatic “IRO” or Luke to his friends (so IRO to me!) last Sunday morning will be released (escaped more like) as the latest in his excellent (till now) “Imperial Rebel Ork Podcasts” (Episode 34 I think). If you don’t already listen to these, (and you should) they are the perfect accompaniment to a painting session and really did help me get through the “lockdown”. Lord knows what we said, I remember laughing a lot but whether anything makes any sense I really don’t know, I do know that I got the link to my blog wrong (I did say I wasn’t tech savvy!), but do please give it a listen he deserves the support (I do hope I haven’t done too much damage to his reputation). Anyway all the episodes are well worth a listen I think they are available on most music streaming formats just search for “Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast”.

Stay safe, and cheers Roger.

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21 Responses to “Hott?, More Like Luke Warm” (HOTT’ember)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Your command figures look excellent Roger, sorry to hear work has taken it out of you, hopefully you’ll be back to your normal self soon.
    I haven’t listened to any of IRO’s podcasts as of yet but will certainly check them out

  2. Great start Roger, and having painted both Mark Copplestone’s (not) Conan and Red Sonja myself I agree that the detail on his sculpts are exceptional. I’ve not experienced the castings issues though which you clearly have; albeit I bought my barbarians from him years ago when they first came out – so perhaps the moulds are getting a bit old now..!?!

    • Thanks Simon, sadly that’s all it is a “start”, I was hoping to be considerably further along than i am, I don’t know if it is the moulds getting old or not but these 15mm figs don’t seem to be as good casting quality as the 28’s I bought a few years back, I wondered if they were being cast by someone different since “North star” took over?

      Serves me right for “kicking my heels” for so long! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  3. borderguy190 says:

    Nice stuff Roger. If I did it all again it would be 15s all the way. I might not be finished painting, but I would have way more complete armies! I pulled off two armies for the Triumph rules last year (or maybe the year before… Its all a bit of blur) in way less time than anything else I have painted. Even if the tiny shield decals (that had to be cut apart to fit the German shields…) did cause a bit of madness.

    More! We demand more, Roger!!

    • Thanks Harry, I do like 15’s but then I also like 28’s, I even like 10 and 6mm and I’ll always have a soft spot for 20mm too, I guess I’m just a bit of a scale trollop unable to fully commit to any one size 😏

      I am however on a bit of a 15mm kick at the moment, so don’t worry there will be more I have a whole army to get through, might take a while though.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Excellent work Roger. I really like these sculpts and you’ve done them justice. Thanks for the shout out, very much appreciated and by all means call me Luke or just SIR. 😉It was really great having you on the show and the more I think about it, getting you on down the track to talk sculpting would be really cool.

    • Thanks SIR, they are beautiful sculpts, not sure about the doing them justice thing though, I just do my best. I really loved being on your podcast and would be honoured to be on it again, if you’ll have me.

      Mind you I haven’t listened to this one yet, will do in a sec, I might be too embarrassed to ever leave the house again! 😲

      Cheers Roger.

      • Haha you stole the show mate

      • Having now listened to it myself (I couldn’t remember what we’d said, plus of course your interesting “Butterfly” piece too) I hadn’t realised a) just how “snotty” I was as I have been coming down with a cold and much more worryingly b) How “scouse” my accent is!

        Well you know what they say about “Scouser’s”….They’ll steal anything! 😉


  5. Looking forward to listening to your IRO interview, and I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as I did on Episode 22. He’s a lot of fun, and insightful. I’m jealous as I’d love to have chat with a guy like you!

    Love the work so far here, looking forward to seeing more. As for scale, I’m mostly in 28mm for infantry and 15mm for tanks, but yearn for the days of 25mm Ral Partha…

    • Thanks Mark, yes I really enjoyed chatting to Luke as you say he’s a lot of fun, who knows through the wonders of modern technology (which I don’t really understand) we could be chatting away before we know it! Talking to you would be a blast tbh.

      Ahhh 25mm now that really is “gods own scale”, Ral Partha and Grenadier that takes me back..😊

      Cheers Roger.

      • We’ll do that chat I’m sure…Your chat was truly interesting to listen to. IRO does a great job. I loved hearing your accent, but not sure of it being “scouse” or whatever that is (as I am a NEW Englander). As for your post, Copplestone is a great sculptor indeed. We metal lovers (especially of the older sculpts) May have to deal with such issues as filing and cleanup but still worth it (as I am sure you’d agree). I loved seeing your HOTT progress, but do wish your pics were a bit bigger (and not just for the tasteful nudity though that would be a pleasant addition 😆). Glad to see the Conan stuff, really fun Roger!

      • Ha ha, it was scouse to my ears, though I must have picked it up from work as my family is all from “down south”.

        As “Steel Panther” says….”Death to all but Metal!!!!!”

        Sadly there hasn’t really been much progress on the Conan fig’sI been busy all weekend in the house and taking stuff to the “tip” (garbage dump), so will probably be next weekend before I even touch the fig’s again.

        Cheers Roger.

  6. Mut says:

    Nice job on these! They’re really good looking sculpts and you’ve brought out the details and the character really well!

  7. angrypiper says:

    I’ve already replied to you elsewhere, but I’ll make it official here. Loved IRO’s podcast; he’s got another subscriber now. Thirty plus episodes is pretty impressive considering he started during the pandemic. You were great on it! Like Mark, I was curious to hear the voice behind the wise advice. (Of course, “Maahk” shouldn’t talk about accents; hearing my own New England inflection come through in his voice made me chuckle; and made me wonder if I sound like that, too!) I’d love to hear you on there talking about sculpting. Like IRO said, you’re an all-rounder: painting, sculpting, building. You have wisdom to share. Like Yoda.
    Also, great work on the 15mm Conan stuff, etc. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Keith, everyone should be a subscriber to “Luke’s” podcast it’s just a really good listen (is that the right word? well I’m going with it), you would think a chap talking to himself about “Hobby Slumps” (topical eh’ Keith 😉) or of why he chose Imperial guard would be of little interest to the rest of us, but he manages to instil it all with so much enthusiasm that I find myself hanging on every word!

      It was great to hear Mark talking, and he sounded exactly like I imagined he would to be honest (whether he’ll take that as a compliment or not I’m not sure 😁), in fact all the interviews (bar one) have been of interest to me.

      Yes he did call me an allrounder, you know the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none!”.

      Thanks for the nice comments about the Conan stuff, though at the moment I think you can add me to his list of conquests, as this army appears to have broken me. I think I’ll have to drag myself off of the “Tree of Woe” and do something different for a few weeks before having another dip into waters of the “Hyborian age”.

      Cheers Roger.

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