“Desecration of the Daleks”

So as this was to be my last week of (sort of) freedom before I return to work on Monday I was casting about looking for something relatively easy to do that I could complete before then, but what to do…. Inspiration struck in the form of this picture from Jez’s blog “Carrion Crows Buffet”*. These are apparently “Eternity Circle Daleks” taken from a Doctor Who novel called “Engines of War”.

I really liked this Dalek colour scheme and thought it would be fun to reproduce it, the only slight problem being that I don’t have any of the current series Daleks! I am in possession however of some of the magazine “giveaway toy” versions of the ever-unpopular iDaleks, that I never thought I would get any paint on, but as these are what I’ve got I had to alter the scheme slightly but have tried to keep the flavour. So first job was to dig my plastic freebie’s out of the box in the loft they have been languishing in since I got them, it turned out amongst the multitude of colours therein there were five blue ones, now it didn’t really matter what colour they were as they would be completely re-painted, but it seemed appropriate somehow, so those five were taken to be painted. Now being cheap children’s toys they were of course poorly constructed, there is a panel at the front of the skirt that doesn’t fit well and is loose, this seems to be caused by the poor assembly of the models, luckily by sliding a scalpel into the seam at the base of the model you can “crack” them open, re-position this panel glue the Dalek back together then secure this and fill the gaps around it by carefully running some superglue around the panel and immediately wiping away any excess. Other than that and tidying around the joints with a scalpel they were actually not that bad. I based mine onto tuppences with one piece of card as a spacer and a bit of Tetrion filler around the edges, just to give them a bit of weight (and because I couldn’t stand them not matching the rest of my figures to be honest!). I also used a touch more of the “Tetrion” filler to fill the strange gap between there “arms”. They then went out for a coat of matt black, and I have to say they looked a lot better already.

So on to the painting, and I began by undercoating the skirt and neck rings in navy blue before covering this with Tamiya metallic blue, then turning to the other areas, sensor balls, mid-section rear vent surround and head dome, I undercoated these in mid-grey and then, well I don’t exactly know what to call the technique I used here as I didn’t re-cover them, or dry-brush or highlight them either, probably the best way to describe it is I re-painted them “badly” in chainmail as I wanted a tiny amount of the grey to show here and there. This actually worked really well and I’m pleased with the end result here. Much touching up around the “balls” followed, as anyone who has ever painted Daleks will tell you that painting those things is a lesson in frustration if ever there was one!! I used chainmail as after checking on a spare piece of paper I discovered that this is slightly (only slightly) darker than silver, so Silver was then used on the gun, plunger and eye stalks and I added the two rings around the eye-stalk in bright blue. The “eye” on the picture above shows the “new” blue light version, but I still prefer the old “black and white” eyes from the originals so did mine that way. I did however do the dome lights in porcelain blue instead of orange (rebel that I am!). Then recesses between the neck rings had some black run into them, and the eye, plunger and base skirt were highlighted with some dark grey and they were finished.

I decided not to “Quickshade” these as I didn’t think it would suit them, so next I finished off the small amounts of their bases that were visible in my usual manner (I am considering rebasing all my Doctor Who stuff this way, but we’ll see). A quick spray with some matt varnish sealed the deal as it were.

These turned out a lot better than I had hoped and have swung my opinion of these surprisingly neat little models, do I still prefer the originals…of course I do! But I do have plans to add some more colour variations to this little Dalek force in the future now.

Stay safe, and cheers Roger.

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24 Responses to “Desecration of the Daleks”

  1. Astonishingly good work, Roger. I attempted that very paint scheme on some “Warlord Games” Daleks a while back as part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, and gave up trying to ‘pick out’ all the nodules. They drove me absolutely bonkers, so I’m in absolute awe of your work on these… Top Ten stuff without a shadow of doubt, and the one to beat in my books by a long way too 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I do like this colour combination so much better than the “United Colours Of Dalektton” versions they used on the iDaleks in the series. The “nodules” (sorry didn’t know the correct term) were an absolute pain to paint, I did consider using the “tube” method but in the end I found the best way to do them (for me at least) was to work my way around from one side to the other just painting the left had side of each “nodule”, then go back and work in the opposite direction painting the right hand side of each nodule,.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work Roger, and proves the point that a great paint job can improve a bad model, the pictures of the unpainted figures had me thinking why is Roger attempting anything on those terrible models, the end result proved me wrong

    • Thanks Dave, the models are rather uninspiring to be honest, probably why they have been up in the loft for so long, but once you get into them they are better than you think, though I believe I have been lucky in the ones I have as there is apparently great variation between the quality of these models with some of them being truly awful!

      Cheers Roger.

  3. I think they’ve come out out really well, Roger! 🙂

  4. Mut says:

    I don’t even know what an iDalek is — I’m assuming it’s from the newer Dr Who? But good job on them, the metallic blue look is excellent and your patient attention to detail on those nodules is amazing.

    • Thanks Matt, yep the iDalek is a derogatory term used by fans of the series to describe these “new” updated versions of the Daleks as introduced during the 11th Doctors tenure (due to their somewhat bright colours, so they looked like ipod versions of the classic villian). They were so unpopular with fans that they were soon phased out in favour of a return to the previous model. However at the time they were introduced several issues of the kids magazine “Dr Who Adventures” featured free a gift of these iDalek models, and as you can imagine being about 28mm scale wargamers fell upon then like locusts!! I assume that these jumps in sales prompted them to feature these particular free gifts on numerous occasions.

      So there you go a potted (very potted) history of the iDalek and toys.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Michael Awdry says:

    These look superb Roger, well done! What is the plastic like to work with? I only ask as I had some of the angels which were made of a more flexible plastic, when I sprayed them they became sticky.
    All very strange.

  6. Thanks Michael, the plastic on these is actually OK, it’s the hard type like most wargames figures (e.g. GW’s plastic). It is a bit brittle so it’s easy to snap off the stalks, like I did with one of the eye stalks! I’ve heard of a few people having issues with the more “human” shaped figure though, but haven’t tried any of them as I passed all mine on to Jez.

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice work, Roger. I will be painting up mine in the official colours of the New Dalek Paradigm (the official name of this design), but this colour scheme is cool.

    And whilst the fans were not fond of this design, it was better than the Scout Dalek introduced during Chibnall’s run – or the “Scrapheap Challenge Dalek” as I like to call it.

    Interesting fact regarding “iDalek” design – the panel at the rear supposedly folds down, allowing the sucker arm and blaster to be replaced with other weapons from within the body. We didn’t see it in the series, but had we, that might have made them a little bit cooler.

    • Thanks Jez, I did look up “Paradigm” Daleks on the net as I thought that was the “official” name but it came up with pictures of several different types (including that scout one), so thought I’f just stick with the iDalek moniker.

      Fortunately I have never seen the Scout Dalek on screen as the introduction of the iDaleks was about the time I finally decided to never watch a new episode again (I’d dropped to an episode every now and again before that I think when River Song first appeared?)

      I thought it was just a vent at the back, wouldn’t it be easier to change weapons and arms from the from like the old series rather than from the back, a bit like having your nipples pierced through your bum’hole?

      it does however meant there are less nodules, so not all bad. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Awesome work Mate. Those bumps, would have finished me off!

  9. Well done Roger. They’ve turned out well man

  10. borderguy190 says:

    Well done Roger! Its nice when paint helps his flaws on models we aren’t fond off.

  11. Nice work Roger! I think you made a good choice on the colors, and passing on the Quickshade. The concept of painful to paint sensor balls is somehow sticking in my craw…😁

    Clearly you can paint both plastic and metal, and it looks like you got these in order structurally. I have watched a few episodes of Dr. Who over the years. But I always feel as if I’ve missed too much to enjoy them.

    Cheers and kudos!

    • Thanks Mark, as I’m sure we all know there’s nothing worse than “sensitive ball’s” probably explains why Daleks are angry all the time! 😬

      Oh I can paint most things, plastic, metal, walls, doors (but don’t tell my wife) 😉

      Doctor Who is a great watch once you get into it, though I recommend the old classic episodes more myself, much as I prefer “Star Trek” pre’ TNG to the newer stuff.

      Cheers Roger.

  12. Azazel says:

    Great work, Roger. Makes me want to go paint up some Daleks myself 🙂 Wish I still had some left from the old “Daleks and Cybermen” box, but you’ve shown here that even a sub-par design can be made to look pretty sweet regardless!

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