“Knights on the Town”

Right before I start this week’s posting, you might have noticed that my “header” above has returned to its normal configuration, this is because as of today (Saturday) I am no longer shielding and can play outside once more! Not that I really want too, but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it. But anyway back to my regular load of tripe….

As I stated way back at the start of the July while I was working on my “Summer of Scenery Challenge” piece I was also going to work my way through the rest of my Townsfolk and Knights by “Mega Miniatures”, well as you should now be aware the pond is finished, but what of the figures? Well they are finished now too. Progress has been slow but a bit of a push this last week has seen me complete the last of the “stragglers”. So I’ll go through them one by one, but rather than repeat myself ad infinitum I’ll just say that they were all undercoated in matt black, that was dry-brushed in chainmail (unless they had no metal accoutrements), Leather and wood was always chocolate brown with either leather or butter highlights, and all the flesh was European flesh, highlighted with a mix of the same and pale flesh (though this mix varied slightly from figure to figure). Other than that they were painted as follows…

My spear carrying dandy was started as usual then dark grey highlighted with mid grey was used on his money pouch, coffee and cream formed the undercoat and highlight on his shirt, and his trousers and shield quarters were either dark red, highlighted with bright red or citrus yellow with sand. His hair was chestnut with orange highlights. My Mystic “Meg” was a very simple paintjob, blue grey was painted across her dress and this was then highlighted with light blue mixed with a touch of porcelain blue. Coffee and cream was used on the ties at the front of her gown, along with the bones hanging from her belt. Her hood was dark red with pink burgundy highlights and her crystal ball was painted silver then swirls steel blue were added to it. Lastly in this trio my halberdier simply had royal blue and dark red added to the band tied around his helmet, that were then highlighted with bright red or porcelain blue. His hair and moustache were chocolate brown with chestnut highlights.

My broadsword carrying knight was next, his undershirt having an undercoat (ironic that!) of sap green with highlights of the same with olive added to the mix. His pants were dark grey highlighted with some light blue, the strapping around his shins was butternut and coffee, bronze and shinning gold was added to the swords hilt and studs around his helm, and citrus orange and sand was used for his hair. My crossbow carrying lord, had his fur cape done in dark grey with a mid grey dry-bush, lilac and lavender were used for the lining. His undershirt was done in royal purple with plum highlights, plum was also used on his ”hose” to form the stripes after a base of coffee and cream was applied. Once again bronze and shinning gold were used on his sword hilt and citrus orange and sand formed the hair. Then we come to “Eugene” as I have been calling him (because he needs to be careful with that axe!), He was a slight disappointment as once I was painting him I realized he was a bad casting as his left “couter” (elbow brace) hadn’t cast properly, so I decided to paint it up as part of his shirt instead. Anyway Dark red was used for this with pink burgundy forming the highlights here. The only other colours of note with him were his hair that was chocolate brown with chestnut highlights.

While I was digging through the boxes in the loft looking for the Oil Drums I used on my “Pond” I also came across this “Hasslefree” figure of a “Lady of Disrepute” I’d obviously started painting her at some point but never finished. So as she fitted in rather nicely with the rest of my “Townsfolk” and looked like a “quick paint” I broke her off of her ridiculous tiny “slotta” (spit spit) base and re-mounted her (ooer misses!) on a 20mm square cardboard one. A quick coat of matt black and I repainted her in basically the exact same colours I did last time so her skirt was royal purple highlighted with plum and then again with lupin, blouse coffee and cream, shoes black highlighted with a touch of dark grey, and hair Chocolate brown highlighted with the same with a touch of cream. And another touch this time of pink burgundy was added to her lips. So yes she was quick!!

The last two figures were the last two painted, mainly because they there the two I was least inspired by. The wounded adventurer however I rather warmed to as I went along. Deep bronze green mixed with olive was used as a base on his trousers with more olive forming the highlights here, more deep bronze green was used on his waistcoat and even more of the same mixed with light green was used to highlight this. For a bit of a change I used dark grey and mid grey to do his money pouches, yes he has two whatever he was doing to get so injured obviously paid well! His shirt was coffee and cream as usual, as were his bandages. His hair was done using my two flavors of sand (one is darker than the other though they have the sand name, but different manufacturers), and his bedroll slung across the top on his backpack was blue grey with light blue highlights. My “Rat catcher” on the other hand has not risen in my estimation at all, this is just a poor sculpt, with his left arm being considerably longer than his right, the hand here is also far larger than it’s right counterpart too, anyway, his jacket was painted sap green again with sap green mixed with olive for the highlights, his putties are coffee and cream and his trousers are scenic brown with more of the same mixed with cream forming the highlights, dark grey and mid grey were used on his cape and his hat was butternut and coffee. For the rats I turned to my “Into the Wasteland” post about the giant rats and used the same colours on these, so over the black I simply highlighted with a mix of black and chocolate brown, then added the tails and noses with dark flesh highlighted European flesh. Lastly his hair was chestnut and orange, I still don’t like him.

So there you go, all finished, for those of you who have been following this blog for a long time I will also say that I can now also cross off two more boxes on my “Random Painting Generator” sheets too (always a nice felling when I can do that!).

I might try and squeeze in another little piece of scenery this week, so till next time…

Stay safe and cheers Roger.

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16 Responses to “Knights on the Town”

  1. Michael Awdry says:

    Splendid work Roger, lovely characters. The lady of Disrepute had come up well too, so to speak.

  2. Wow. What a corking batch of medieval flavoured minis, Roger. I particularly like the “Lady of Disrepute” as she has a Leia (Jabba Slave costume) look about her, imho…

    • Thanks Simon, some of the Mega Miniatures figures are really nice, some no so much (like the rat catcher), The lady of disrepute is an OK figure, don’t know why I started her before and didn’t finish her then.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. I liked what you did with all of these, but the “Lady” was my fave, especially with the before and after. The others are also nice, and a regular renaissance fair to boot!

    • Thanks Mark, The “lady” (she’s no lady!), was actually one of the easiest and quickest to do. I think Renaissance fairs are more of an American thing tbh, I only really know about then because of the “Big Band Theory” TV show. There was a jester and town crier amongst others in the pack though.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Excellent work on all Roger, and what a great find when hunting for the barrels, all look like they’re on their way to a renaissance fair

  5. Mut says:

    Great job on these guys! Some real characters there, Mystic Meg is probably my favourite. Thanks for showing the before/after pics of the Lady of the Night, you did a good job making her a lot better.

    • Thank Matt, There are some real characters in there, there actually was a “lady of the night” in the original box too, but she has a face only a mother could love! 😁

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Excellent work Roger. I really like the Lady of Disrepute

  7. angrypiper says:

    Great work, Roger. I really love townsfolk miniatures, and Mega Miniatures had a swell line of them. I’m sad I never got to grab them when I had a chance.

    • Thanks Keith, they are really characterful mini’s, I have to admit I received mine along with the Knights and a pack of Skeleton Warriors (well two identical packs for some reason), as samples back when I was writing for “Valkyrie” magazine, though it would have been a great way to buy them and pack out a D&D village.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Azazel says:

    Great selection of well-turned-out townsvolk, and you can really see the improvements in paint on the lady of disrepute, except for the slight regression when you cut off her holy slotta!

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