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“Monster May(hem)” (week 1)

Monthly challenges are a great way to get you to paint or do all those gaming related projects you’ve been meaning to do for ages but you always end up putting off for some reason. Well this month Keith over … Continue reading

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“What if…Wednesday (13th May)”

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for another round of What if… and this week’s discussion piece was inspired by a comment by Roy of “This Blog of Mine” fame… “If the question was five fiction books to take … Continue reading

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“Get Carter”

Now I have been hinting for a while now that I was going to start painting up some 15mm figures, and even showed pictures of my new arrivals from “Peter Pig” the other week. Well the plan is to do … Continue reading

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“What if…Wednesday (6th May)”

Right so last week it all got a little sombre so this time we’ll lighten the mood a bit and but stay on the subject of toys and games. So we’ve done toys, what about games or to be exact… … Continue reading

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