“Monster May(hem), I Blame Roger” (week 2)

So as I stated last week all I had to do this week was paint the monster I sculpted for Monster May(hem), people seem to be giving these things names during this challenge, so I’m going to call mine “Keith”, for no particular reason 😉 .

As Keith was already based up I was able to get straight into the undercoating, now I still haven’t been able to get to the shops to buy another tin of black spray paint, so this was done with the old brush and pot of acrylic. Turning to the body shell I put down another undercoat of aquamarine, then mixed up some more of the same this time with some deep bronze green added and heavily dry-brushed the life out of it with this, then did the same again this time with more of the deep bronze green added, finally here I added a light dry-brush over the tops of the “bumps” I’d added to the shell.

As for the neck and stinger “face” I painted the lower portion with some plum, and the upper with dark red, then while they were still wet blended them into each other. Then highlighted the rings with lupin at the bottom and pink burgundy at the top, by putting a blob of each colour on a pallet (I mean Pringles lid!) I was able to gradually mix the two colours so the rings would graduate down the neck too. I added some European flesh and coffee to the area around the “mouth” to lighten it and make it stand out a little more. Lastly after touching up the black on the “frill” at the base of the figure, I heavily dry-brushed it with khaki and them lightly with coffee ( I was a little worried that this would blend into my basing as these are two of the colours I use here, but the Quickshade seems to differentiate it enough). Talking of “Quickshade” that is what came next as I painted the whole thing with a coat of “Strong Tone”, before I painted the base with chocolate brown, dry-brushed with Khaki and coffee (see I said I used them here), and then I picked out areas with scenic green that were later flocked with some “Javis”, summer mix hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish took the shine off of everything and Keith was done! I thought it appropriate to add my “Peter Cushing” figure to the above photo 😉.

Now that is not all I’ve done this week, as promised a while ago, I have also had a bit of a mass “Quickshading”, basing and varnishing session. While I do relatively “boring” jobs like these I find it is the perfect time to listen to “The Imperial Rebel Ork” podcast!* (see link bottom of page). Now for those of you not in the know “IRO” or Luke to his friends (so IRO to me) puts these out twice a week and though mainly “GW” focused they are well worth a listen. Sorry plug over, anyway as I said I’ve been a busy boy and so I can now reveal the final finished versions of…

My 42mm “Dan Dare” figures, these were based very simply by painting the bases dark grey and them dry-brushing them with light grey and finally very lightly with coffee. I wasn’t happy with the Quickshade’s effect on the “Treens” white upper body and helmet so went over these with another highlight of cream. I sent these pictures over to Ian at Irregular Miniatures and they are now also up on their site.

25mm Knights next and the bases on these were simply painted scenic brown heavily dry-brushed with scenic green, before they were flocked with “Javis” pasture green flock. And my “Tinman” ladies were based in exactly the same manner and with the same paints as “Keith” above. That was a lot quicker to write than it was to do I assure you!

I have also finished the bases on my “Barsoom” figures but this post is already picture heavy enough, so I’ll probably post pictures of them in next weekend’s post.

Oh and the title? Well why not it seems a popular choice at the moment, till next time… Stay safe, cheers Roger.

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17 Responses to “Monster May(hem), I Blame Roger” (week 2)

  1. All looking good Roger! 🙂 Nice to see one each of the knights and ladies are wearing their face masks, I’m assuming because social distancing is relatively impractical when engaging in hand-to-hand combat!

  2. Matt says:

    That’s an excellent paint job on Keith, and I’m still in awe that you sculpted that mini yourself. The green shell looks almost metallic.

    I had to google what colour lupin is, so I learned something today 🙂

  3. angrypiper says:

    Awwwww, Roger…I’m honored you named your tentacle-waving, slimy silicate after me. That thing looks very cool…you could make a few of them and game Island of Terror, if you were so inclined (DO IT!)…

    Now, cue the girlish schoolgirl laughter, because in addition to that thing being a great sculpt, you did a spectacular paint job on it, as always. A worthy addition indeed to Monster May(hem)!

    Sadly, for whatever reason, Island of Terror is not free to stream on Amazon Prime here in the States. I’m debating whether or not to pay for it, because it will absolutely be something I watch by myself. Let’s just say not everyone has an equal tolerance for nostalgic horror…

    • Ohhhh yes, Keith is your name too, I was thinking of Keith Moon from the Rolling Stones! (not) 😊

      Thanks Keith, high praise indeed (I might have to change into my gymslip now! giggle’ giggle), more sculpting (well converting) next month, Have loved taking part in this, and the other participants have turned out some smashing stuff, nice to check out a few blogs I don’t normally frequent too. Hope you do make this an annual event, if so I’m in!

      I think Island of Terror is worth a rent, but then I did watch the old Charlie Sheen film “The Wraith” this morning (I love that film, saw it back in the eighties), and the “Toho” classic “Dogora” yesterday, so not sure if I am the best judge!

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Nothing wrong with “The Wraith”, Roger – vengeance from beyond the grave in a cool car? What’s not to like?

    Very nice job on ‘Keith’. Splendid bit of sculpting and a typically awesome paint job. All in all, a return to form, Mr. Webb.

    • Thanks Jez, I suppose I really “grew up” (though I was really pretty grown by then) with these straight to video movies like “The Wraith, Beastmaster,The Barbarians, Puppet Master,The Vindicator, She (the Sandahl Bergman version), Creepozoids Battle Beyond the Stars…..I could keep going 😁 So I do have a bit of a soft spot for them, and yes the car was a bit cool (it was a show car built by Dodge and was used as a pace car too, did you know?)

      Kieth came out OK, pretty much as I wanted, I wouldn’t have the nerve to call his paint-job awesome though, it’s pretty simple stuff.

      “A return to form”? have I been off my game then? 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Wonderful beastie Roger, the rest look excellent as well, and interesting title ! I wonder where I saw that before ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, glad you like it as a few people have shown an interest in buying something like these, and I might have told them to talk to you 😊, You can always blame me….seems the popular thing to do!

      Cheers Roger.

      • Dave Stone says:

        No problem mate, they’ve not contacted me yet, but we can always work it out between us

  6. Azazel says:

    Nice work and sculpting here mate – and it is(was?) good to have you back as well!

    • Thanks mate, painting/sculpting and blogging has really helped me through the lockdown, a lot of my workmates have been bored out of their minds, but the days are just flying by for me, I want to retire now!

      Cheers Roger.

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