“Don’t be Kruel”

So the lockdown continues, and we all seem to finding our own outlets for our gaming needs, Keith over at, http://angrypiper.com/ is Roleplaying “Star Trek” over the net with some mates, IRO is busy recording Podcasts regarding his particular “Kinks” on the hobby at,  https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/ . Azazal is producing sickeningly wonderful painted models at a machine gun like daily rate at, https://azazelx.com/ and even I have been playing the old GW classic “Talisman” with my extended family over the net thanks to “Steam”. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter what we do to get through this global crisis, as long as we do, so let’s all just stay safe, and play with our little men (I don’t mean play with your.. well you know, unless that is what gets you through, I’m not judging anyone, whatever lights your candle and all!), Perhaps before I dig myself any deeper we better get back to the figures I have been painting myself.

I’ll begin as I have been the last couple of weeks with another of my 42mm “Dan Dare” figures by “Irregular Miniatures”. This one is a “Kreul”, and to be honest that is about all I know about him. Much interweb searching only turned up one picture (judging by the pose of the figure, it’s the same one Ian Kaye found too), so if anyone can shed a little light on this “sheep faced” race it would be most appreciated. But he had to be painted, so working up from a black base coat I dry-brushed the inside of his cape (Ian has added some nice detail here that matches the picture I had found very well), along with his helmet and chest symbol with copper and then again with some bronze. Then there are some lighter details on his helmet along with the edges of his chest symbol, sash, scabbard and bracelets so I painted these with an undercoat of “Tamiya” gold leaf and highlighted this with shinning gold. On his chest this didn’t look to bad, but on his helm they were too thin to really stand out, so I decided to edge the lighter bits in black to differentiate between the two metallic’s, anyway much “faffing” later (and a fair bit of “touching up” and swearing), I was happy (well not unhappy anyway). Next the blade of his sword along with its hilt and the mouth of the scabbard were added in chainmail, now I’m not that keen on this as I would have used more gold on these (barring the blade of course), but that’s how the original artwork is done and who am I to argue with the great Frank Hampton! The back of his cape was next, and from the tiny edge visible in the only picture I could find it appears to be more yellow than gold, but staying with the theme, I decided that after laying down a base of sand, I would go over this with more of the gold leaf. I quite like the result here but as to whether it is correct to the art, I can’t really say. I turned to his flesh next, and it is really difficult to see the exact colour here, but it is dark! (Great help huh!), anyway I decided to go with a blue/purple hue, so a base of royal purple was laid down then I mixed more of the same with some royal blue and lavender till I got something that looked about right and highlighted with this. Lastly I highlighted his black coverall, and rather than just do it with dark grey as I usually do I thought I’d mix up a dark aquamarine colour, so I mixed some aquamarine with black till I was happy and used that. Three down two to go.

Also this week I have finished the last of my started “Tin Man” ladies (Sisterhood Assassin No2, to use her correct name). Once again I began by sorting out the terrible painting I had left her with eighteen months ago, the contrast between the undercoat and highlights I’d used on her flesh (and there is a lot of it on show!) was just too distinct, and looked wrong, so I went round and touched up all the darker areas with some European flesh, and this then (to my eye at least) looked a bit better. I then had to add her cape, (Look Roy yet more girls in capes!!) this was plum highlighted with lavender, some blonde hair in sand and lemon yellow, and a couple of copper and bronze dashes to her sword hilt and gun, and she too was finished. Looking at her now I wonder if I wouldn’t have been better going full “Barbarella” on her and painting her costume in metallic’s and sparkly silvers. Not my finest work if I’m honest, but she should look OK once the “magic” Quickshade goes on. Oh well, one more to cross of the list.

I also found this figure languishing on my table. She is one of the figures I painted up from my own line of Santa Claus miniatures I sculpted under the “Wargames Supply Dump” banner “Queenie” the Fairy was one of the display fig’s we took to shows and pictured on the website but somewhere along the way she had broken off from her stand and lost her acetate wings, so I touched up the “chips” in her paint that she had acquired and replaced her wings to with a new pair stamped out of a spare clear plastic box (they are stamped out with a “Butterfly” shaped craft stamp which I then cut the head and tail away from, and hey-presto a pair of fairy wings)!

Last but certainly not least this time, my order from “Peter Pig” has arrived, yes for the first time since summer 2018 I have actually bought some NEW FIGURES!!!! Now I hope to finish off the last two 42mm Dan Dare figures before I start on these (I should leave them in quarantine for a few more days before I mess with the plastic bags), but I am itching to start them so we’ll see!

Oh and I hope to do another “What if…Wednesday” this week too.

So Till Next time, cheers Roger.

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26 Responses to “Don’t be Kruel”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. I especially like the Kruel figure – which would make a good alien warlord for 28mm, so I might have to pick one up. Working on the plots for my upcoming Doctor Who ‘episodes’ has made me realise that I have a fair few figures that I could use for Pulp Sci-Fi, so that might end up being my next project.

    • Hi Jez, the Kruel figure is a nice one, though a bit of a whopper, though looking at him next to the 28mm ladies on my desktop I think he would work, hadn’t even crossed my mind to be honest.

      As you well know I have a bit of a thing for “Pulp Sci/fi”, so yep go for it mate.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Roy says:

    Snap! I’m painting Irregular Miniatures metal too. 6mm Biblicals though. Trying to make a Hittite force for that One Hour Wargames book.

    • Hi Roy, ha ha different ends of the “scale” scale though eh! Best of luck with the little fella’s mate.

      If you are going to photograph them for your blog, have you thought of emailing copies of the photo’s over to Ian at Irreg? He is usually most appreciative and uses a lot on his site.

      Just a thought. Cheers Roger.

      • Roy says:

        Only problem is … I can’t remember what figures I’ve used, and have mix-and-matched miniatures from different periods and geographic locations on the bases, so it might be a bit of an issue for them to be used in a specific category on their website. Cool idea, mind. Cheers.

      • Oh that is a shame Roy, it would a been nice to see some of your excellent painting on display over on Irreg’s site (would probably wouldn’t have hurt his sales either).

        Something to bear in mind in the future though. 🙂

        Cheers Roger.

      • Roy says:

        Bit of an amusing development: Ian sent me another email (he has done with each of the orders I’ve made for my Hittite project). Since the miniatures I’m ordering are labelled ‘Syrian chariots’ PayPal puts a block on the payment going through for 72-hours, while they check that I’m not funding illegal activities and Irreg. Min’s are not extremist toy dealers. So Ian emails to let me know that the order has been shipped without waiting for the PayPal security check to complete and that he’s sure that I’m not a “Terrorist” (to quote). His emails to me, each time I order Syrian spearmen and chariots for my Ancient Hittites, must flag up so many Internet security checks 😀 The joys of being in business selling little toy soldiers – Good job I appreciate the humour too!

        Anyway, yesterday’s email included a list of my last miniature order, so it is possible for me to work out what model is what code.

      • Oh I love that! you have just made my day Roy!

        Reminds me of the time I went to the post office to post out a WSD order and while waiting in the queue I was reading the information posters, so when I got to the counter and the lady asked my what was in the parcel, I said almost without thinking “Semtex and Medial Waste”. Sadly she was not amused (not the first time my humour has got me in trouble!!).
        The other amusing time at the post office was back when we were first starting to produce our own line of mini’s, and Bob Olley have made the first Dick Garrison greens, I was sending them off to the caster and had a small packet about the size of a video cassette and weighed next to nothing with greens that were irreplacable and had cost us £1000 plus, the counter clerk took the packet and asked “is there any value to the contents?”, “I don’t think you’d believe me is I told you I replied!” 🙂

        Cheers Roger.

  3. Great stuff, Roger! 🙂 I’m really enjoying seeing your retro sci-fi stuff (as an aside, the first affordable volume of the Trigan Empire has now been published, so I snapped that up on Amazon – next volume was due in November, but that’s now been pushed back unfortunately)!

    • Thanks John, “The Trigan Empire” wow that takes me back, I remember the first time I ever saw any of that series was in an old annual that was my older brothers, cant remember what annual it was but I was fascinated by that story and the beautiful artwork, was it Frank Hampton or someone else, the style was very similar?

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Azazel says:

    Nice stuff, and I like the restoration on Queenie especially. Proudly standing (ok, hovering) on a table once more!

    • Thanks Azazel, actually Queenie is now in a cabinet in the spare room along with all the other painted WSD miniatures, and now belongs to my wife, as I gifted her all of them once we closed the business. Somewhere there id a reindeer that needs finishing too.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Fantastic work on all Roger, they all have your flair to them.
    Sorry I missed your what if ? hopefully I will be around for this weeks

    • If by flair you mean rough and ready then you are spot on mate!

      Hope you do stop by on Wednesday, it’s just a bit of non gaming related fun, something to think upon while we are all stuck in.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. angrypiper says:

    I see the black magic rituals we all participated in had the desired effect: luring Roger back to the hobby. He’s buying new miniatures now. Good work, brethren.
    Shhhh. Let’s let him continue to think it was his idea.

    • I don’t know what “black magic” rituals you are talking about Keith! I hate to think what you were sticking pins in to start me painting again, as sticking all those pins in myself while trying to sew didn’t work! (or did it!)…. oh you supernatural evil genius you!!

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Michael Awdry says:

    Another triumph with the Kreul, loving this Dan Dare sequence.

  8. borderguy190 says:

    Once again, thank you for the painting step by steps. while I dont have the exact paints, seeing how you get from A to B to C helps when I am staring at a model wondering about colors. or colours. Nice stuff, Roger!

    • You are of course most welcome harry, though to be honest I quite often go from A to F to S and back to B 🙂

      These post are as much for me as anyone else, my memory is that bad these days it’s handy having a record of what colours I used myself!

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Well painted stuff Roger. Kreul is cooel, (sorry had to do that). Not familiar with 42mm stuff but the retro sci-fi vibe always is fun. Particularly nice job on the metallics.

    #2 is hot stuff!

    The WSD restoration was nice to see as well.

    Keep painting – now you have new stuff!

    • Thanks Mark, 42mm is not a scale I have ever really dabbled in before (or again probably) but as you say we are fools for a bit of retro sci-fi.

      #2 is a nice figure (though not as nice as the other two figs in my opinion), in the hands of someone who could do her justice she could be spectacular.

      It is nice to see the fairy back on display amongst the rest of the old WSD range.

      Cheers Roger. (oh and I do love a pun!)

  10. Blax Kleric says:

    Ah… The Kruels. I believe you’ll find they’re a faction of Phant warrior priests, Roger, who in “Rogue Planet” are revealed as creating the Phant leader, Orak – who is a robot. I seem to recall they were Frank Hampson’s favorite villains too. Presumably the picture the sculpt is based on is the cover illustration for the original “Rogue Planet”? I have the hard-back reprint somewhere (different cover), so if I can find it I can scan you some pictures for any other figures you might need.

    • Thanks for the offer Simon, but I have now finished all the figures i have (though there are a few more listed in Irregulars site, but no pictures and the descriptions are a bit vague).

      I really don’t have any plans to re-visit this range anytime soon to be honest. Though they were quite fun to paint on the whole, I’mm glad they are done.

      Cheers Roger.

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