“Just You Dare!”

So I said I’d be back once I had something to show you lot, so here I am with two figures started from scratch and one of my “ladies” who just needed finishing, Now I have to start by saying that no they are not technically finished as they still need a coat of “Quickshade”, basing and finally a coat of matt varnish, but I think I’ll do that once I have a few finished up to this stage then have a “mass” session of completing stuff.

Now I did say that I’d share the information I gleaned from Ian at Irregular Miniatures about the Dan Dare figures, well it turns out that they were a commission by a collector who wanted them for himself, but Ian got him to allow them to go on general sale by reducing the cost for the sculpting. Anyway the character Dan Dare was originally going to be a “Space Vicar” (the Eagle was a Christian comic!)” and was set in Southport (where the Eagle comic was produced) as this is only about twenty five miles from my home, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the “Pilot of the future” and the truly phenomenally detailed artwork of Frank Hampton.

But on to the figures themselves, starting with my 42mm version of “Dan Dare” (or retro space pilot, no connection to the Eagle comic here!! No of course not!). I began by mounting him up on a “tuppence” and blending in his base with a little “Tetrion” filler and then after he was sprayed (and touched up) with some matt black I painted his overalls in a mix of dark red and bright red, I then highlighted these with more bright red. His face was next a dark flesh tone (7) was applied first and after his eyes were added I highlighted this with some European flesh, while I was at it I also added his gloves with some coffee highlighted with cream. I mixed some copper with some shinning gold to do the first coat on his helmet and then highlighted with some more shinning gold, and the light on front of his helmet, plus a couple of bits on his gun were then added with chainmail. Talking of his gun this too is red according to the reference pictures I’d found, but as I thought this would just blend into his overall if I did that, so I went for metallic red, I think it looks better to my eye. Finally his boots were added, I had a bit of a quandary with these as sometimes they are black sometimes red and sometimes gold…I went for black in the end highlighted with some dark grey.

The 25mm knight was relatively simple to do, I began by slightly sanding the front of his left arm, and then gluing on an old Games Workshop plastic shield, and then once he too was undercoated with matt black he was dry-brushed all over with some chainmail. Then his shield emblem was painted coffee with highlights of cream and then white. The shaft of his poleaxe was chocolate brown with a dry-brushing of butternut, his face was more dark flesh tone, with more of this again mixed with some European flesh and a couple of copper mixed with shinning gold (well I had to mix it for “Dan” above) spots here and there on his armour finished him off too.

Lastly in this trio, I completed my “Lady in Black”, or to use her official “Tin Man” website name “Jalara”. Now I can’t remember the order I painted her up but the colours I used were… Black (naturally!), chainmail, dark flesh, European flesh, dark red and bright red. To finish her off I just touched everything up again with the colours above, added copper and copper mixed with shinning gold (as I said above I had it mixed, seemed a shame to waste it!) on her sword hilts, oh it might be worth mentioning that she should have had two swords but the casting was bad on the one so I filed it down into a knife. Chestnut and orange were used on her hair and a touch of metallic red was used as jewels in the back of the sword/knife hilts. That just left to add highlights to all her black clothing with some dark grey and she too was finished.

Not really that productive a week (especially as I’m not at work!), but as I said last time “baby steps”.

So till next time, cheers Roger.

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23 Responses to “Just You Dare!”

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on all 3 Roger, really like your choices for Dan Dare, my favourite incarnation of this character was when he was in 2000 ad in the flying fortress with characters like Bear and hitman

    • Thanks Dave, though I have to disagree with you over Dan’s best incarnation, though the 2000AD stories were much faster paced that the Eagle ones I really don’t think you can top Frank Hamptons artwork, I’ve been to a couple of exhibitions about him and the “Eagle” comic, and the effort and attention to detail of his work is second to none! He even made models of all the Spaceships so he could draw them accurately from all the different angles.

      Sorry he’s a bit of a hero to me, Cheers Roger.

  2. Fantastic stuff, Roger, with all three looking like winners to me – and definitely making the beginning of a Top Ten in my books 😉 Have you got a second Dan Dare figure which you plan on converting into the character’s greatest incarnation – The Cosmic Claw!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, at this rate I might not even paint ten figures this year!

      No just the one Dan and as I hope to step down a scale soon probably wont be adding to the figures I’ve already shown. The range is a little strange to be honest as there is no Mekon or Prof Peabody.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Roy says:

    Aaaagh! A 28mm woman in a cape … Lord spare me! 😀 I love how you’ve finished painting the miniature up. The flesh and gold -work contrast nicely with the darker red and the blacks.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or so they say, so

  4. I think I now love a woman in a cape! 🙂 All nice minis though and some interesting Dan Dare material to boot!

    • Thanks John, we all love a woman in a cape, except perhaps the new TV incarnation of Batwoman!!

      You might like to know that “Tin Man Miniatures” also do that figure wearing just the cape, boots and gloves (no honestly they do….

      Far too rude for me though 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  5. angrypiper says:

    I think I have that Tin Man miniature, but I would have to look for it. I purchased it when I went all Barsoom-y about ten years ago; sadly a project I will never finish, hence me not knowing this figure’s location presently. Bummer about the miscast. Still, as always, a fine job.
    So happy you’re back, my friend.

    • Thanks Keith, the Tin Man figures are really lovely (though a bit fiddley to put together. I think we’ve all flirted with “Barsoom” at some point, I am again at the moment tbh, but in 15mm, might, might not happen we’ll see.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Michael Awdry says:

    Well I didn’t know that The Eagle was a Christian comic? Lovely work Roger, so good to have you back posting.

  7. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great work. I used to read the eagle for a time in my youth. Never knew it was a Christian comic either.



  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice to see you painting again, Roger. Strange how this forced isolation effects previously made plans…

    I only read the Eagle when it was relaunched with the photo-strips, including Doomlord, which was quite entertaining, so my first introduction to Dan Dare was through that strip. I seem to recall that he was the son or nephew of the original? Or something like that. However, it did have flying sharks in it, one of which attacked and tore off the rear of the robocab “Dan” was in, which did stick in my mind.

    Hmmm, Doomlord might make a good villain for my version of the Doctor AND a possible entry for Forgotten Heroes 2020. Mightbhave to start planning this…

    • I remember Doomlord, wasn’t that one of the photo strips with some bloke in a mask? I remember one with him on a train so some reason That brings back some memories, might have to go and look him up on the web now.

      Don’t remember any of the Dan Dare strips but I do remember him being plastered all over the front of the comic! Didn’t it go in with Tornado comic at some point before that was swallowed up by 2000AD? could be wrong on this though, we need Simon our resident comic encyclopaedia 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        According to my cursory resesrch, the Eagle I read was from 1982 to 1994 and was after when Dan Dsre was in 2000AD – and it was the original Dan Dare’s great-grandson.

        And yep, Doomlord was originally a chap in a rubber mask, but still quite fun for all that.

      • Well researched Jez, I’m sure I bought the first issue of the Eagle from 82 and I think it came with a free gift of a matchbox sized plastic model car (I think mine was a GT40), and I also think I had issue one of Tornado comic too and that came with a plastic “spudgun” of course this could have been the other way around or I could be completely wrong about both!!

        Cheers Roger.

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  10. Roger! Great work and sooo glad to see you painting and posting again. I was pretty sure we’d be blessed with seeing your work again. And here you do not disappoint – especially the hot lady!

    • Great to hear from you Mark, I was starting to get a little concerned that you were alright as you haven’t posted for a while. You are alright aren’t you? I do hope you and yours are well and safe mate.

      Yes, imprisonment (sorry Isolation) has pulled me back to the old painting table and made me blow the dust off of my brushes, I could be sewing of course but how many dice bags do you really need!!

      I suppose the lady in black could be hot, it would explain why she has taken most of her clothes off!

      Thanks, cheers Roger.

      • Thanks Roger, I have been locked down with my wife since March 15th. Will be (hopefully) doing a post tomorrow. I have not painted anything as I watch a lot of news (knowledge is power) and also did a project on a rules supplement for Aztecs, Maya, Inca, and Conquistadores. More to come I hope, and maybe some painting. Stay safe pal!

      • Glad you are well mate,
        Cheers Roger.

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