“Baby Steps”

OK so I’ll start by saying, I hope you are all well and safely ensconced in your domiciles around the world. Maybe it’s just me but every time they show deserted city centres around the country on the news I keep thinking “Wouldn’t it be a great time to film Dr Who invasion sequences”.

Anyway as I mentioned at the end of my last post I have been thinking of digging out some of my figures and paintbrushes to help alleviate the boredom (in the case of my camera I literally did have to dig it out from under the stairs!!), and so though I haven’t actually started painting anything yet I have chosen a few things to get me back on the horse so to speak…

Now I have been giving some thought as to coming back into the wargaming fold as it were and what I’d like to do if I did. Well this may come as a bit of surprise and possibly sacrilege for a few of you, but I think if I do start painting again on a regular basis then I will probably go predominantly 15 and 10mm scales mainly because it’s a) cheaper and b) you can get a lot more done in a shorter timeframe (less detail, hooray!). So it is to this end that I have decided to dig out my 42mm “Dan Dare” figures as a first project (what!!! No I don’t really understand it either!), they are by Irregular Miniatures though so not too heavily loaded down with detail.

I have also pulled three 25mm “Knights” by Mega Miniatures, these will be predominantly just dry-brushed silver, so again an easy-ish batch to get me back up and running.

Lastly I have these three 28mm ladies by Tin Man Miniatures, These I actually started eighteen months ago before I went AWOL, so I hope to be able to finish these off as well. I have no idea as to a time frame to get them done, it will be very much as and when, and I’ll post when I have something to show you, or something interesting to say (wouldn’t hold my breath on that last one, if I were you!).

You would not believe how nervous I am about this, as I haven’t touched a paint brush (not a little one anyway) for a year and a half! But hey if they turn out crap at least we can all have a laugh.

So till then, cheers Roger.

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26 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. borderguy190 says:

    I stepped away for like 3 years. It was scary to try again, so good on ya! And 15s are awesome. I wish I had discovered them first, if I had, i wouldn’t have a single 28mm fig and most of my models would actually be painted!

    • Thanks Harry, There are some gorgeous 15mm fig’s out there I have been looking around the Copplestone Castings and Peter Pig sites (far to much time on my hands!!). Though I think me making He-man figures in 15mm would be a step to far! (and well beyond my ability!

      I haven’t said I’m definitely going to start up again, just testing the water at the moment, as in some ways I have enjoyed all the extra time I have had in the evenings, but as I’m sure you are aware we all have a fair bit of spare time at the moment!

      I do miss hanging around the swings in the local park drinking woodpecker cider out the bottle with the rest of my hoodie mates though. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Roy says:

    Brought all of my paints, brushes, basing material, tools and glue, down from our attic last Wednesday. Done five figures, one bullock and a wagon-cart so far. Apart from repainting Wings of Glory WW1 aeroplanes I hadn’t painted a 28mil in over two years. Thing I’m dreading most is having to read the rules books so I can play a solo game asap.

    Skirmish games I’d go with 15mil. Lots of variety and nice sculpts I’ve noticed (not a scale I’ve previously looked at, apart from Peter Pig). Pendraken Miniatures is a local trader for me, so I’m familiar with their ranges and service. Painted lots of their 10mil miniatures. Definitely a company I go back to again and again. Be interesting to see what you do, should you do anything.

    …Saying that. I do frequent Irregular Miniatures and their 6mil gets the job done. Not the best, fair enough, but I’m happy to use them. Thirty-nine years young as of the 24th of this month iirc.

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the Thirteenth Doctor roaming the deserted streets of Sheffield!

    • Hi Roy, There are some gorgeous 15mm figures out there, I have a copy of “Hott” upstairs (never made it to the loft), and I did make up a couple of Army list a couple of years back. As for 10mm I have a Colonial Marine force from Pendraken and they are lovely figures, I eldest had the Aliens but never painted them (might have to ask if he knows where they are.

      I also have a 10mm Dwarf army from Irregular too, so I’m not really a small scale “virgin” TBH. I even have a couple of 6mm armies “Irreg” again, I do like Ians stuff they are always one of the first places I check out when my interest is piqued’.

      At least if you start painting again something good will have come out of this whole Covid mess (and by god do we need something!), will you be putting the blog back up, I’m not trying to push you but I really want to see that Calista figure once you finish her 🙂

      “Thirteenth Docter!” I was thinking more along the lines of Cybermen fighting Patrick Trouton myself 😉

      Cheers Roger.

      • Roy says:

        I’ve opened a new blog, so as not to be confused with the one you mention – as another blogger is doing an official blog and I don’t want to cause any confusion for customers.

      • Have you got a url, I love to add you back into my Blogroll?

        Cheers Roger.

      • Roy says:

        I’ve spotted that you’ve found it, but thought it polite to reply.

        Just been going through the Forgotten Heroes link and seeing my old posts over there – I’m rather proud of that Leopard Girl conversion and paint up, so is it okay for me to copy and paste my original posts from the FH blog and post them on my new blog, please?

        I can obviously finish off the Powers figure for the next event (if and when that may be), but I’m also thinking it might be cool to paint up a version of Vampirella (which I can also take the time to learn about the character and works).

        Cheers, Roy

      • Oh lord yes of course you can use any of your posts from the FH site, they are yours, I was just grateful for permission to use then on there.

        Cheers Roger.

  3. Delighted to see you about to start peppering some little people with your paint-brush once again, Roger, and what an extraordinary collection you’ve revealed to boot. The Dan Dare ones looks especially intriguing and I look forward to seeing how you get on with them within what ever time frame you set yourself.

    • Thanks Simon, I don’t know quite what order I’m going to the figures (above) I might well “flit” between then (a bit like you do) rather than go start to finish on one set of other.

      There is quite an interesting story ( well to me anyway) attached to the Dan Dare figs, but I get to that when I paint them….

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Yay!!! Roger is back… hopefully. To be honest, Roger, anything you choose to post will be welcome, as part of the joy of reading your posts was reading the words that accompanied the pictures.

    • Thanks Jez, you might not be saying that in a few weeks when you are all sick of my verbal diarrhoea!

      I need something to fill my time, have a list of stuff to do each day…washing up, washing, feed/ play with the dogs, watch a film but that still doesn’t fill the whole day, so today after I’d photographed the figures I based and undercoated them and then drew the cartoon and after my youngest got up (2pm!!) got him to scan (he has the only working scanner in the house) it stick it on a memory stick so I could edit it on my PC and make the new header for the blog, (see far to much time on my hands). This reminds me of those six week summer holidays as a child where by the fourth week you would be wandering round the house saying “I’m bored!”, but two days after you went back to school you’d thought of fifty things you wish you’d done while you were off!

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Love my 10’s and 15’s got a pile of Tin Soldier Samurai to paint up.

    • Thanks Maenoferren, I am surprised by the amount of love 10mm is getting, I knew there where a lot of 15mm people out there, but not so many 10mm gamers.

      I’ve always fancied “Spanish Civil War” but would need to do a ton of research before I took the plunge, though maybe 10 or 15mm would give me the push I need as it wouldn’t be such a huge investment money wise.

      Something to think about. Cheers Roger.

  6. Just go for it Roger! As a committed 20mm bloke, I’d say there’s nowt wrong with smaller scales (harder to see any “mistakes” that might get made in the painting)! My thoughts were Cybermen the moment I read your remark! 🙂

  7. Michael Awdry says:

    Well I can’t tell you how pleased I am to hear that you are seriously considering a return Roger. Really missed not having you around.

    • Many thanks Michael, I guess you now have the time to finish that spectacular ww2 game you were building for Salute? sorry to hear that all your hard work will have to go unseen for the year, but I suppose it would give them something to play in the Nightingale Hospital waiting room?

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Dave Stone says:

    Look forward to seeing what develops Roger, and so good to have you back painting again. Will be good to see you finish off the started models, and how these new ones develop

  9. Any smaller than 28mm and I think it’d do my head in. I already think 1/56th scale is kinda small compared to the chunky hero scale. Welcome back to the fold sir. I knew you’d be back. Miniature painting is like sex, you never really give it up you just get worse at it as time goes by. Haha jokes

    • Ha ha thanks IRO, I always thought it was….

      Miniature painting was like sex, You do it on your own, you spend time looking at models, it makes your hands ache if you do it for too long, and all that straining ruins your eyes and makes you go blind! Well that sounds like my sex life anyway!

      Cheers Roger.

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