“Jingle’ Belle”

Ok so Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting fat (Though probably not as fat as I’ll be by Boxing day!!), but I thought this year I’d just try and fit in one more figure before I’m done for 2018. Now this isn’t the figure that I had originally planned to get done (they will have to wait till the start of the New Year now), but it came to me at work that a Christmas themed posting might be a nice idea, and I knew exactly what I had in mind, if I had a suitable figure suitable to form a bit of “conversion fodder”. So after rushing home and sorting through my drawers (oo’er misses!) a suitable candidate was found, and here she is… yet another of my “Copplestone Castings” bikini clad “babes”, these are great foundation figures for a bit of greenstuff work, a bit like 28mm metal versions of those paper dollies little girls used to have in my youth that you could hang different outfits onto! Anyway less chatter more work!

First job was to clean up the casting, file away her shoes a bit and sand away the back of her head on a forty five degree angle. She was then glued to a “tuppence” and once dry I could start adding her “festive regalia”. Now it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without “stockings” so that’s where I started, these were done by running small, thin sausages of putty around the middle of her thighs, then dragging and smoothing these down her legs towards her knees, leaving it slightly thicker at the top (I could have just painted these on, but you know OCD!), on the outer sides of the top I pushed up the putty into a gentle point, as this is where her suspenders will attach. Next I added her ankle boots (slightly more sensible for walking in snow, than her shoes, hey a little realism doesn’t hurt!) I left the original heels uncovered, because it was easier and there’s no point sculpting what’s already been done. And lastly tonight I added her hat, this was just a cone of putty stuck on the sanded flat back of her head pushed into shape and then another ring of putty run around the join and the fur effect pushed into it with a spike and knife point.

Day two, and this has become a lesson in patience as I really want to start on what will be her rather short dress, but as her suspenders need to run up under this these needed to be added first, so a really thin sausage of putty was polled out (thinner than a dressmakers pin), and then two lengths about six millimetres long were cut off of this and these were added running up from her stocking tops to her waist, after prodding and tapping in some random detail that hopefully will look like lace once painted, the top section (above her panty sides) was trimmed away. I also added the furry tops to her boots, these were just two more sausages of putty run around the boot tops and the fur was tapped in as with her hat, and finally I added the pompom at the tip of her hat, this was just a small ball of putty, and again the fur was tapped in with a spike and knife tip.

Dress day today, so I began here by adding a small sausage of putty across her back just above the top of her panties, this would act as a support once the top “dress” layer went on as I wanted it to flare out at the back, and this came next another sausage was flattened out into an oval and attached from the top of her back down to the bottom edge of the “support sausage” and then smoothed out around her arms and out to the front where the two edges were blended into each other. I then blended away the join between the outer dress and inner support underneath the rear, and once I was happy with all this I then took my pointed probe and pushed in the folds in the material, these were then widened and smoothed with my pointed colour shaper making sure that the high points of the folds were curved upwards and the lower points curved downwards. As she is supposed to be a “sexy” lady I made sure plenty of suspender and panties was left on show. Talking of which I next took a small ball of putty and applying it to the rear area of exposed panty (this is fast becoming a very rude posting!!) I shaped it into the classic inverted triangle and then tapped in some flouncy lace effect. Lastly today I added more of the fur effect around her cleavage and a tiny bit where it could be seen under her hair at her shoulders. Not a bad night’s work if I’m honest.

A couple of relatively easy jobs to finish her off today, just had to run a long thin sausage of putty around the bottom of her dress and two small ones around her wrists (to form the cuffs on her gloves, well I don’t want her catching cold now do I!), and then the fur effect was tapped into these areas in the usual method and she was complete ready for basing and painting over the next couple of days. This does however seem to bring up an opportune moment to impart a little tip onto you, when you have to sculpt two areas that you want to look like they match, e.g. boots, stocking tops, arms, legs… basically anything you want the same size the easiest way I have found to do this is to roll your putty out into a long sausage, estimate about how much you think you will need to make one item (one leg, arm etc,,) and cut that amount off. Then lay that piece next to the rest of the sausage and use it as a guide where to cut the next piece, “hey presto” two pieces containing the same amount of putty, and thus it should be easier to make your finished items the same relative size. I’m too good to you lot really I am!

Basing and spraying with matt black came the next day (but you don’t want to see a picture of that now do you!), Then the day after I could start to add a little colour into her life, as I want her stockings to be black I thought I’d begin by undercoating them in mid grey, then once this was good and dry I repainted them in a thinned down wash of matt black. Next her boots, hat, dress and gloves were all undercoated in ruby red before being highlighted in bright red. After this, next on the agenda was her flesh, so a base of European flesh was applied first and the after her eyes were painted in with some white, and then her pupils and eye liner (yes this is new, but I thought I’d try it to see if it made her eyes look bigger!), were added in black. I highlighted her flesh with a mix of European flesh and pale flesh. Her fur trimmings (who doesn’t like a bird with all the trimmings at Christmas?) and her underwear was all undercoated in coffee, before being dry-brushed with cream, oh and I finally remembered that I hadn’t dry-brushed her gun with chainmail back at the start, so I did this too. Hair, I thought that would be a good idea! So out came the citrus orange, and lemon yellow and these formed the undercoat and highlight on my “blonde bombshell”. Lastly (well apart from a bit of touching up here and there), I thought I’d add some “candy” stripes to the grip on her gun so these were done in coffee and cream, and shamrock and lime, the heels on her boots I’d left black so a tiny dark grey highlight was added here and she was finished.

Next day she was given a coat of light tone Quickshade and the day after I set about her base. This was begun by painting the whole thing in coffee, then giving it a heavy dry-brushing with some cream and then again with some white. Once all this was good and dry I painted the whole surface again this time with some PVA wood glue before sprinkling some artificial snow flakes (that I bought from a show many years ago, back when I was doing my own range of “Santa Claus Wars” figures), these were then “blobbed” (painted is too strong a word for what I did!) with some more watered down PVA and left to dry, this gives a nice “icy” finish, talking of finishes, a spray coat of matt varnish was the finishing touch to her , and here she is in all her chilly glory! I dug out some of my snow covered trees as a backdrop to her final pictures.

I’ll leave you with a seasonal joke…. Santa goes to the doctor complaining of a sore bottom. “Ok, drop your trousers and let’s have a look!!” says the doctor. Santa quickly complies and bending over the doctor takes a look. “Ah I see the problem” He says “You appear to have a mince pie lodged up there”. “Oh” says Santa “Well it’s very painful! Is there something you can do?”. “Well” says the doc “I do have some cream for that!”

Merry Christmas, Cheers Roger.

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22 Responses to “Jingle’ Belle”

  1. vampifan says:

    What a superb conversion, Roger. Quite possibly the best figure you’ve shown this year. If I was choosing your top ten figures of 2018 she’d certainly be high up on the list. Merry Christmas, good sir!

    • Ha, ha, we must have been on each others blogs at the same time Bryan! Glad you like her (I thought you might for some reason 😉 ).

      She took considerably longer to do than I’d hoped, getting the photos done was the worst bit under artificial light (hence the ropey ones in the middle), and though she was finished last weekend, it wasn’t until today that I could get the photos done in decent light.

      Thanks mate, cheers Roger.

  2. Frank O Donnell says:

    Lol I didn’t see that coming, great bit of work 🙂

  3. borderguy190 says:

    Well done Roger! Your abilities with the green stuff astond me every time. Either the batch I have is the stickiest ever made, or I suck more than I realize, but either way I can’t manage the smooth detail you get.

    Brillant bit of conversion work. Always a joy to see what you’ve created. Merry Christmas and cheers to a productive 2019!

    • Thanks Harry, high praise indeed, I was rather pleased with how the sculpting came out, especially her stocking tops that blended in nicely with the lower parts of her legs.

      I have to say that its just practice, the more you do it the easier it gets (and believe me I still have a lot to learn!!). Besides which having seen your excellent entries for “Forgotten Heroes” earlier this year, I’d say you have the talent, just keep plugging away at it sir!!

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Great festive conversion Roger and the painting turned out really well. She may not want to stay outside too long as she may get a chill ! LOL Hope you have a great Xmas mate

    • Thanks Dave, the painting looks a bit better in the flesh than in the photo’s (I think, though that might just be that I can’t see her as well), her lips look less like a “gash” in real life for instance! I’m sure someone would be willing to give her a cuddle to warm her up, or maybe she holding someone up at gunpoint to steal their overcoat! 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  5. angrypiper says:

    Excellent work, Roger. Hugely inspirational, both the sculpting and the painting. I wish I could do either one as well as you! Like Borderguy, I just can’t get the hang of green stuff. It’s my least favorite stuff, to be sure.
    A couple of things:
    First: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. I may manage a post of my own before the end of the year, or maybe not. If not, see you in 2019!
    Second: I declare “support sausage” to be the “official” hobby term of 2018. Got it in just under the wire. Well played, sir.
    Third: I very much like the look of her snow base. Those artificial snow flakes really gave a fluffy texture to the base, much better than traditional snow flock.
    Last, regarding your joke…I’m not up on traditional British cuisine, although several years back I made a goose for Christmas. (Thereby hangs a tale.) I assume cream is something traditionally enjoyed with mince pie? If so, then I get the joke. If not, I am apparently humorless.
    Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks Keith, Really sir you are too modest, there is many an inspirational piece on your own excellent blog, the painting of your Knight models “Thing” was sickeningly good for instance!! as for you rother comments….

      1. All the very best to you and yours for the festive season too I look forward to reading your last post of 2018. I will not be writing any more posts here ( not HERE anyway), but there will hopefully be a couple more posts for me to publish before the end of the year…

      2. Ha, ha, trust me I went through a few different terms to describe that particular piece of putty and what it’s intended use was, and “support sausage” was the best I could come up with, most of the others sounded rude and included the word “ring” in them 🙂

      3. Sometimes I forget just how backwards the rest of the world is regarding fine dining 😉 but yes you can enjoy a mince pie (mince meat in this case is all fruit, with no actual meat in it) with or without cream, though as my Dad used to say “There are very few things that can’t be improved by covering them in either cream or cheese!”. There are actually a couple of mince pies lurking at the bottom of my current header picture!

      Oh and you humourless? that I really find hard to believe!!

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Blax Kleric says:

    Undoubtedly Top Ten material, Roger, albeit I plan to sleep on this one’s entry point for a few nights. Terrific green-stuff work, and tip-top painting too. Marvellous stuff 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I thought as this was my first December figure posting I’d do something festive (though my wife was that festive in what she thought of it!), I look foreword to seeing what position you put her in (oooer misses!).

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Fantastic work with the green stuff man. The technique you used the stickings worked a treat. She looks greedy! Merry Christmas mate

  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Excellent stuff, Roger. Brilliant sculpting, conversion work and painting. A remarkably festive post and very suitable post for the season. Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to a productive New Year.

  9. Now this is spectacular. When I first saw the mini, I thought it looked like Payy Hearst in the Symbionese Liberation Army http://famous-trials.com/legacyftrials/hearst/hearsthome.html

    Of course, Archive did a take on her with Bianca Snow and the Star Dwarves http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Archive-starrover-2015.jpg

    All the young kids are saying whaaat, how old is Mark!

    Anyways I digress. Really love the final product, it’s a hoot.

    And may you have other than green stuff sausage for Christmas Roger!

  10. I meant Patty Hearst of course!

    • Ha ha, I had to look up Patty Hearst to be honest she must be more famous (infamous!) on your side of the pond than ours, but yes I can see it.

      Love those old mini’s I seem to recall at least one from your own esteemed blog, but what a smashing little set they make!

      I wouldn’t worry about looking old in front of the “kids” (I don’t get a lot of kids around this blog to be honest, but don’t tell them lot above! 😉 )

      The only sausage I’m after this year has to be wrapped in bacon! (we call them “pigs in blankets”, but we are a strange country!

      All the best mate, cheers Roger.

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