“A Scrunty Swansong” (Mo’vember)

Right well as you may (or may not) know I have been spending the month of November finishing off my remaining Scrunt’s by the inimitable Bob Olley, the light infantry to be exact and I am happy report that the fourteen figures are now finished (yes just fourteen figures batch painted in a month is a bit the meager side but other things have got in the way of progress on these chaps, but more on that at the end of this post). As you will recall when last I left you they looked like this….

But as I said progress has been made, and even though there wasn’t that much left to do on them it’s taken me this long to do it! Anyway this is how it was done. Last time I finished with adding the undercoats to their facial hair in either chocolate brown, dark sand, light sand, chestnut brown, or dark grey, and I said I would last time I then highlighted these in chestnut brown, light sand, lemon yellow, orange or butternut or mid grey respectively. Next I set to work on the “shades” seven of them are sporting, re-touching up the black before adding highlights of dark grey. Now I wanted to be able to spilt these chaps into two clearly defined (and reasonably equally armed) units, and the easiest way I could think of doing this was to do one lot grey “Ushanka” style headgear and the others brown. So that’s what I did next undercoats seven in dark grey and the other seven (why do dwarves always seem to come in sevens?) in chocolate brown. These were then dry-brushed in mid grey or a mix of chocolate brown and cream. That really just left a few details to add to their weapons and belt buckles in copper and the pipes and tanks on the flame thrower in dark red highlighted with bright red, and they were ready for a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone.

After this was dry they had their bases were painted scenic brown (a change to my usual method of chocolate brown but they have to match the rest of their kin done before I got my chocolate addiction!) Then they were dry-brushed with khaki and coffee, then areas were picked out in scenic green that were then flocked with summer mix hairy grass, quite frankly unless you really look closely at them you can’t tell the difference between these and my newer method. Finally they had a coat of matt varnishy sprayed all over them to de-gloss em’ a bit. Well that brings my Mo’vember postings to a close (and just in time too!)

Now as I mentioned earlier in this post I have had one or two things vying for my oh so precious time, chief amongst these (well that you lot would be interested in anyway) was painting up a shield that Dennis (my cosplaying in-law) had made to further enhance his “Game Of Thrones” winter collection (not available in stores, but you never know, give him time!), anyway this was constructed from foam garage flooring tiles and then presented to me for painting, which I did with various emulsion “match-pots”, and Acrylic craft paints, the dire-wolf head was printed out on two sheets of A4 and once glued in place I painted over the whole thing again (as the printed version looked a bit crap TBH). This will now join the Sword I re-painted, the scabbard I made from scratch, and the helmet and armoured vambraces that I have painted to match the other pieces of his armour (I know I haven’t mentioned some of these bits before, but I’m just so darn modest!). Hopefully this will be the last of these costume bits (as frankly there isn’t much left of him to hang any more on!).

Long term readers will probably be aware that I usually take all of December off figure painting as I get dragged into preparations for “that” day, but this year I do hope to get one last lot of figures done before the year ends, so till then…

Cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “A Scrunty Swansong” (Mo’vember)

  1. kitbashgames says:

    Nice work on the Scrunts Roger. 🙂

  2. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the scrunts Roger, glad you got them finished for your target. The shield looks fantastic, he must be very pleased with it

    • Thanks Dave, I cant feel an awful lot of pride over getting them finished in the month, as I once would have knocked out this many in a week without breaking a sweat!!! age is a horrible thing 😉

      Cant say if Dennis is happy with the shield yet as he wont see it till tomorrow, hope he is happy though as he has a trip to North Wales Comic con planed for Sunday! I will sadly be in work myself though.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Blax Kleric says:

    Awesome stuff, Roger, and a few more minis maybe before I settle down to work out your Top Ten too – marvellous stuff!! 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, after taking a whole month to complete these you can see why I don’t go near the Analogue Challenge!!

      I do hope to get one more post in before I sign off for Xmas (and start on your Top Ten too of course), so I’ll try and get them done ASAP (or I could just promise to do them really badly so you don’t have to consider them 🙂 )

      Cheers Roger.

  4. vampifan says:

    Your dwarves have turned out really well and whilst you may feel your progress has been slow, at least you finished them all., so I applaud you. I know you’re more of a painter than a gamer, but I could definitely find numerous uses for your dwarves in my own games.

    • Thanks Bryan, though I don’t just feel my progress has been slow, I know it!

      I am as you say much more a painter than gamer these days, I do hope to get a couple of games in over the festive period, but please don’t expect any batreps, I’ll leave them to you experts.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Azazel says:

    Great work on the Scrunts! Quite a nice variety both in their sculpts and in their manly facial hair as well. I tried but failed to get something done for Movember, but it’s great to see what you got done!

  6. I grew a moustache a few years back for a Movember cause and went with the Errol Flynn type one. The Scrunts look great man. Very ZZ Top!

    • Thanks IRO, I had a full beard and long hair twenty odd years ago for a while, but I got sick of people offering to sell me weed (this isn’t a joke either this is true!!!) and I have never even smoked they were barking up the wrong tree there. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

      • Haha. I have a shaved head and closely cropped beard and lots of tattoos so I think most people are too scared to approach me. I eventually plan on growing the hair long and the beard long and live as a hermit away from people.

      • “I eventually plan on growing the hair long and the beard long and live as a hermit away from people”. and only communicate through YouTube I suppose 😉

        Cheers Roger.

  7. angrypiper says:

    Some fine-looking dwarfs, there, Roger. As I’ve said before, Oley’s dwarfs are great sculpts with beards just begging for some effective drybrushing. (Actually, I think I’ve only said the first part of that sentence before. Who would make a habit out of saying “begging for some effective drybrushing” more than once?)
    Like you, I’m taking it easy for December. I think I’ve decided to polish up the “side pile”. Rather than start a new project, I’m going to try to finish all the miniatures I’ve painted or assembled to various stages of completion over the years.
    Awesome shield, too. I’m not a cosplayer, but that’s very cool-looking. Oddly enough, I’m painting a shield in the same colors as I write this!

    • Thanks Keith, “begging for some effective drybrushing” sounds like something that would either get you slapped or thrown out of most nightclubs if you did try and slide it into the conversation too often!!

      Normally I completely walk away from painting for December, but this year (due in part to my somewhat erratic painting progress) I would like to get a couple more miniatures done before the year is out.

      I’m definitely not a cosplayer myself (I don’t like that much attention!) but I do quite enjoy painting/making up the odd bit of costume (just to see if I can), but I’ll leave the wearing bit to Dennis!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Well done Roger on the scrunch and the shield. I always enjoy seeing your fine work and the seven are lucky to have you at the brush. I have to admit that the Mo’vember spirit has always passed me by as my beard growing ability is in the Weak category. Plus it’s gray and patchy! So I always shave, but wish I could grow a fine scrunty one like these. Hope you paint a few this month in between obligations, and Merry Christmas either way!

    • Thanks Mark, but SEVEN!! I’ll have you know there are fourteen of the “beardie weirdie’s” above, seven in brown hats and seven in grey hats 🙂

      I assume Dennis is pleased with his shield as it appears he won the cosplay competition at “North Wales Comic’con” this weekend, that’s two on the run he’s won now! There will be no living with him now!

      Beards are overrated anyway, I’ve never seen a woman look good with one one yet!

      Cheers Roger.

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