“W.I.P(ing) Out Some Scrunt’s”. (Mo’vember)

There are two types of figures in my house, those that get painted almost immediately and the ones that hang about unpainted for years and it’s from this second (much larger group, if I’m honest) group that this month’s figures come Yes I said “month” not “week” as I will explain in a minute. Anyway I have dug out all my remaining Scrunt’s by Bob Olley (fourteen light infantry to be exact) for completion this month, and why have you done that? I hear you ask (or perhaps it’s just the voices in my head).

Well first off it’s “Mo’vember”, what? I hear you ask again (get them off me Sam!*), well basically all participants (and it looks like it’s just me this year, just call me “Billy no mates!!”) agree to paint up at least one figure with facial hair of some description each week for the month of November, hence the Scrunt’s, as they cover this area of the rules admirably, however I have decided that rather than painting up three or four complete figures a week (and probably failing miserably) I would batch paint the lot and just post “work in progress” posts each week or so as I go along, not really sticking to the “Mo’vember” rules of “one fig per week”, but instead “clinging” to the spirit of the event by (hopefully) completing four weeks’ worth of “beardies” by the end of the month.

This approach has one more benefit, in as much as it also means I can cross off two boxes (one on each list) from my “Random Painting Generator” lists “Lancelot and Galahad” (don’t ask) so….

Box 15 – (Scrunt’s three figures of choice)

So once the figures were cleaned up and any flash/mould lines were removed, and I’d glued the two separate weapons onto the figure in the centre of the photo (left), the figures were as usual all  based up on the ubiquitous “two pence piece” with a couple of thin squares of card glued between the coin and the figures bases to lift them up to my usual preferred base thickness (yes I am THAT anal!). Then taking my trusty tub of “Tetrion” all-purpose filler I built up the areas around the feet of the figures and once this was dry it was out to the garage for a spray coat of matt black car spray. This was then “touched up” with a brush and my pot of matt black acrylic. As I hope to add these chaps to my “Scrunt” forces I went with a colour scheme that is similar to the rest of the figures (see link at the bottom of the post to see these), so after I’d given their weapons a dry-brushing of chainmail I painted their overalls with some blue grey, then once dry (and by the time I’d got to the fourteenth the first was dry, a bit like painting the forth bridge!) I mixed some more of the blue grey with some white and highlighted them with this. Next up were their boots and belts so these areas were painted with come chocolate brown and were then I highlight here with some leather brown, and as you can see from the photo’s that is where I’m up to so far, still a way to go but I’m reasonably happy with how far I’ve got.

More adventures with batch painting next time! Till then, cheers Roger.


  • This is a Derek Acorah reference for anyone who’s never seen “Most Haunted”
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12 Responses to “W.I.P(ing) Out Some Scrunt’s”. (Mo’vember)

  1. vampifan says:

    Whilst not a big fan of Dwarves in general, i always liked Bob Olley’s work. This is a nice group of figures you have on the go here, Roger. I was rather taken with the Scrunt rolling on the floor laughing… at least I presume that’s what he’s doing! 🙂

    • Thanks Bryan, I as you know am a big fan of Bob’s work, and though I too am not a big dwarf fan myself I do seem to have quite a few.

      As a “Tiswas” boy growing up I thought he was doing the “Dying Fly!”. 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Bob Olley is a classic sculptor. These have a lot of character, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with these next Roger. Though if you say Scrunt three times fast…well…

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Off to a great start Roger, hope you get your target finished on time. I had seen the Mo’vember challenge , just don’t have that many models with facial hair to take part

    • Thanks Dave, I’ve set the bar pretty low so I’m rather hopeful that I can get these done easily within the month (that’s that jinxed now!!).

      Not to worry if you cant take part it’s just a bit of fun, though Wookies count 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  4. I really hate batch painting, sooo repetitive but these sculpts are really nice so I am looking forward to seeing them finished

    • Thanks Andy, I don’t think anyone like batch painting, as you say it is really boring, but it will be nice to finally have these finished, and this looks the best option to achieving that.

      At least they aren’t Ancients or Napoleonic’s!! done both of them in the past and they are really Boring!!

      Cheers Roger.

  5. I’m not into dwarves but a good sculpt is a good sculpt.

  6. angrypiper says:

    I’m way into dwarves, as you know, and I’m also a huge fan of Bob Olley, so this post gets The Angry Piper’s Official Seal of Approval (an Internet honor coveted by many, trust me)!
    I am also delving into the insanity pile this month for neglected projects (or at least things that have been awaiting paint for way too long). I’m certain I can find several that will meet the facial hair requirement to contribute to Mo’vember; and as long as I don’t have to grow facial hair myself, I am more than happy to participate!

    • Thanks Keith, and thank you for this high accolade! I’d also like to thank the academy, my wife, my agent and Bob Olley, for all the help and support they have given me over the years! (sob sob).

      You are of course most welcome to hop aboard my “furry faced train”, but I’m a little disappointed with your admission that you don’t have any facial hair, are we lead to believe then that you avatar picture is not an accurate representation of your good self then???

      Cheers Roger.

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