“Four Zombies, well that’s what they are!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

OK just a quick post this week (by my standards anyway), as time is still very much against me, and I’m still playing catch up. Four figures that fit in well with this months themed challenges, zombies for “Zomtober” and Dungeon Saga mini’s for the “Unit-ed” challenge. So without further ado I give you….four zombies.

As they are all the same basic thing I’m going to cover the painting of them to together, so working up from my usual black undercoat, I took some dark grey, stone green, flesh tone 7 (dark flesh), pale flesh, leather brown and coffee and blobbed them out onto a “Pringles” lid. Then in my usual way of painting zombies various mixes of the above colours were applied “willy, nilly” across all the exposed flesh areas of all four figures then blended into each other giving various sickly flesh tones from green to grey. The eyes and mouths were added next using black and white, and then the exposed wounds dotted about their persons were painted in dark red with cream used on any bits of bone that were poking out. Then turning to the less well dressed “zom’s” I layered coffee and cream on their up raised bones (this was not as kinky as it sounds!! You lot and your filthy minds, I despair I do honestly!). Clothes came after this, chocolate brown with the same mixed with a little khaki taking care of the trousers on one and the loincloth on another, royal blue with the same mixed with coffee on the next ones trousers. Plum with more of the same mixed with more coffee on the other loincloth. The shirts were added next, coffee and cream for one and khaki with a mix of khaki and coffee on the other (that’s a lot of coffee! I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!). I spent a little while trying to decide whether they had hair or not, in the end I went with hair, two with black highlighted with dark grey, and two with chocolate brown with chestnut highlights. These colours albeit with leather replacing chestnut were also used on the belts, pouches in knife sheaths (why do zombies have knives I wonder?), a little copper used here on the metallic bits of the handles. Lastly I set about them with the bright red next again over the wounds and also around their mouths and hands, and they were done.

Next of course I painted up their bases with dry-brushes of ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white over each other, and then as always they were given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Finally the then dry figures were given a coat of matt varnish with a “rattle can” of Humbrol. Oh and sorry for the awful pictures again, it just seems like every time I’m actually in to take photo’s it’s to dark to get decent results!

Getting there, slowly….

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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21 Responses to “Four Zombies, well that’s what they are!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

  1. Blax Kleric says:

    Lovely work on the zeds Roger, you seem to be really churning these out currently, and I’ll bet your “Dungeon Saga” set looks terrific on the table as a result 🙂

  2. Leon Mallett says:

    Excellent work Roger. They look great. 🙂

  3. vampifan says:

    More zombie goodness, Roger. You get a thumbs up from me. Keep ’em coming.

  4. Bloody love zombies and you’ve done well with yours man

  5. angrypiper says:

    Well painted, Roger. Did you have the same problem I did with having to reposition some of the zombies? Also: I found the knives to be kind of dumb, too.

    • Thanks Keith, they weren’t too bad to be honest, once I’d glued the feet down (a couple looked like they were pirouetting!!).

      The knives just seemed a little superfluous to me, but I guess you die with a knife, you carry it as a zombie! The two in the shirts I also would have liked to have a bit more of a fantasy look to them, if you see what I mean. They look like they could have walked off of a modern day street to me.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Nicely cranked out Roger. Your zombie horde amasseth. I do like the phrase “taking care on the trousers”…now that sounded to me like a British euphemism!

    Thanks for sharing, I like the way you painted these, nice and gory.

    • Thanks Mark, actually “my zombie horde awaiteth” as these aren’t actually mine, I have 16 zom’s of my own that are still awaiting paint (and have been for two year’s now!), maybe next year it will be their turn.

      It isn’t a euphemism, but perhaps it should be! 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Azazel says:

    Looking good, mate – but what the hell is Zom-tober?

    • Thanks Azazel, Zom’tober is a month long challenge where you have to paint up at least one zombie or survivor figure per week for the month of October (something I am failing spectacularly at this month), organised by the chap who has commented below funnily enough. Very much like Ork’tober (though with Orks) and Mo’vember (November, each week a figure with facial hair), or Dino’vember (with Dinosaurs of course).

      Hope this clears things up. More info on Zom’tober can be found here…..


      Cheers Roger.

      • Azazel says:

        Thanks mate. I did a bit of googling right after your post and found it. Zombies I can do, but a strict regimen of one per week doesn’t work for me for paint challenges. With something like Zombies especially, I’m more likely to work on a bunch of them and then get them all finished at once!

      • “a strict regimen of one per week doesn’t work for me for paint challenges”

        Amen to that mate!

        Cheers Roger.

  8. Brummie says:

    Fab work sir they all look great!

    • Thanks Brummie, sadly I am really struggling for time at the moment, so I’m falling way behind, I do hope to have my last three “Zom’s” up by the end of the month, but have failed miserably at the one a week deadlines, and commenting on other peoples work.

      Sorry, cheers Roger.

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